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I’d have to put Saban first, no doubt. I’m biased but wouldn’t trade Stoops for Leach. If you can get Kentucky to 10 wins, in any year, under any circumstance, you are a helluva football coach. I think he does it again this year, can’t wait to find out.
I remember well having 10 on the field against the gators and losing, very fair point about Stoops. I think he has improved as an in game coach as his teams have improved. I think it gets lost of what a massive jump it is going from coordinator to the head coach. I see similarities in Stoops and Smart for that reason. Stoops doesn’t make the same head scratching mistakes in year 7, as opposed to year 2 or 3. I think Smart is growing as a head coach also. I’m not saying he’s better than Mullen, I think they are both great coaches. All I’m saying there is a learning curve going from coordinator to your first head coaching job, especially when your first job is in the SEC where the margin for error is virtually nil. The same could be said for Pruitt as well. Guys get better with experience. I’m not gonna pile on Muschamp. Just kidding Carolina fans, couldn’t resist. Y’all still hold the W against my Cats.
Man, we always lay an egg vs. Tennessee. Like I said it’s a super optimistic take, I feel like the Kentucky game is a game Auburn might lose just cause they’re so unpredictable and we’ll be competitive. And the Florida game has been a toss up for 3 years now. I agree though, Tennessee is a winnable game and they are all 3 certainly loseable.
I disclaimed I was a homer optimist. Haha, we’ll see how it all plays out. Lookin forward to it.
I’m an undoubted homer optimist, 9-3 is the floor for this team. One of, if not the best OL in the conference, 3 talented returning RBs, Terry’s return with an ability to throw the ball this year with WRs that are better than people think. They’ll be hungry after last year’s total abandon of the passing game. A loaded DL, 2 deep across the board. The conference’s top returning edge in sacks, Watson, 7 in 2019. Josh Allen had 7 as a junior, not to say Watson is Allen, but he’s good. Wright is very capable on the other side. Square, Oats, and Davis in the middle. I think Square is an all SEC caliber linebacker. A deep and talented secondary with the return of safety Robinson from injury, and the addition of Joseph from LSU who was a top 50 recruit. I think the defense has 8 pros on it. Until proven otherwise Georgia and Tennessee are losses, and I think we split with Auburn and Florida. Finally playing some real football in Lexington! What Stoops has done is truly remarkable.
You guys are funny. I wouldn’t expect you to do any homework on Kentucky. We’ll see how it all plays out.
I can’t wait for that game. A tall order for the Cats, but I think Kentucky has a decent chance to make it 2 in a row in the Swamp. This Kentucky team will be Stoops’ best. Lookin forward to it.
All valid points. UK completely ignored defense back then, and everything evolves. Gimmick was a poor choice of words. I do think for a team like UK, we have a better chance to compete with the elite conference teams doing what Stoops is doing. Stout D, run the ball, etc. if you have the best athletes like LSU did, it works better. If you don’t, it’s a tough row to hoe.
The mediocre teams did, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia would still beat us like a drum in those days. Gimmicks always get snuffed out in this conference. No disrespect to Leach’s genius, I just don’t think it works in the SEC
I’m goin Ole Miss. no real evidence, just a gut feeling. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but am not buying Leach in Starkville. I don’t think he’ll Do well. His stuff don’t work against SEC defensive backs, they’re too physical at the line. I certainly could be wrong.
I’m a big Terry Wilson fan, and pulling for him to have a great comeback season. But, if Joey is eligible I don’t see how we can keep him off the field. Will be interesting, I’m all for whoever gives us the best chance to win. Either way Kentucky is going to be very good this year. Gatewood starting vs. Nix at Auburn would make for a helluva story line. I’m of course biased but think Auburn let the wrong guy go. Time will tell.
Cmon buddy! Study up, Kentucky is gonna have a shot against anybody this year.
Lattimore was one of my all time favorites to watch! Class act all the way around, injuries were such a shame.
Now y’all beat us like a birth right, I’ll give ya that. And you’re on the come up, Pruitt may get ya to the Taxslayer bowl this year. But if we can avoid layin an egg on Rocky Top, Kentucky is comin for the SEC East, this year! Break it down, top 5 O Line, Top 10 defense, long drives with the threat to take the top off. Be a miracle but I feel a Kentucky Shocker comin! 3 fingers of 20 year pappy right down the throat! As long as we have football this fall, we are all gonna be alright! With fans, no asterisks!
There will be college football. If there isn’t we’ve all got way bigger problems than sports. You have to accept some risk at some point or we’re doomed either way. Everyone has done their part, it’s been tough no doubt, but it’s time to start getting back to life.
Couch was the last quarterback to take the Browns to the playoffs
Couch was the last quarterback to take the Browns to the playoffs.
Couch was the last quarterback to take the Browns to the playoffs
Lynn Bowden will have a successful NFL career, there is no doubt. The guy is a pure football player, what a ridiculous take.
Kentucky over 6.5 wins, or 7 on some sites. Yes I’m biased, but is a good bet anyway
Both fair responses, I’m super excited about the Cats. I think they’ll be better than 2018. Gonna have a real stout D and one of the best O lines in the conference. With the possibility of some threat in the passing game we’re gonna be a tough out for anybody. Man, I just love what Stoops has done. I never thought I’d see UK play real football. No gimmicks, just tough physical football up front on both sides of the ball. Can’t wait
I know y’all will laugh and call me an idiot, and I can’t blame ya...but Kentucky is gonna beat Florida week 3 in the swamp.
I just don’t see the need to kill all the March Madness fun over a giant what if. I guess that makes me a big jerk, so be it.
You need to stop panicking fuzzy. How much have you studied the situation? 21 people have died all over the age of 80. But be my guest, quit living your life and go hide under the bed
By all means we should definitely pander to hysteria and panic! Good grief, I’m no Doctor and am not downplaying the seriousness of the virus. I do believe in personal choice and personal responsibility. If you’re worried, don’t go, it’s really that simple. More people die everyday from accidental drowning than they do from this virus. What an epic overreaction
Well said. No place for that garbage. By and large the majority of all SEC fan bases are good people. I hope she gets a lifetime ban from all UK games across all sports, I think she will.
I’m interested to see how Leach does in the SEC, the SEC West in particular. Not trying to be a hater but I’m skeptical. I’m probably in the minority. I’m not rooting against him or Miss State I just don’t think it will work in our conference.
Most of y’all will laugh, but nonetheless. The Florida game has been a toss up for a few years now. Not making any predictions but if the Cats can get a win week 2 against the Gators, not lay an egg against UT which seems to be our birthright it could be a special year for UK. Really lookin forward to it.