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Worse. And Fitz wasn't the reason the passing attack went backwards. It was as if they wanted the NFL to get a good look at every throw he couldn't make.
Why? Is someone else looking to hire him? What has he shown to warrant both an extension and a raise?
All Moorhead had to do was copy Mullen's plays for one season. 11-2 with the best defense in the nation.
Doesn't it? Check the budgets. And the history. He was there for 10 years, and had one draft with multiple first round picks. Preston Smith, Bernardrick McKinney. Nobody was recruiting them.
Best defense in the country loses 3 NFL players plus a couple of productive seniors. Meanwhile, Moorhead neutered the most defense-friendly offense you can have. Not looking good for MSU this season.
I think he would have been drafted if Mullen stayed. More rushing yards, more wins, more film of him making the throws he could make and less film of making the throws he couldn't.
He neutered the best tool our elite defense had (Mullen's offense with Fitzgerald), wasting a golden opportunity. With 2 more wins, we finish around 8-12 in the country and have a superior incoming class with fewer defections.
Best defensive roster in the history of the school. An offense built to support it with ball control. 8 wins. He's got a lot to make up for.
Mississippi State. Fitzgerald, Aeris Williams, Elgton Jenkins on offense. Swear, Simmons, Green, McLaurin, Abrams on defense. They will field their worst team since 2013, at least.
MSU lost all the momentum they had over their primary rival in MSU, lost a football game to UK, and got manhandled by Iowa. The recruiting season was a bit of the same, although it appears they received the next great DT in their lineup.
This is ridiculous. There is no way MSU is a top 30 team. 7-5. Defense will give up at least another TD per game. Offense will be only marginally better. Book it.
As good as he was, we will miss Simmons more. Elgton Jenkins on the other side.
Actually, no, Rob, we had a bad coach. He neutered out clock-eating, defense-friendly offense and made the QB worse.
#9 is dead wrong. MSU should have beaten both U.K. and UF. We were instantly worse the minute he took over.
MSU needs to keep Iowa out of the end zone. If they do, it will be the first defense IN THE COUNTRY to give up less than 1 TD per game.
Easy. The neutering of the ball controlling, defense friendly, clock eating offense Dan Mullen had built at State. Who saw that coming?
McSorley carried the ball 144 times last year. He doesn't mind running the ball or using a QB to run it.
MSU goes against a mediocre offense looking to become the first defense since 2011 to give up fewer than 1 TD per game.
Disappointing season. The defense was better than it shows in the stats. Moorhead's O hung them out to dry too many times. It's good that they improved as the season wore on. I believe they would best UK and UF if they played today.
If they played today, MSU would beat A&M, UK, and UF. Easily. And they would probably take down LSU, as well.
It was a fumble. Everybody knows it. LSU won.
Why would UM have an advantage in the passing game? Alabama averaged 6.0 YPA, and had averaged over 11 the rest of the season.
He was fully recovered from the injury before the season started. Last year, the top two backs averaged 24 carries per game. Williams had more carries per game than Fitzgerald. This year, they are averaging 16 carries per game. Rankin missed a ton of time last year, leaving us several games with the tackles who are starting now.