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If he didn't enroll he didn't take a distribution of funds and never made it campus. No scholarship used. Should still have one available. Bear in mind I am not an expert and do not pretend to be one. This is just my understanding. Could be totally wrong. Plus it's the NCAA and it's not Ohio State, things don't always work the same.
Ugh, because you can say something doesn't mean you should. No jury aside from a bunch of xenophobes themselves would award money for this. You obviously know there are just lines you can't cross in public.
Kiffin is going to be underwhelming at Ole Miss. And even if he is amazing, does anyone there actually think that's his destination school? Hell no. So best case, he's mediocre enough to stick around, worst case, he's successful enough to replace Saban in a few years. Lose, lose for Ole Miss.
Except Odom is going to be doing what he does best now, improve and lead defenses, and it just happens to be against a team that is now, for the foreseeable future a recruiting threat and (made up) cross division rival. I don't think Missouri saw Arkansas freight train coming this recruiting cycle (we always out recruited you, you just always out coach/developed us, which says a lot about Chad Morris and Bret Bielema post Sam Pittman era). Don't expect the Arkansas SJSU/WKU/MSU rollover Arkansas Razorbacks in 2020.
Be glad it's not 2021. Top 5-10 class coming in. Plus big man becomes eligible, probably another Xfer coming in knowing Muss. Not exactly blowing out the out manned, out sized Hogs in 2020. Wouldn't get too cocky. At least Tennessee put the beat down on.
How does the west become trash? Seems like the west becomes more competitive to me.
I'm all for it. Still have LSU and A&M (not that A&M has ever done anything but they recruit like they are a top team). Would actually make the SEC more competitive in my opinion.
First, I wouldn't worry about Auburn. If anything goes south Gus will quietly resume play calling duties. But no matter Gus is always teetering on dismissal, will Morris hirjg be his downfall? Morris is likely a better OC than HC even if the game has passed him by. I wish I could say I wish Chad the best, I can't. He didn't even leave a note, a Tweet, anything when he took off. Worst coach in program history, maybe (and likely) SEC history. We had one bad year under Bielema after 3 bowls, we destroyed Texas, shutout LSU and Ole Miss back to back weekends. Basically we had some good times under Bielema. Our program needed someone to come in and give it a shot of B12, Morris euthanized it with a lethal injection. No matter, Bielema wasn't the guy for the job, he was too lazy to recruit in the SEC. That led to Morris, which led to Pittman, whom hopefully IS our guy. Time will tell.
SDS doesn't take comments out of moderation. Which svcks. Anyway here is the moderated version (I don't know what triggered moderation, but let's see if this passes, people are pretty d@ng gone nasty on here and stuff goes by, so I didn't think anything I said would be moderated. You don’t like the Hog on the helmet? What should they replace it with? Another Tiger? This comment reminded me of Step Brothers (the movie) where he says, “there’s something about your face that just makes me want to pvnch it.” Can’t I fix it? “No.” yeah, so you don’t like the Razorback. Too d@mn bad. Go Hogs!
I guess getting taken to the woodshed by Arkansas was a one time deal (he hopes). I think recruiting in the SEC is about to get really good. Like the other conferences are going to be left behind even further good.
Yeah, wasn't too much effort put into this article, but we clicked and read it. Fortunately, I'm reading it ad free. #winning
Mostly tongue in cheek article with little facts. Did Drink flip the Bama corner or did they just run out of scholarships? Happened a few years ago and Arkansas ended up with a very good player that Bama couldn't sign. But not exactly a flip. They only had 3-4 left on signing day. Kind of curious.
Where are all the Kiffin Ole Miss fans? This article would have gotten more clicks if it said, "Arkansas flips Ole Miss offensive line commit"
Yes, but 29/30 in country. Which is not bad for a few weeks of lead time. A fundamentally sound season next year and a full cycle plus development of this team. Should have opportunity to improve 10+ spots. And remember, Kiffin and Drink were out recruited and the media both gave them better grades as hires and hiring destinations.
Top 30 class on short notice after back to back 2-10 seasons. And he out recruited Kiffin, the national media golden boy. Not putting the cart before the horse, but I'm definitely excited to see how he builds the program. Could be a very nasty SEC west in 2-3 years.
