Been censored so many times, you know it's 100% pure truth.

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Comments disabled post: 1. On the Alabama mayor rightly criticizing dumb Alabama players and coach. Black lives matter is an anti-American terrorist organization. They are Marxist and communist bent on destroying America and capitalism. It has nothing to do with race. If it was about race, they would readily admit that blacks murder whites at a far greater percentage and their name would be white lives matter. If black lives mattered, blacks would stop killing blacks in overwhelming and increasing numbers. If you were fooled by Alabama's video, you may should wonder why you are listening to and following kids 18-21 years old in a state with a very low education level.
Comments disabled post: 1. On the Alabama WR canceled for statement on homosexuality. 2. On the Kansas St. kids trying to cancel students. I told you so. This isn't about race or tolerance. It's about power. These evil people will never stop. They will never be appeased. If you don't understand history, you will repeat every last evil part of it. Don't be a fool. Do not give an inch to these evil people.
“At Mizzou, our goal is to win the SEC East and so whatever it’s going to take to win those football games is what we have to do as an organization,” $$$$$
I wonder if we are the only school whose QB will probably transfer.
What? 'Ole Miss is still allowed to exist? This is racism!
Don't mind wardog. He was never known for being smart.
The mob is never satisfied. It didn't just begin. All that evil needs to prevail is for good people to keep doing nothing.
Tara's theme musically is much more elegant and much harder to play. We never played it well, so we can hide our ineptitude. Georgia on my mind isn't near as hard, but it's harder than 3 blind mice. I wonder if we can find an excuse to move to that eventually.
You are wasting your time. That kid is dumb as a box of rocks. He has no clue what you just said.
Gundy is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Someone needs to free him.
Gundy is not just a coward, he is dumb. Ironic that his claim to fame is "I am a man." and he's not even that.
So true. Best to never start. This isn't about racism. It's a street scam run by panhandlers. It's about control. Only the low IQ don't see it. Only the dishonest won't admit it.
No one like a leftist projector. Your scam never worked on the truly intelligent. Now it's working less and less on the common man. How do you think I was able to run circles around you?
Boxhead is a big projector. Truth is conspiracy in his low IQ mind. Mad dawg is too dumb to understand that MSM polls are a gauge of just how dumb they think mad dawg is - just how far out in left field his belief system is and how easy they believe it is to fool him. From that standpoint, the polls are right. In mad dawg's mind, Hillary won and so will Biden, 'cause the MSM polls told him so. You can't make this stuff up.
What he said was not a good look even if it was said jokingly. That being said, how long before he gets tired of saying 'I'm sorry', and how much resentment will build from that? It will be interesting to watch if and how long before the PC crowd overplays their hand. And of course we ARE the most racist team in the SEC.
What did you think was going to happen when indoctrination centers tell our children that drag queens are normal healthy people? What did you think was going to happen when indoctrination centers tell our children that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC tell the truth and can be trusted? What did you think was going to happen when indoctrination centers tell our children that the USA is a vile and evil place that must be destroyed? What did you think was going to happen when indoctrination centers tell our children that they must accept morally and sexually deviant adults in their bathrooms? What did you think was going to happen when indoctrination centers tell our children that it's ok to censor those who you don't agree with? We deserve what's happening to our country because we couldn't be bothered to get off the couch and stop the evil that's now manifested itself onto our streets. Evil will continue to prevail if good men will do nothing.
Both of you are angry everything I say is over your heads and then comes true. At some point, an educated man would pause and wonder why that is. Neither of you are intelligent enough to be a janitor, that's how we know you are both working at Mcdonald's.
Gundy is a coward. The mob will never be satisfied. This isn't about racism. It's about control.
You were dumb because you were 18 or were uga78 and later you rejected propaganda, indoctrination centers and the MSM because you were 24, almost developed fully, had an IQ over 50, could read and write and weren't a brain-dead idiot.
You are an automaton moron. You aren't an engineer. You aren't proficient in math. You aren't proficient in common sense. You didn't go to school. You can't read. You can't write. You only know how to regurgitate what other morons tell you to.
Money is fungible. Indoctrination centers have been receiving our tax money for way too long. It's time to cut them off, or we will keep churning out evil people like uga78 and boxhead.
uga78 is a well-known moron. This forum despises him, as well as the US.
This would have never happened under Richt. How far we have fallen.
Paul Finebaum is evil. He's "... read enough about,...". That's all you need to know about him to tell he's an idiot.