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Neil Blackmon covers Florida football and the SEC for An attorney and two-time graduate of the University of Florida, he is a member of the Football Writers Association of America. He also coaches basketball. You can follow him on Twitter @nwblackmon.

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I picked Alabama to win the national title. You must be thinking of my colleague, O'Gara, and he's excellent- so it is mean to call him dumb. Very professional and classy response to suggest I wrote things I didn't.
Lewis's problems aren't Mike White related. They are "overrated" defender and limited offensively related. Love the kid from a personal standpoint. But he's a 5 star who should stay in school. That's not a bad path, either-- see John Petty, Patric Young, etc. It can work out ok in the end.
From folks inside the program I have spoken to (more high level boosters)-- it is a vocal minority. White runs a clean program, has the longest NCAA Tourney streak in the SEC and has won more tourney games in his tenure than anyone but Calipari. He has obvious weaknesses though, and Florida has to decide how to address those.
My favorite comments are when Alabama football fans tell me- longtime college basketball fan and writer and basketball coach of high level kids, that there "is no Power 6." Of course there is. SEC, Pac 12, B1G, Big 12, Big East, ACC. SIX. Keep up your personal crusade of trying to be the dumbest commenter ever born into this world though, glad2besec.
LOL "Neil is a homer" is my favorite USMCDawg take. Article quotes NFL Scouting Director who calls Pitts the best TE he's ever seen in college, save Jeremy Shockey. USMC DAWG: "Neil is a homer." LOL. The article expresses the opinion of someone outside Florida's program.
Joe- meant to write "Tebow" there and wrote Leak, I think.
I picked Alabama to win the national championship. Don't know who the "You" that you're referring to is here.
Ridiculous. Was told he received more FWAA All-American votes than All-SEC votes.
I think it is less that and more "2 loss season plus routed by Clemson in national title game" the prior year. The bar is that high, which is something, but the bar is always high for dynasties.
Yeah I saw 23 at Bovada Sunday. Turned out to be an error, but the piece had been submitted. Thanks Tide!
Had this Alabama fan read the piece, he would have seen where it called Mac's story a "mirror image" of Trask.
Hey Kirby-- I only take two honorable mentions per school. Cleveland graded out higher nationally at guard than the other linemen did at their spots, so I went that direction. Very easily could have gone Ojulari, and probably will next week.
All fair points, leeland. Personally I dislike the word "moist." I find it gross. Yeats didn't like the word "circle. He wrote that it reminded him too much of emptiness, for whatever reason. He preferred "gyre", which really doesn't mean the same thing but he was Yeats so folks rolled with it. Vanderbilt is not surreal. Ole Miss is, or maybe just the fact Faulkner lived in a place that also housed folks like Ross Barnett is surreal. I'll ask Wright Thompson the next time I'm in town.
The use of "surreal" in the title was not my choice. You may not understand this, as you are but a leghumper, but authors tend to not decide on titles. We title articles, and then our editors do something called "edit" those articles, usually to make them more appealable to search engines. In the body of the piece, I use the word "surreal" twice. And of course while leeland may not like the author's use of the word, it fits perfectly here, as a senior night against LSU played in front of 20,000 socially distanced fans will certainly feel dreamlike and bizarre, which, at least per my old friend Webster, is how we define the word "surreal." Fun times here on ye olde comments board.
Trask is special. Jones is special. Both are special. You have to be to be one of the best 5 players in the best league in America.
They'd rather have Matt Corral not throw 6 picks against Arkansas.
Burrow said the closest game they played last year regardless of score was Florida. I'm not sure this team, which can't stop air defensively, is going to make you laugh and laugh and laugh. I just wonder how much Florida covers by.
Agreed Battered. Jimbo needs to develop perimeter WR talent again- for some reason that's been an issue dating back to the late FSU days. But wow is that roster exciting.
Excellent work by you leeland. I especially enjoyed where you used surreal even more than the 2 times I did in the piece to supposedly prove some point about how you don't like the word surreal.
Also to Ethan White's absence post-COVID.
You have to respect the self-confidence a UGA fan has to come on a Florida piece and comment about Florida losing in Atlanta though. "Hey, I know my team got smoked by both these teams but let me tell you about how to beat them..."
Scribe: Spurrier arrived at Florida at a dark time. No doubt. Just not as dark as when Mullen arrived. Spurrier has often said he was left with a loaded roster, even after Emmitt left. Mullen had... the 7th most talented roster in the SEC. While I don't share folks views on the 84 national title (Florida should claim it the way Alabama claims all of their titles), the reality is the 2010s was the worst decade for UF football since the 70s from a winning percentage standpoint. Mullen inherited a cultural tire fire and arrived at a time when Georgia was ascendant and the greatest coach in the history of the sport was still at Alabama. What he's doing is remarkable. And of course I never compared him to Spurrier.
Yep. There's a reason Mullen has long been considered the best head coach in the SEC other than Nick. He's just demanding excellence at an institution capable of winning more than 8-9 games a year now. Probably won't be enough this December vs. the Tide, but it's been a while since Florida had a very good head coach.
All correct. Henderson and Grimes definitely faster.