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Mullen left the best roster in MSU history, Moorhead finished the recruiting class with some help for this season.We won't really know anything about Moorhead until 2019 and 2020.
The guy who was a 2-star recruit. Who got no offers from Power 5 schools. Who had no business being on a roster. Who lead his team to 9-4 record as a junior. Who was vastly inferior in talent to every single offensive player on UF's roster currently.
Yes. We are on the outside right now. Losing consecutive games to Mizzou and Vandy....
Norwood was better, and I would argue that so was Vick Ballard, and perhaps Dicenzo Miller. Dixon was durable and consistent, though.
More effective in YPC. The lack of even an average deep threat allowed defenses to play up. They didn't really have cover the length of the field.
Trace McSorley was 11th in the Big 10 in rushing attempts last season. Moorhead uses what he has. Fitzgerald will be running the ball MORE effectively this season than last if he is healthy.
Here's the reality. Fitzgerald is underrated as a passer. Giver him DeRunnya Wilson, Fred Ross, and Fred Brown, and he is significantly better. That's Mullen's fault. He was never good at recruiting receivers.But, running counts, too, and Fitz can run with the best of them. There are 28 players in SEC history who have scored at least 33 TD's, which is Fitzgerald's number right now. Not a single one of them did it with fewer touches per TD. Also, in 2016, he had the most 50 yard runs in the conference. That's the difference in TD's between him and Tebow or Prescott. He's just faster. But, he can also score from the 2.
Lumbering? In 2016, he had the most 40, 50, and 60 yard runs in the conference.
There is no way he will match up in his career with the best QB's, but running is just as valuable as passing in the college game. Yards are yards.
Lamar Jackson also got hammered by MSU. 6 sacks, 4 INT's. I guess Jackson and Louisville just couldn't handle SEC teams. Go figure.
He is elite a ls a runner and offensive weapon, and good as a passer. Worst receiving corps in the league this year. Should be better, significantly, but not just in the passing game. Our lack of a deep threat in the passing game cost him a couple hundred yards rushing, as well.
We had no receivers in that game. It was awful. Alabama knew exactly what we were going to do.
With the 13th receiving corps out of 14 teams, of course he didn't complete a high percentage.
Fitzgerald is a very good passer and elite runner. He would have had several hundred more yards passing and rushing this season with league-average receivers.
All Fitzgerald needed is a receiver. MSU's receivers were among the worst in the league last year, even before injuries. With any semblance of a deep threat, he runs for 200-300 more yards, and throws more TD's with fewer picks. Even without that, his rushing numbers are elite, even in SEC history. 32 players have rushed for at least 33 TD's in SEC history. None of them did it in fewer touches per TD than Fitzgerald. Whether he is a great traditional QB or not, he is an elite offensive weapon.
K-State/MSU is clearly superior to 6-9.
Oh, but UM's starting QB was in the game. He had started several games before, and played quite well. Had Fitzgerald stayed in the game, MSU steamrolls UM. They don't just win the game. Had Fitzgerald broken his leg the day before in practice, Thompson leads MSU to a win.
My concern with MSU is the style Moorhead will us on offense. If he continues to play to our personnel, by controlling the clock through running the ball, we can be more successful than this year. With deep receiving threats, Fitzgerald would have run for a couple hundred more yards, at least.Question is, what does Moorhead do in 2019? Hope he's a good recruiter.
Physically, I don't think he can. He is at least 3 inches shorter. But, if he is better than what we already have as outside pass rushers, we are going to be even better. Simmons will still dominate the interior.
I think this is a result of the early signing period. Most of the elite players signed, and I think some recruits are thinking they might move up to better offers.
He can work with Franks. If not, he'll find one. Look at what he did with Chris Relf.
Freshman QB with one game under his belt, lame duck coach, no DC, top 3 or 4 receivers out. That's not a bad game.Bob Shoop has a good crew to work with.
Tend to agree. With Fitz in the game, we blow out UM. With Fitzgerald, Mullen, and Grantham, we would throttle Louisville. Without, we probably lose. Their CB won't matter since we have no elite receiving threat.