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There is no reason to believe Fitzgerald's passing will be iffy. He basically learned the position last year. He had EIGHTY-SIX total pass attempts in high school. He had over 300 last year. He will make his biggest jump in his junior season, just like all of Mullen's MSU QB's before him. At the absolute worst, he will be slightly above average as a passer, and he is an elite runner. Fitz's biggest problem will be his lack of proven targets. Donald Gray is the only one.I expect Patterson will lead the league in passing yards. Great receivers, decent OL.
I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but I believe any team (outside of the Big 3) that wins or threatens in the West will get the same treatment.
The only real complaint I have with Freeze is his reputation for casting stones at certain other coaches. I wasn't in those living rooms, though.
Perhaps, but it seems as though he was casting stones at other coaches as part of his recruiting efforts.
He has more experience coming into his junior year than Prescott did. His numbers passing are similar, and his running numbers are far superior. He runs like Matt Jones did for Arkansas. You see him running, and he doesn't look fast. Yet, there he goes for 20.
The work with Prescott is less impressive than his work with Chris Relf. I cannot think of any coach who has gotten more from less than Mullen with Relf.
Yes, if you are discussing his relative merits as a player, or, more importantly, Mullen's mistakes as a coach. However, if you are discussing explosiveness, no, it doesn't make sense.He had more 50 yard runs than any QB in at least the last 5 years. He had 3 70-yard runs. Nobody in the conference has had more since at least 2010. And, yes, those guys played against weak teams, as well. Criticize his passing if you must (He's about as good as Prescott was as a sophomore), but he is explosive.
I didn't realize Fitzgerald played defense. Hurts didn't have to play Alabama's defense. Fitzgerald did. How many NFL players play on Hurts' OL? How many on Fitzgerald's.
Fitzgerald did have the mostk 10 yard rushes, as well as the most 50, 60, and 70 yard runs in the SEC last year. The kid can fly. He looks like Matt Jones going down the sidelines.
QB's don't win game. Don't fall for that sportswriter nonsense. Good players can play for bad (or, in this case, mediocre) teams.
And they peak as juniors. Relf, Russell, Prescott.
MSU's running back was productive once they stopped using Holloway. Aeris Williams was very productie.
He's already a star. ZERO professional level OL's, ZERO professional level WR's. !st in the conference in total offense.
Your running backs would run better with a guy who can take one for 50 behind an OL like State had.
Check out Mullen's history with junior QB's. It's pretty good.
Hurts had how many NFL receivers? Suppose Fitzgerald had played MSU's defense in a game and Hurts had played Alabama's?
Shame, shame, shame on me! I completely missed that sentence. Makes perfect sense in that light.Looking at it from a total yardage, total TD's, and INT's would make the list different.
Ok. This is ridiculous. First, Drew Lock wasn't even the best sophomore QB in 2016. Last year, Nick Fitzgerald had more total offense and more TD's, with the same or fewer number of INT's, than numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, and 4 on this list. With an inferior offensive line and half a season with no RB. He was clearly superior to most of the QB's on this list.Also, Tebow should be ranked higher.
We will likely be better in 2017. Mullen's QB's always peak at their junior season, and Fitzgerald was already pretty good. Our defense cannot be worse.The idea that we will beat Alabama is laughable. If we get within two scores, it will be reminiscent of many of our games with them. Too little, too late.
His passing numbers were as good as Dak's. He is a far better runner.
As well as Mullen works with QB's, he probably should have signed with Alabama or somebody like that. He didn't fit.
QB transfers are an epidemic. We (MSU) lost three this year, because they are young and couldn't beat out Nick Fitzgerald.
I'm not concerned about this one kid, but we have been HORRIBLE at recruiting OL's. Horrible.Look at the other positions. We have recruited elite players, multiple elite players at every position except OL over the last six or seven years. Not all of them have worked, but better high school players general make better college players.
Fitzgerald and Williams DID NOT go head to head. Unless players are on the field at the same time, they aren't competing.
QB's, RB's, and receivers cannot win games. That takes 50 players and a group of coaches. All an individual player can do is make his play.
Look up the history of Dan Mullen's QB's as juniors. Always their best seasons. Fitzgerald will have a great shot.
Against a fairly weak defense. Suppose Nick Fitzgerald had had a game against MSU's defense.