Been censored so many times, you know it's 100% pure truth.

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The platitudes in that infomercial are as bad as the ones the big10 is giving on why they weren't going to play football and now they are. Targeting is a dumb anti-football rule that has largely ruined football along with the new kick-off rules. That being said at the :59 mark we targeted. The fact we put that in a "pump up" video shows that we can't grasp the rules even if they are dumb an antithetical to football. This doesn't bode well and when we lose that game we shouldn't because we can't follow dumb rules, we will all be able to say this video showed us what would happen before the season even started.
Some teams will be disqualified by the low # of games they play. You can't play 8 games and earn a spot. If a conference can lower that # of games they play to earn a spot, the SEC will only play 7 games next year until we find the line of how many games isn't enough.
At some point, people have to be penalized for rigging schedules. If a team makes the playoffs with only 9 games played, it's time to punish the selection committee.
The liars have to be punished. It is and always has been about the $$. The big10 and pac12 thought they were going to force everyone to not play. They learned real quick. Now they are playing catch up while lying to everyone saying it was always about player safety. If it was about player safety, no one would be playing. Someone with a soul should call them out. It's time for liars to pay.
My Nephew's Pop Warner team is trying to win games and play for championships, so I guess they are no different either - good point. Even the pac12 and big10 realized the "asterisk" wasn't working for them and they are trying to get back in. Maybe take a cue from them.
"They bring such unique, multiple things to the game." The game is over a hundred years old. But these two guys BOTH bring something never seen before? And not just 1 thing each, both bring multiple unique things to a hundred year old game? Either we are in for a once in a lifetime year or our defense hasn't seen much film. No wonder we lose one we shouldn't every year.
Actually they are different. They aren't playing the same amount of games. There was never any asterisks. The pac12 and Big10 haven't been factors for a few years.
“We always have faith in our offense,...." If you pay attention you can see why we always lose one we shouldn't every year. You will be able to look back at this comment later this season and say you could see it coming before the season started. And we will still have fans who pretend they're shocked. Wait and see.
They and the pac12 found out quick that college football doesn't need them. They jumped on the bandwagon before it got too far away. Everything else these liars say is a coverup of that fact.
California thinks they are a national leader. They thought they would force everyone's hand. They found out quick. Notice they use the words - health "authority". There is no such thing. They now know that no one is listening to them or following them and now they will get in line and follow. How embarrassing for them.
Our swag QB punking us out and our toxic culture precluded us from this list.
The two toxic receivers from Fl St. fit our program better. This kid hasn't had enough time to be steeped in our culture yet. I say let's pick them up quick.
"... I think the first time they would lose a game they lost the team,” Kirk Herbstreit said about the Seminoles. Looks like 2 toxic receivers are on the market. We should snap them up. Our receiver core is not so good and by the sound of it, they would fit in nicely here.
Our toxic program cannot be contained. If you draft one of us, expect our toxicity to infect your whole program.
".... based on his environment at the prior institution.” "toxic" If we aren't careful, we will lose our reputation for losing one we shouldn't every year and it will change to having a toxic program.
I hope Prince Avenue Christian wins. I don't think I can handle getting embarrassed by South Carolina twice in a row.
It's a good thing he left early so he could make these practice squads.
Ouch. This was the year that everyone thought we had a chance to win all the games we are supposed to win. A lot of our fans have been bragging about Newman. I'll apologize to everyone on behalf of our annoying fans, because I know fans like Corch don't have the character to do so. We are sorry for being bad sports. And yes, we now know that we will definitely lose one we shouldn't again this year just like every year. We should have taken advantage of Chubb/Michel when we had the chance. I told you so.
NCAA already losing money? Say it isn't so. Why don't you try letting players where SJW messages on jerseys? See if that helps. Why don't you try partnering with Nike. See if that helps.
What is wrong with you Nature Gator? GatorTrav88 has clearly moved on from "if" he's going to Florida and has moved on to fantasizing about what's going to happen when he gets there. Negan is spot on. Reading comprehension is a skill you can develop.
And when you have covid and you die from trauma because of a motor cycle crash your certificate will say you died from covid.....genius. Go back to kindergarten where your peers will think you're smart.
Oh NOWWWWWW you see? Wait, no you don't. Your reading comprehension is embarrassingly low. u r dum kid.
Imagine being so low IQ that literally everything you say is wrong. Your reading comprehension is embarrassing low. u r dum kid.
You aren't smart enough to figure out what the stats say, whose coming up with the stats, how many times they have changed the stats nor what the latest stats are. u r dum kid.
Gotta love the low IQ who know what they are told to think.