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Football in the SEC is a slow, frustrating grind for a program like Kentucky. But hell, we finished second in the East. Keep building Cats! Still a long way to go
Gotta like y’all’s spot man. I sure hope it goes the Cats way!
I love the team and the Cats still trend upward! Don’t feel confident at all after that total melt down after a bye. Got whipped on both sides of the ball. Lose Saturday and it goes completely off the rails and you finish 8-4. Cmon Cats! 10-2 better than anything else we’ve ever done!
Super bummed about the Cats but ain’t givin up on em. Not feeling very confident about UT next Saturday. Good win State, flat out whipped us
I’ll admit I’m a drunk jerk right now. But this ain’t a hater stance as a UK football fan that got their brains beat out by Tennessee every year for most of my life, I never thought I’d see the day. The day that Tennessee celebrated their arrival for losing by 28 and giving up 52 points to what used to be a rival.
They lost by 30. I don’t get the coronation, hell what do I know my team is 6-1 and everybody crownin UT for gettin blown out. Strange times
Y’all won by 30? 2 and a half quarters don’t make a game
Never thought I’d see a year where Florida and Tennessee both celebrated losses to Alabama and Kentucky is 6-1! What a time to be alive!
I get it, when Kentucky beats the brakes off LSU, it’s the Tigers that suck. When Lane does it in less impressive fashion it’s 2019!!!.
Stoops? Terrible idea, really awful. I would not pursue him at all, he’s not interested lol.
Good grief all credit to the dawgs. Y’all whipped us. Still love my team. We are gettin there, just ain’t there yet. Go win the whole deal Georgia!
We’ll see ask your gator buddy here
Clickbait like a m effer. Holler at Kentucky tomorrow evenin about 7! Cats win the East!
Kentucky has more tackles for loss than Georgia just sayin
I like y’all’s chances Saturday! I think Ole miss and Arkansas both overrated
We got all Americans on our offensive line just like y’all do on your D line. Kentucky ain’t the pushover y’all think. Can’t wait for Saturday!
I love my fellow cat fans, and it is a tall task, I just don’t understand why half our fan base is ready to lay down before we even play the game. Dream a little! We’re the best team Georgia has played too!
Man it was kinda effed up. But hell, that’s the nature of the beast.
That Nebraska team was insane! Frazier and Lawrence man. Thanks for taking me back man, not in a hater way!
Hey it’s my guy!! How’s ol black and garnet gettin along?
That D is nasty!!! 5 ugly wins we’ll take em all with pride!! Cats are live for the East!!!