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TCU isn't the same team that Georgia curb stomped. It has less talent.
Truth. But Gus never had the best class in history following up several top 5.
I'm torn on it. But I'd rather it be an out of conference game. Maybe OSU/TT/Baylor/Houston basically Big12 old SWC type match ups.
Pittman came in and won with the same players. No spring practice, no development. Stop making excuses. Morris can coach. If he can hire him on your team. But stop making it seem like Arkansas was the problem. His plan at Arkansas was ludicrous. Smaller players. When has a FCS/Groups Group 5 regularly beat a power 5...oh,when Morris coached Arkansas. You want big athletic players. He ruined Saturdays for a fan base (and got Gus fired, too, but I feel like that was his plan) . Let him ruin yours.
While you are correct. Morris was the worst coach in SEC history (possibly college history with the embarrassing home losses) and he wasn't a Jeff Long hire. So long can't take credit for Morris. Give him credit for the stagnant basketball program.
Yeah, that was before coley entered portal, which means 1) not Pittman putting up a brave face 2) possibly what led to Coley's decision (Fortin playing so well as a transfer)
Arkansas rushing game gives them identity. And it gives them a ball control offense. That's the game Sam Pittman wants to play. Defense and ball control offense. Pieces aren't fully in place yet to make it all work. Pittman is a program builder, he's winning games while building a program. Some coaches win seasons, Pittman is building the program. There's a plan at play. What you see is the long term plan. It's not Arkansas for this season but Arkansas brand football. And I love it. As the line gets better, as the defense improves and as the roster gets SEC depth it's going to succeed because it's already showing success.
Arkansas line is still improving and not quite up to Pittmans standards. When it's there those numbers should improve. Also, while I love Briles and think he's one of the best OCs in the country, he does waste some plays. I think Arkansas could improve efficiency this year a bit with improved line play and less dumb plays.
This isn't rooting for an SEC thing or rooting for Bama per say but I'll be rooting for Alabama to knock the snot out of Texas just as bad as Arkansas did. They should be a little more realistic this year and expect it coming, plus they are at home... But I suspect you should be able to thoroughly dismantle them. And I'm going to enjoy every glorious minute.
Worry about getting out of the second round as a 1 or 2 seed before worrying about your opponents. Muss will be fine. He's way ahead of schedule. The only problem with that is expectations can get ahead of themselves, too. Definitely expect continued success.
If Anderson came directly after Richardson, maybe he could have continued success. But he was just good enough to be relevant/win but not exceptional. Arkansas fans know we aren't but want to be in that next level of program...But that's not a season or two of success that's sustained success. We've been close to making the jump, just couldn't do it.
I see no reason we can't keep him. Arkansas is a top 20 all time program. If he sticks around it could be a top 5-10. He could be the coach that moves it to blue blood status. It's been on the cusp of next level a few times but taken a step back. It's way more legendary to be the guy then to just be another guy.
To be fair about Georgia 5 stars, I don't think Georgia is good at developing QBs. Just my opinion and backed up by how few pan out. Seems like you get to UGA at the QB slot, your best asset is be self motivated and be your own coach.
Muss proved he can win with transfers and freshman (moody, Williams, Devo were freshman starters last year). He can win using the transfer portal and he can sign elite classes. Obviously winning it all is tough and it may or may not happen this year (I really want this team to do it because they just play so hard and win ugly) but he's proven he can build a team and coach a game. No doubt he's one of the best in CBB.
If we had had a proper succession from Nolan our program wouldn't have went dormant for 20 years. The disrespect is real but it's what you get for killing your own program that if run well should have been elite for decades. And for now it's fueling the fire. As Saban says, too much praise is just rat poison. Disrespect makes you shut up the critics.
As a Razorback fan I really love this team because there are no stars. I mean Williams is the most chill star I've ever seen. He's just always got that big smile. Notae shoots a ton but his stat line is always filled with defensive numbers. Just a fun team to watch. Beating a talented Duke and sending Coach K to the retirement home would be cherry on the final 4.
Few isn't leaving Spokane. Spokane and Gainesville aren't remotely similar. folks in florida love florida, but it's not for everyone. If you like mountains, skiing, and a low stress lifestyle and still want to compete, Gonzaga is the best job in the country
There was a time the Big East was the basketball conference and Villanova has been a part of it from the start. Conference realignment killed it. That and a few programs going dormant. Wright would be a huge get for Florida and probably be the end of Big East being any sort of force.
I agree. Dude was winning before he got canned. Not saying he wasn't guilty but he won before all that, so my guess he's a legit coach. Pitino is better than anyone on this list.
You do realize Arkansas runs the hell out of the ball and doesn't always run the score up. In fact in a few games they left 7s on the goal line. Including the Penn state game and a couple of others. Scores aren't always indicative of the outcome.
You sound like Arkansas fans over the last 5 or so years. I'm just telling you from experience when you have the wrong coach it's better to cut ties early and move on. Drink was a splashy hire and I'm sure you want him to work, but remember Chad Morris could recruit, too. And we got owned by Missery and WKU and SJSU and well everyone. So the lesson is building a program, development and winning games are the things that matter. So far Drink isn't doing that. Maybe 2022 is the year but Kiffin, Leach and Pittman have all improved... So...
That last sentence is correct. But other than seeding it doesn't matter only poll that matters is the last game of the season. I to think they win at least 5 of the final games. They need to because their schedule was back heavy and it took them a while to peak.
Auburn was looking for a loss but neither of the teams you mentioned could give it to them. And Arkansas demolished Missouri and Georgia. Looking forward to putting the hurt of Missery again.
Arkansas had more quad 3 losses than quad 1 wins. It was reasonable they weren't ranked. It sucked but the losing streak just happened to be to the wrong teams at the wrong time. But they should be ranked now. And should get back to close to where they were by the end of the season if they can win out.
I think he's pointing out they didn't play their best game and while they won, you won't win every game. So there's room for improvement or they apexed. I feel like they are getting better and my hope is the peak comes at the right time. In the NCAA tournament where it matters. Was an awesome game and they played with heart and with a plan. Loved it
Yeah, but he matched Chad Morris last year. If you match Morris you deserve what you get. Morris wad a clown and a fraud. Harbaugh took his beating with the pay cut like a man. Morris ran off with $17 mil... See how they are different. I don't think Harbaugh deserves a raise for finally doing what he was hired to do, I think if he continues to do it he should get a raise. And if not he should get paid more than 11th in b1G because UM brings in dough, but beyond that he should not get mega money for one good season. Earn it.
I'm interested to see if LSU doesn't turn into a dumpster fire. I'm on the fence about this hire. No doubt Kelly is a good coach, but he's a terrible culture fit. In college only a few coaches can transcend culture. Is Kelly that elite?