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Neil Blackmon covers Florida football and the SEC for An attorney and two-time graduate of the University of Florida, he is a member of the Football Writers Association of America. He also coaches basketball. You can follow him on Twitter @nwblackmon.

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I think for Robinson he may leave precisely because he's a midround guy next year or this year. Why risk getting hurt? I would love to see him back though. What a player.
Characterizing my comments about Young as that reductive make me wonder if GabrielRTR watched the Iron Bowl or read anything I actually wrote. Especially the parts where I said Young's 4th quarter will go down in Iron Bowl lore and in a world where he didn't play with Will Anderson Jr., I'd understand the Heisman talk. Marvelous player.
Significant leap between my claim: Florida hired a good coach, and your mischaracterization of my claim: Napier's record at G of 5 mandates that he be enshrined now as a great coach at Florida. /n
For the record, at no point in time in the article, or online, or on Chuck Oliver, did I proclaim this a "slam-dunk, home run, can't miss hire." Those are Class of 98's words, not mine.
"This writer clearly doesn't watch WA play" says guy about writer who has ranked Anderson # 1 on this list half the season. LOL so thankful for all of you this Thanksgiving. It's the takes like this that keep me going.
Thanks. Pierce is a great player. How he has been used by Mullen is malpractice but I'm sure NFL GMs don't mind.
I never said he was a pure pass rusher, at any point, at any time.
Every big time SEC football coach has a huge ego. Difference with Mullen is he wouldn't make changes and was the smartest guy in every room, which allowed him to justify his "loyalty" when changes clearly needed to be made.
I think loyalty captures a great deal of what you mention, actually. Loyalty to Grantham spoiled that offense. Players who saw a coach withhold Kyle Pitts from a Senior Day game against LSU when he warmed up and looked fine understood that culture and adopted the culture of their coach-- one bred by Mullen and his loyal band of brother assistants. Loyalty to Greg Knox, who insisted on a running back rotation, is why Dameon Pierce wasn't used. Mullen didn't check out, but he did refuse to be accountable until it was way too late. A big reason for that was he wanted to be loyal to his buddies-- and lacked the conviction and courage of putting Florida, not loyalty, first.
I stopped reading at "stop beating the drum for Belk." Saban called Belk "the best defensive mind I have had as an assistant since Kirby was around here." (Read between the lines). Kirby tried to hire him. Houston has a top 10 defense. Honestly any hire but Belk is not as good.
McGriff was Auburn's co-defensive coordinator in 2016, per Auburn and Florida. The sentence regarding the Sugar Bowl outcome has been changed.
I'm just glad Jeremy Foley stuck with Billy when he couldn't reach the tournament until his 3rd season and then couldn't get past the first weekend for 5 years in a row. Giving him a decade to build his program sure paid off.
Might be right on White but disagree re: program. Lon Kruger went to a Final Four. Norm Sloan won the SEC and went to the Sweet 16. Florida is a top 5 basketball talent state. Facilities are terrific. Program is well set for future success, with White or without him.
Richardson was a higher rated guy than Beck and Mac. That was kind of the point. Every Power 5 program except 2 offered Emory Jones. I get the point you are making, but would not put landing a quality QB on the top 10 list of issues with Mullen.
If anyone can fix Kevin Harris, it's Grantham.
I mean, he just about gained more yards in one game last year than he has all of this season. So it seems "bold."
Huh? Anthony Richardson was a "high profile" quarterback. Nick Evers is a "high profile" quarterback. Kind of a weird take when there are plenty of great ones to choose from.
Galen Hall's 1984 team finished # 1 in the NYT and Sagarin polls (a basis for multiple Alabama national titles) and won over half the overall polls at the end of that season. It is "not" like UCF, in that Florida finished # 1 in a majority of final polls that year, per UF historian Norm Carlson. The Gators do not claim the title, however, though they could. Facts are important.
Arkansas had a bye but I made a mistake not including Burks. He should have remained in the top 10. My fault! Good catch.
Galen won 2 SEC titles on the field and one national championship that the school does not recognize.
How about at Florida- Billy Donovan: "We've had great players. I'm fortunate to have coached them and talked them into attending school here."
I think it was "Amelia Island" in Munson's historic call. But I hope this game remains in Jacksonville. It's become part of the fabric of southern life.
Fair questions, Diesel. Davis did nothing wrong. Anderson has just been THAT dominant the last 2 weeks. Hooker is excellent. Neal just deserved to be back in. Hooker would be 11. McClain 12. Leal 13. Etc.
Want to say I'm really touched by all the heartfelt stories and thoughts being shared here. It's great to hear your stories and I greatly appreciate the kind remarks. Football is fun, writing about football is great and comments sections and fans like y'all are something I really enjoy. Take care and enjoy the rest of this too-short season.
It will be to Bowers but LegHumperU is correct.