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Not to be a jerk, but what an awful hire. Boise St. is a stepping stone and he’s been there for 7 years? Only Auburn could find a young retread. Every state can only have one King, sorry Auburn, cry on Louisville’s shoulder
Excited about this hire! Agree 100% man. When they were talkin about Joe Moorhead I was ready to barf. Young, hungry coach and he killed his opening press conference.
Heartbreaking news. All of us who follow the Wildcats knew it was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less sad. What an inspirational man.
Very classy move by the Vols. We battle on the field but the SEC is a family. I’m really worried about Coach Schlarman. He looked really bad and has apparently lost 60 pounds. I grew up with his wife and my sister and her are good friends. She is an absolute sweetheart. 4 sons, so so sad. He’s about the toughest dude I e ever seen.
Tiger has no balls clearly. Nothing ever excuses a shot to the nuts
Most fun win of my life and I’m 42! 36 years is a long time!
We’ve got a certified telephone tough guy here, watch out now!!
Good stuff man! It’s been 36 years let us have our day!
Brocious from the top rope!! Love it!!! 34-7 and Vols are trying to find a way to pretend they didn’t get destroyed on both sides of the ball
Thanks man, but to blame that beat down on one dude is a cop out. It’s been 36 years, we’re just vastly better than y’all this year
Well the actual score was 34-7 so scramble as you will
Class dude!! It’s been a long time comin we are thrilled in Lexington
Whatever dude. We beat y’all 34-7. But it was all based on your mistakes? Typical Vol fan, delusional
Give credit to the Cats!!! It’s rare we get to talk, but beat the brakes off y’all today!!!
Smokey got his tail between his legs after this one!!! I’m a little drunk, but did shed a tear, been a long time comin!! Cats back in the mix!!
I’ll root like hell for em, but even when my blueneck was thinkin the Cats would win the East, I had this pegged as a loss. Been watching these two play for too long to think otherwise. Sure hope I’m wrong! Go Cats!!
Man I’m not rubbing it in, but when Munme was here we’d beat Soith Carolina 57-34 then lose to Tennessee and Florida 53-7. Gimmicks don’t work in this conference.
If we want to truly compete Terry ain’t the guy. I’ve rooted for him and will support whoever, but Terry’s ceiling is not up to code
You start Cedrick Dort over Joseph and the D wakes up! Congrats to Joseph for his okay. It we reset the tone! Win next week and we’re still live!
I know I’m a Kentucky fan so I have no place to talk but I never got the Grantham hype? He was terrible at Louisville too. Where was he good? Personnel have made geniuses out of a lot of coaches. Couldn’t happen to a better guy, you can tell he’s an absolute jerk. Gators will be fine, but shoo y’all look about like UK on that side of the Ball.
All the credit to Auburn, my Cats pooped the bed and big time quarterbacks make the plays to win. Congrats Auburn! Good luck the rest of the way. Ole miss just became real scary to Wildcat fans, next week is a must win or we turn back into Kentucky Football. Man it hurts