Welcome to the SEC, you aren't in the Sun Belt anymore. No excuses. Pittman took his barely 29/30 ranked class like a man. Said he'll do better next time. Drink should do the same. Gonna be a long two years for Mizzou fans if excuses are already flying.
Wow. You know you got out recruited by Arkansas this cycle, right? I don't care how deep any room is, implementation is key. If you really want me to believe your defense will be better without Barry Odom, you are crazy. And beating Tennessee? Tennessee is looking pretty solid. Now, they haven't earned that sort of respect of a proven team yet, but they definitely look like they turned the corner. Bold statements about sweeping non conference schedule, you didn't do it last year. I hope you're right. You haven't beat Arkansas in years when Arkansas went to bowls. So let's hope Arkansas continues to suck (well for Missouri sake).
TAMU and Texas, always doing less with more. two schools with more talent than anyone except maybe Georgia and Bama and have done nothing with it. I predict TAMU maintains its 8-9 game win production in the SEC west. Hey, as a Razorback, I'd take that. But we don't have top 10 (or 5) classes every year or a billion dollar coach.
So does Morris two years at Arkansas just get a mulligan? Or do we blame Craddock? And if it's all Craddock, than it proves Morris shouldn't be a head coach. Anyway, I kind of think Morris will light it up as an OC. Some folks just aren't HC material. But, let's not forget how bad he was with the QBs at Arkansas. So bad in fact that on the same weekend two QBs that he thought weren't good enough played in Arkansas (one against him) and were lights out. Interesting to see how Nick Starkel looks at SJSU. I bet he's lights out, too.
8 wins is bold. Doable but bold. Unproven coach, loss of talent, and you didn't bring in a great class. Hard to imagine your defense not taking a step back. All that said, they play the games for a reason and Mizzou has been maligned in the past only to exceed expectations. Looking forward to our faux rivalry game. Is it really on a Saturday this year?
You can't be serious. Petrino took a job at a division II school. That's how low he is viewed these days. He destroyed our program. Yuracheck resurrected our basketball program and all signs point to our football program is being solidly built. I think you need to let go of the glory days. 2011 is gone and it's not coming back. Petrino couldn't win with Lamar Jackson. He couldn't beat the top 25. He couldn't beat Bama. He didn't ever go to Atlanta. Turn the page. Pittman may or may not work out, but Petrino was NEVER coming back to Arkansas for legal reasons. So either support your team or go root for the Red Wolves.
To clarify 8-9 games while in the SEC west. Obviously winning 8 sec games (9 would be incredible) would be a outstanding year. I have them losing to Bama, LSU, Arkansas in 2020.
A&M finally loses to Arkansas. Historical note. They still haven't broken the all time streak for consecutive wins in the series. Anyway, A&M doesn't win more than 8 or 9 sec games. Soft schedule or not.
No one is mad a Starkle. He didn't stand a chance with Chad Morris as his coach. But it is ironic that he ended up at the school that effectively ended his Arkansas career.
Super disappointed in that loss to LSU, I think that was a winnable game, but it showed two things 1) Arkansas can be legitimate against bigger teams 2) next year is going to be a lot different. Remember, this was a rebuilding year for the Razorbacks and now they are projecting a NCAA 6 seed. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, gotta play the games, but even being a tournament team was not expected. Definitely looking forward to seeing how SEC play plays out.
Wow, so much hate. When Saban is gone you'll have some issues again as well and then you'll be a little less smug and hateful. Not everyone can be Alabama.
Did I miss it? 1996-2000 Yankees don't make the list? Ever look at their playoff win percentage? Dominance. You also left out Arkansas Track and Field. Never a program more dominant in any sport. The track and field Razorbacks men completely dominated the sport during the 1990s, winning 24 of the 30 available titles.
First thing, good hire. We'll see how it plays out, but I like it. Now, he needs a staff and a awesome DC that he gives autonomy to. You simply can't expect to win games 60-58 in the SEC. If he builds a defense and does his air raid right, I think this is an awesome hire. And press conferences are going to be great. Can Mississippi handle him?
Dabo probably isn't happy. Relax. win some games,get ranked. You play in a good conference with a good SOS. All you gotta do is win.