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Neil Blackmon covers Florida football for An attorney and two-time graduate of the University of Florida, he is a member of the Football Writers Association of America. He also coaches basketball. You can follow him on Twitter @nwblackmon.

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Trask started as a 2 star in the first service to rate him-- Rivals. He became a composite 3 only after committing to Florida. He referenced this story late last season after the South Carolina game.
LOL Dawgs of War is my favorite. You know Florida leads the all time series by double digits, right? As a Georgia fan, I know you are well-schooled in lecturing Florida folks about why "all time series" leads matter... :)
I'm sure the State trusts their reporting that South Carolina was the lone school to push for rivalry games, despite the Gamecocks being the lone school that would almost certainly lose such a game. My editors trust my reporting, which is that both Florida and Georgia strongly pushed to keep the games, with Stricklin and McGarity both leading those charges. After it became clear they did not have the votes, both university presidents voted for the 10 game schedule in the interest of obtaining unanimous agreement. Nonetheless, officials in both athletic departments confirmed this account to me.
looked like they did last night that's for sure
Great points, yankee. Agree with that take immensely.
What should be most concerning is replacing the four wide receivers. Outside of Copeland and Grimes, that's a really thin room.
Henry's numbers just pale compared to Townsend, respectfully. Dawson- a good nickel that wasn't one of Florida's best four DBs. Heard a lot of (Fair) shots for Easley too. He had a great season but Howard's career production was better, even though Easley's career was basically railroaded by injuries.
It is weird that Florida went to another prestigious bowl after being told all year how bad they were on this here website.
Florida and Auburn played a game. Florida won by multiple scores. The only teams ranked ahead of Florida on this list should be the two teams that actually beat Florida: LSU and Georgia. That's it.It's not complicated.
I think we'd all love to forget the Choke at Doak, Nash :) Happy Thanksgiving!
Florida needs to continue to add blue-chips so that it's talent ratio is where other national champions have been-- in the top 6 or 7 or at a minimum, top 10 (2 national champions from spots 8-10 since 2005). I wrote a piece about how Florida could build like Clemson and continue to pile up depth at places of weakness and was blasted for it. I still think it holds merit, though we must acknowledge that Clemson built in an ACC with a dominant FSU and little else. Florida is building with three Playoff contenders in its league, two of whom they are scheduled to play every year and one of whom is in Atlanta. That's a bit harder and means that Floiria needs to recruit at a little higher level, in my mind. Yes, the blue-chips on roster gap is closing (because math and because of how attrition works). But until Florida recruits near the level of Smart-- they'll never close it entirely. That means they have to have enough pieces to win the Cocktail Party by coaching. I think Saturday they didn't-- especially on the lines of scrimmage. For example, y'all were mad about third down defense but Florida couldn't get to the quarterback. If you can't get to the QB, it's hard to play man. So it isn't scheme really because zone is pretty smart/safe-- it is player depth b/c you only have 3 guys who can get to the QB and one was out (Moon), one playing hurt (Zuniga) and one was double-teamed at times and blocked others(Greenard). That's just one example. Trey Dean playing Star is another. We could go on...
The tone wasn't "Sky is falling," or if it was it was not intended to be. But these really are 5 important recruiting battles. Assume they lose Dumervil-- they should still have a great chance to win the other 4, which puts the class in the top 7 or so.
Dexter very unlikely to flip. But I do think Kirby will keep trying.
Exactly. Also Sinkwich and Trippi served, as USMC Dawg said. The fact they ran it up is bad and hate-filled, but the "Georgia is immoral" line is malarkey, if you ask me.
By the way-- showing you how much I remembered about the 98 game-- the Georgia QB was Quincy Carter, at least for all but 5 snaps.
Thanks all for the kind words. Enjoy the game and the weekend. There's really nothing like the Cocktail Party.
I should have clarified- both polls. Florida was 11 in the coaches last year, 9 in AP. Good fact check 2Bits.
Three different sites have Fromm as a first rounder in most recent Mocks, including CBS and McShay. If he stays, it is a Peyton Manning thing where he just loves college football.
I think it was malpractice as a season opener. It was over 1,000 miles and at over a mile of altitude. Silly.
You wouldn't characterize these numbers as "pedestrian"?? 69th- Total Defense 57th- 3rd down defense 59th- opponent yards per play 55th- rushing defense 54th- yards allowed per rush 44th- sack percentage 59th- defensive havoc rate 55th- scoring defense Seems "pedestrian" to me. Maybe "average" would have worked?
Really hope Cager can go. Been impressed with him this season. Good story. You are right though those are tough injuries for a receiver.
Fair points, y'all. Certainly Cager will help immensely.
Thanks! I think I typed senior thinking about Hammond still :)
CLASS- I think Jake Fromm will have his say. My worry about UGA remains what it was in August-- after the great Swift and Fromm and the youngster Pickens- who on that offense scares you? They have nice pieces-- James Cook does everything well for example-- but scary? It's just not what it was the prior 2 seasons.
Usually a big fan of Kirby's comments but Florida's WRs are deeper than LSU's and therefore, better. Both secondaries are very good-- the difference with LSU you have to cover 4 and with Florida about 6 can beat you.
LSUSMC- Been fun to watch Stingley. Living up to the hype. Florida's true freshman Kaiir Elam has been as advertised too- though behind Wilson and Henderson he's been asked to do less than Stingley. The DBUs keep doing what they do.
Good comments all around. Some terrific DBs on each side, led by Delpit and Henderson. Stingley and Elam two sensational freshmen so it looks like that continues as the series goes on.