Mobile, AL native, but I've moved around, spending time in Fayetteville, Kansas City, Dallas, Amarillo, and Madrid. I grew up on SEC football and graduated from the University of Arkansas, cementing the tradition. I'm a fan of Southern culture and travel the region for work and family gatherings. No time of year is better than Labor Day weekend to New Year's Day. None.

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It depends on your perspective. OU & OSU would be great traveling partners for Arkansas, Mizzou, & A&M. It would decrease their isolation and allow for Bama & Auburn to transfer to the East, which would probably be better for their fan bases' travel capabilities.
Really? Any part of Arkansas? That's kind of stupid, troll.
My bucket list includes spending some time at each venue on a game day. I'm sure they're all awesome. Hell, if the Hogs are really #10, they have to be.