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Honestly the NCAA needs to go, the schools and conferences should have set up a revenue sharing agreement with the players and yes players should be able to be fired if they do not perform up to standards
good, now do what you should have done with NIL and give them a cut of the tv revenues, eliminate the collectives and eliminate the NCAA
Why would Lanning leave Oregon? Seems like he has a pretty good gig there.....all that Nike money sloshing around last thing Bama needs is a bidding war against that
And those that have beat Saban before didn't cheat....Michigan cheaters don't deserve the title
Amen....some people think that the military can just go do what the hell they want....it isn't up to them, that is the principle of civilian control.
I don't agree with you often but I absolutely do here.
Can't deal with the facts? They crowned him before the season started, he did not have as good a season as Nabors, and frankly he is being honored for his name only.
How are you the player of the year but second team....this is ridiculous
Winning an award for your dad's accomplishments is soft....
Bama should check to see if Connor attended a Bama game....it is not above big blue to cheat now is it....
Yeah they should have put in FSU and watched the inevitable blow-out in the semis.....as much as it pains me to say it the committee got it right.
another florida bowl game that is meaningless. Hey BK, fire the entire defensive staff, they cannot recruit and they cannot develop players.....then maybe you might make the playoffs
I don't like Kelly but I agree with you on this he is flat out wrong.
Terrible is being nice.....the 7 blind mice they had out there were disgusting
Let's not even talk about the holding calls against Mizzou they have missed too
Best wishes to Chubb hope he recovers fully soon.....I hate to see such injuries
Time to disband the NCAA they are useless......
you win the internet with that comment...lol
Why all the Colorado coverage? Who cares they are now an average team....
I notice the Texas fans put a lot of weight on historical series records rather than what the current team looks like....
The team with the Uterus on their helmets might get upset if A&M gets a competent coach
the team quit and that is also on Kelly....you know the strength and conditioning coach is the one that is usually getting them pumped up for the season giving them mental toughness.....did Kelly's boy do his job? I say no, they are weak mentally and physically they got pushed around and did nothing about it....they quit.
I agree, this team's mentality is reflecting its coach weak AF
It is what the kid wanted or so it is said....he is too light to play in the middle and the coaches should make that very plain to him
funny did you find it disgusting when Iowa was doing it to others? Didn't think so....
And that is where it should stay, put him in the Georgia Hall of fame but the college football hall of fame, if he doesn't meet the standards, he doesn't belong. The standards are that selective for a reason, if you lower them for him, what about some Southwest Central Southern Arkansas QB, who was their greatest ever?