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JJ Weaver solves the pass rush, worried about QB. Pullin hard for Gatewood but will root for whoever wins the job. Levis seems like a big “Me” guy, hell, what do I know? Couldn’t sniff the field at Penn State. If we get QB play, the Cats will be live! Best defense we’ve had, I really believe that
I’m enjoying the growing UK Missouri rivalry. We’ve never really had a rival we matched up with lol. Outta be a good one week 2, can’t wait!
I think he’ll do well there for sure. Thanks for the info. See y’all week 2! Can’t wait man
Colorful entertaining guy. We’ll see. Can’t wait for week 2! I’ve been wrong a lot in my life, just my opinion. I see a major sophomore slump for Missouri this year. They really fell apart at the end of last year.
Keeneland used to be packed with Georgia fans! Always gracious and havin a good time! I figured y’all missed comin up for the races
Can’t wait! Huge game for both teams. Outta be a good one
2 months away!! Can’t wait! JJ Weaver is our next Josh Allen if healthy. Got seniors at every level, mixed with young talented players. Josh Paschal and Bullyball McCall on the line may prove better than BoHanna and Hoskins. Cats D gonna be hard to beat! If, it’s a big if, we get QB play the East is on notice! Last year was the fluke, not the 10 win year, or the WR at QB 8 win year.
Hence the name “new” zou. He has a one year memory. Forgot the previous five years. A few short months and the Cats can refresh his memory
A tad much with the hyperbole, granted. But geez dude, you really hate Kentucky huh? See ya week 2 homeboy, you’ll be extra sour that afternoon
I agree with the Joseph analysis. Pullin for the kid, but he’s got a lot of growin up to do. Seth willliams literally spiked the ball on his head in the end zone and he’s the only Kentucky player to opt out before the season finished. Talented guy, not trying to sound like a hater. The NFL is a business and I’m a little worried Boss Man is still playin games
Not to be a jerk, but what an awful hire. Boise St. is a stepping stone and he’s been there for 7 years? Only Auburn could find a young retread. Every state can only have one King, sorry Auburn, cry on Louisville’s shoulder
Excited about this hire! Agree 100% man. When they were talkin about Joe Moorhead I was ready to barf. Young, hungry coach and he killed his opening press conference.
Heartbreaking news. All of us who follow the Wildcats knew it was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less sad. What an inspirational man.
Very classy move by the Vols. We battle on the field but the SEC is a family. I’m really worried about Coach Schlarman. He looked really bad and has apparently lost 60 pounds. I grew up with his wife and my sister and her are good friends. She is an absolute sweetheart. 4 sons, so so sad. He’s about the toughest dude I e ever seen.
Tiger has no balls clearly. Nothing ever excuses a shot to the nuts
Most fun win of my life and I’m 42! 36 years is a long time!
We’ve got a certified telephone tough guy here, watch out now!!
Good stuff man! It’s been 36 years let us have our day!
Brocious from the top rope!! Love it!!! 34-7 and Vols are trying to find a way to pretend they didn’t get destroyed on both sides of the ball
Thanks man, but to blame that beat down on one dude is a cop out. It’s been 36 years, we’re just vastly better than y’all this year
Well the actual score was 34-7 so scramble as you will
Class dude!! It’s been a long time comin we are thrilled in Lexington
Whatever dude. We beat y’all 34-7. But it was all based on your mistakes? Typical Vol fan, delusional