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I don't think they are wrong, I do not have a lot of faith in these ULL and FIU transfers. The Penn State kid was a starter then got hurt got his job back and was demoted.....you are not going to find the great quality players in the portal, though there are exceptions like Burrow.....
McClure was good but I would rather have a Kevin Mawae and an Andrew Whitworth.....
Agreed, and to be clear having a scenario where there is a final four of all SEC teams would drive the rest of the country nuts.....
probably not, and to those people I say be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it......I could see a scenario where the final four would be all SEC teams.
Or Kinesiology or Criminal Justice programs....depends upon the school but they are all underwater basket weaving
BK is not going to win at LSU, and unlike O and Les Miles he will not win a Natty. BK is stealing retirement money from LSU.
It went out the door when BK let Raymond go and hired Cooks, Mr. Nobody, to be the DB coach.....
I agree he sounds a lot like a fraud to me, I think he is just stealing retirement money from LSU.
Be prepared for more, I think a lot more of these kids will leave, of all the things I have heard Kelly say, recruiting the current roster isn't one of them. There is a new staff and a lot of popular beloved coaches are gone.....replaced by nobodies with records that are at best questionable. I have long thought the Kelly hire was a reach and we are about to find out very soon.
Ok so your logic is that adding 8 more teams that are arguably worse than the top 4 that will solve the problem? There is simply one answer, get better, not just at recruiting, but at building the program, the infrastructure, the NIL program, administration....all of it. The only answer is to improve not expand.
I have said I hated the hire of Kelly from the word go. It seems to me that Woodward hired the name rather than the best fit and someone we can have that will win a championship. Do you really think this staff will beat Saban. Prediction: LSU will not sniff the SEC Championship game until both Woodward and this fool are fired.
So we let Raymond go, and are replacing him with either this dude or Cooks neither one of which has a good record. Cooks coached one first rounder and a whole host of 7th rounders.....this dude is a high school coach.
Well how does that Brian Kelly hire look now. LSU will be 3-9 next year and possibly 2-10 the year after while we hear how patient we must be. Look BK fired Corey Raymond who has coached multiple first round NFL players and replaced him with a guy how has produced one.......
I also think Brennan will not be returning. Walker Howard better be the real deal because I expect Nuss to go too. I do not see any improvement next year, I think in fact we will be worse.
I am not sold on Kelly, I think he is taking LSU for retirement money. I expect next season to be worse for LSU and perhaps the year after that too. Look at the numbers for instance, this recruiting class is weak, and getting weaker, players are entering the portal at an alarming rate and I see no vision on the horizon that tells me this will improve.
I remain convinced that Kelly is taking LSU for retirement money. He will NOT win at LSU.
What a freaking joke, Kelly is taking LSU for retirement money, plain and simple. LSU under Kelly will be basement dwellers.
Anderson is the best player on Bama, not to knock Young but Anderson deserves this trophy more than Young does. We might as well make it a QB only trophy because that is all it is.
Why would any SEC player want to play for fake accent Kelly? I expect to see a massive amount of transfers out as I do not think Kelly is even talking to current players.
Well we could just run the ball, oh wait we can't even do that.
Really? We just lost Max, his little brother and one other commit, add that to the growing transfer list and we will suck for years to come. Kelly is a bad hire.
Brian Kelly.....and I suspect we will be a team of walk ons for years.
I think we will be worse and not just next season two or three years down the road before the administration figures out that Kelly ain't it and he and Woodward get canned. I think it is hugely telling that he could not bring a single position coach with him from Bama or that he hasn't yet retained Corey Raymond. Kelly is not known as a recruiter either so....
What staff? The dude has hired one coach. Two other "reported" but not confirmed.....
Wow, add to the Transfer of the starting qb and a top level WR, Kelly is off to a great start....this was a disaster hire from the word GO.
As an LSU Alum I hate this hire, first another old white guy coach, second he has built his record on weak competition, including beating up on the military academies year after year. He is less than stellar as a recruiter and his offense is vanilla. He has been blown out of the BCS and playoff games he has been in. Nothing about this hire seems good. In fact it seems like Woodward did a Pelini hire. Why didn't Woodward look for an up and coming NFL coordinator (Leftwich, bienimi, among others come to mind)?
Coach O didn't have to adapt he was from south Louisiana, the whole culture thing is a crock, does he speak football? Does he win? if yes then great, if no it is because he is a bad coach. No one is asking Kelly to eat ten pounds of crawdads.....
Maybe because they compete for the commander's cup every year. They have traditionally played a soft schedule.