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God willing, Stoops will break this record at Kentucky. He'd only be 71 as it stands right now.
Yeah this is a shock. At the beginning of the year when the NCAA did the whole extra year business he posted about it being his "last ride." But hey if he goes somewhere and blows up, good for him. He's always welcome back in Lexington though. Great dude.
Man I long for the day when I can come to this football website that I read for information about football games and not have to hear about how Kentucky fans only care about basketball.
I could see us getting 8, but I'm not even close to _predicting_ 8 unless we beat AU, and even then, I think it'll have to come through a bowl win.
The Wonderlic is a test. The Wonderlick is a bedroom maneuver.
I think a lot of people are sleeping on EKU's OL (they average 6'4, 301) ... but I don't think any of our LB's or DB's will have any difficulty with their skill players. Like ... at all. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say Brad's bold prediction is wrong. I think if we had a tough game after this, it's possible, but we have 12 days off. We should be good.
Colin Cowherd (and anyone who agrees with him on this) is blinder than Helen Keller, who had this to say about the issue: "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."
Haha yeah, it was touch-and-go there for a little bit.
Not a bit of sarcasm when I ask "what would you rather read?" I have no experience with any other type of coverage.
Yeah, I'd like that. UK/UF's 63040 seems smallish, but it's a sellout at CWS that checks in at about 103% of capacity.
UGH I could really do without (but totally expected) another Musberger/Palmer Florida-Spurrier-Sunshine crapfest.
> Mizzou travels to Lexington in a game that could possibly decide which team stays ranked heading into October Borderline Erotic.
The Cat fan inside me says "BOOOO." But the New Media Designer inside me is just nodding in quiet approval. It's an exceptionally well-done site. (Except that weird line thickness on the "ONE NATION" headline. That's atrocious.) But really, it does echo very well the burgeoning tradition of excellence in all sports at UF.
Sucks not being en vogue, huh? Welcome to Kentucky Hell, border state bro.
I like Coach Mac. I also like this, because what it really is, is "I'm sorry there are so many cameras around nowadays to see this, and so many armchair QBs/social justice warriors who get their panties in a bunch whenever stuff goes down on the sidelines. I'm terribly sorry they all saw this, and I'm sorry I have to say I'm sorry."
Iunno, man. At least in Lexington, and I have to guess Nashville, there are a LOT of good-to-great local craft brews. Probably BR and Knoxville, on down the list, too. I don't know about like, Oxford or Starkville (cities with ~20k pop) but still there'd have to be SOMETHING. Besides, on a real hot day, even a Miller Lite (shudder) is better than a Coca-Cola.
> If alcohol is a social ill, why let the rich people do it? Because, Chris, they have money. Programs want it. If they can't have a cocktail at the game, they won't spring for a several-thousand-dollar luxury box — they're going to stay home in the luxurious family manse, eating fresh-made guacamole or whatever the hell it is people with money do. Now, having said all THAT, I agree — alcohol prohibition didn't work for America, it doesn't work for the dry counties, and it doesn't work in football. I've heard more than one person talk about "getting drunk enough to stay drunk til the end of the game" (insert dried-up turd of a Kentucky joke here) and that's a problem. The fact that there are a few idiots out of 60-, 80-, 100 thousand fans should not deter alcohol sales. Those numbers aren't any worse than the general public. Plus, it'd be a GREAT moneymaker for all 14 programs. You know, the kind of money you get from rich people in luxury ... ah, I'm preaching to the choir. FREE THE TAPS!
Well. Good thing they don't have to, huh?
I'm not sure man, "they" sure managed to kick Ray Rice outta football. And as for "overreaction of the year," 1, you must not go on the internet all that often; and 2, he spent the whole of 2007 and a lot of 2008 suspended — nobody would miss him if he just faded into the shadows (or more likely, the penal system).
Come on, man, I'm not necessarily going to lobby for Towles, but if the best you can say about #9 is "The junior continues to be less-than-inspiring running the signals" then there has to be a spot for someone else.
5. Towles didn't pass for 3000 last year. 2718. If you mean career yards though, we've had at least 10.
Damn, Chris, don't do me like that! I thought there was gonna be something about UK or Towles in here.
Not even close. Not. Even. Close. Not only is your comment incorrect, but it attacks a central point in my comment that literally doesn't exist. What I said is that I wouldn't want to _BE_ Bobby Petrino. Read it again. It's only eight words long. You'll figure it out.