I live 20 min. from Fayetteville and love those hogs! woo pig.

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Your asking him to open and not be another robot and then frying him. It doesn't make sense.
The ""media"" wants to call people "disgusting rejects and slobs" and make it a clown show but can't keep their hands down to ask the man a question cuz they know he's genuine. You want him to be Steve Spurrier even though we all know he'll never be that. He's Bret Bielema. He made a series about it. Watch it so you can get ya just a little more Bret. Disrespectful question and the guy would have had to answer it p.c. Are you going to ask Will Muschamp the same question? What a joke. Brett should be careful. In forums where there are far to many bags it's hard not to act like a bag.
Someone needs to rank the media outlets by bias, click bait, and authenticity. Georgia get's a vote of confidence here. That's interesting. I can't wait until Missouri and Auburn flip conferences.
What is Kobe Bryant doing in there? And where T F is Brett?? I see Muschamp, lol.
Your not benching a senior field general for a sophmore gunslinger. 1) Obviously the coaches had to know that BA was gonna have a big season. The kind of numbers he put up could not have been all surprise. 2) You don't replace the starter with his little brother, lol. Especially since he (Brandon) probably knew he was gonna have a pretty big season. Let all the other teams read that stuff and file it away. It is what it is. If Austin fails you win, I guess. Lol, Now I'm just bein nasty. Move on hogs.
He had a pretty historic season in his own right. Instead of messing with the impossible notion of a time machine, though, we should just build a hybrid instead. Ryan Mallett swag, Tyler Wilson vision, and Brandon Allen's ability to run the offense.
You won't catch me arguing against it.
The defense will be better. End of story. The real question is can the offense challenge the defense enough to get the proper work in. And the even bigger question is can Austin Allen continue to develop in a hurry. It's to bad a media source like SDS can't just really crap on Allen if he's gonna be pretty bad this year, lol. Nobody wins in that situation but I sure am anxious for the season.
Ya'll wanna talk about locker room material? This kid just put the cross hairs of every elite rb on his backside. What do you think he will be thinking about every time he needs motivation in the weight room? Boss move right there!
They don't have to bedazzle this stuff for me to want to see it. I know our stuff is usually cutting edge. Sorry about it.
Those gloves are Arkansas all the way. Outsiders maybe don't see it. What do you want? A Razorback peaking at you on the palms? We'll leave that sorta stuff to Piss.
Ain't you been listening? Arkansas is #uncommon.
50%. Did anyone get to see the right answers? I have to found out who John L. beat. I put the Chiz and the other guy.
Arkansas' secondary has sucked bawls for years. Vet squad this year, though. Hopefully that will change.
After this season that will be Ole Miss, LSU, AND Mississippi state fans who can't make that joke anymore, ATLEAST. You can take that to the bank.
He was probably talking about the puke in the corners and all the hookers who keep falling asleep everywhere.
When did you play for your favorite "pro" football team you entitled jacka......I mean "bud".
Before anyone says anything, I'm an Arkansas fan, I feel you...
I would like to think that listing South Carolina's accomplishments was the subtle joke. 1) they beat clemson 2) they beat clemson again. 3) beat them again.
You would have pee'd your pants and then had a good laugh about it, huh?
That scared me for a min. Even though we're stacked like IHOP at tight end. Dumb kid. It's a lesson I too had to learn in life, though. If your gonna break the rules check your lights. This is a non-issue and will be a small black eye on the Arkansas football arrest records.
I'm glad I got here early and can be the first to respond to this garbage. Petrino doesn't matter anymore to anyone but the Auburn Tigers (and you). Do you like your wife still even after she cheated on you? (rhetorical). The fan base has moved on. Your craptastic article did get one thing right though. It was fun watching him win.
How T F did Georgia beat all these times, a couple (east champs) by 30, and not win the division??? Ya'll lose to kentucky or wtf? Both west teams and then SC and Florida?
Honestly I don't care whether Tennessee wins the NC or burns to the ground. I just thought he was slighting the Tiger a little too hard...
It's pretty cool Ole Miss put "rebels" on there's. It really is a sick nickname. Also, if there's no tu-tu on the Vanderbilt poster I don't think it's real. Arkansas' does suck, I hope your right and that's not the newest version. I haven't seen either version IRL yet.