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Well, maybe Fred Ross. Let’s not get carried away. Maybe after four years.
Had Mullen stayed, Fitzgerald would have at least 700-800 more yards and 15 total TD’s. Incredible athlete not built for Moorhead’s offense.
From MSU: Richie Brown KJ Wright Preston Smith Nickoe Whitley Jonathan Abram
Sosa and McGwire weren’t HOF players without steroids. Bonds and Clemens were.
Everyone always harping on Rogers' YPA. Leach offenses always trail in YPA, because their running game is short passed. Additionally, Rogers had a woeful offensive line, contributing further. State will always have a passing attack with a low YPA under Leach.
Why do we do this? They will never be on the field together.
Please stop with this sportspeak nonsense. QB’s do not duel each other.
Costello is historically bad. MSU has had awful luck with transferring seniors.
He signed with Moorhead, but he is a Dan Mullen QB. He should transfer to UF.
No controversy. Costello can’t do it. Rogers might be able to.
I can’t think of a coach whose team turned so bad so quickly in his first season. Leach is in serious trouble.
Costello doesn’t take care of the football. 7 turnovers in 2 games. Fix that and it’s all good
Costello’s performance wasn’t contradictory. He didn’t take care of the ball in either game.
For State, it was all about the receivers. Watch the game again. Then go watch any MSU game from the last 30 years.
Fitzgerald’s primary disease was Dan Mullen leaving for UF. That was a top 5 squad with Mullen’s offense and the best defense in the country.
Fletcher Cox Chris Jones Dak Prescott Bernardrick McKinney Montez Sweat Darius Slay Kylin Hill Fred Ross Chad Bumphis The list of good to great prospects signed by Mullen is pretty long, and includes other besides just these. To a place like Starkville, that’s pretty good recruiting.
I really don’t think so for MSU. The defense will be without the great players of recent years. We would need either one of the NFL DT’s (Fletcher Cox, Chris Jones, or Jeffrey Simmons) or the best DB in our history, Jonathan Abrams.
Joe Moorhead cost Fitzgerald 500 yards minimum. And he would have had another 100 in the Egg Bowl plus some in the bowl game against Louisville.
For 2013, Chris Jones was rated near the top and has had a great career.
There IS a transfer portal in real life. You don't have to do anything but leave and move on.
Wait. Bo Nix is the most improved QB, but Schrader is the most improved player?
Chris Jones slicing through the pocket
His defense last year was good, BUT Navy lead the conference in TOP. That helps. He may have to learn about subbing more people
Not bold prediction. Stevens starts the game 2/7. Hill runs the ball fewer times than we throw it.
Team records carry too much weight in the voting. Also, QB's don't duel each other.