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He will get a shot because of his size and he has enough arm strength. That's all anyone can really hope for.
You have to weight the benefits of subbing a guy or just going with 10.
Teams miss a lot of tackles against Snell. Must be a coincidence.
On the other hand, if State loses, they then still have games against Auburn, Alabama, LSU, and A&M.....yikes
K-State is as good as UF. Don't know about the OL's, but the front 7's are definitely not a push.
He made more good throws in that game than I've ever seen him make. Still not as good as some other QB's in the conference, but he doesn't need to be with his running game, plus Kylin Hill and Aeris Williams.
Probably. I don't think his skills fit as well in Moorhead's offense. I don't like all the deep throws. The best pass plays we've had this season have come in front of the secondary.
Nick Fitzgerald will run for at least two scores, maybe three.
I noticed on our depth chart that the 3 starters are all 6'3" or more. Mixon, Dear, and Thomas are buried. Maybe they could help by getting in front of the secondary for some shorter throws.
Should have started out the game running more aggressively. You can always throw if you do that.
If he averages half the yards per game as he did the last two seasons, he will surpass the record.
I thought Thompson looked awful. Ball was all over the place. Missed a TD to both Thomas and Guidry by throwing well short, threw the ball in the ground several times. 13-31.
He should be improved. Most QB's improve as seniors, he will have a slightly better OL and should be significantly better at receiver, especially on the outside.
Fitzgerald has learned to play QB in the SEC. He had more pass attempts as a sophomore than he had in all of high school.
Fitz is a stretch for challenging their secondary. I love the kid and his game, but it really will come down to how improved MSU's receivers are.
Franks is better than he had starting at MSU. Won 9 games with Chris Relf.
I don't think we will know whether Moorhead is a good coach until next year. This is a powerful, senior-laden team. Concerned about the depth at LB. Where is Dunning? Based on only one season, Montez Sweat is the best outside pass rusher in school history. Taking a deeper look at the statistics, he was truly dominant.
You have to assume that Ta'amu will have the most big passing plays.
I think they are undervaluing his work, but the only position where MSU is subpar is WR. Good OL, good QB, good backs, great DL, good Lb's, and decent DB's.
Yep. In 2016, with some semblance of a passing game, Fitzgerald lead the league in 10-yard rushes, as well as 50, 60, and 70 yards runs. He had 5 50+ runs. Only 4 people have done that in the last 8 seasons. Even last year, he had 3 40-yard runs, and he didn't even get to play a full game against Ole Miss. We definitely could not say that about 100 players.
Assuming Nick Fitzgerald is healthy, he is always a TD waiting to happen.
I like these articles. Some teams make natural pairs for comparison. Others don't. AU/UA MSU/UM Mizzou/Arkansas UGA/UF UK/VU But, USC, A&M, LSU, and UT don't really have a natural fit in this group.
Completion percentage will come with receivers who can get open. We should have better receivers by a good margin this year.
We ran the second fewest plays on defense all season last year. We just held the ball a long time, and then made them give it back to us.