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Recent Comments
He was fully recovered from the injury before the season started. Last year, the top two backs averaged 24 carries per game. Williams had more carries per game than Fitzgerald. This year, they are averaging 16 carries per game. Rankin missed a ton of time last year, leaving us several games with the tackles who are starting now.
One difference only between this year and last for Fitzgerald.
Not the QB....at all. With the same OL, same skill players, we have fewer passing yards, more INT's, more sacks, fewer rushing yards. Moorhead neutered Mullen's offense. With Mullen's playbook, we are 8-1.
No coincidence...despite returning everyone, the offense is worse in every measurable way.
Your offense is fine. Played the 2nd and 3rd best defenses in conference last two weeks.
MSU's offense better progress. The defense will be losing elite players on the front and back. Seriously.
They are very good. Could lead the league in scoring defense, except they have to play Alabama's offense. The UK and Alabama defenses don't have to do that.
Oops. I don't know why I posted that as a response. Not at all related to your comment.
First, Fitzgerald is not playing the best football of his career. That mostly came in 2016. Second, the team would be undefeated if Moorhead had simply used Mullen's playbook. Third, in either case, with Mullen or Moorhead, they come out of Tuscaloosa with a loss. Still, 6-3. 1980.
He should. He already has a lot of carries.
Hate to beat a dead horse, but Fitzgerald would have blown past 50 rushing TD's with Mullen as coach. He would have threatened Tebow. Snell might still hit 50 TD's, though, depending on how Stoops uses him.
He's got 3 good ones left, but I don't see them stopping him. LSU, MSU, and Auburn all have good defenses.
With Mullen as coach, Fitzgerald is no lower than 4. He would have more rushing yards and more passing yards. Without Mullen, Franks would be lower. The dude can get production from his QB's.
That doesn't silence critics. They already knew he was a good runner.
Our best back was out, but Aeris Williams is a decent player
It's both. The coach should know what his players can and can't do.
Nonsense. QB's don't play each other. Get that logically weak sportswriter BS out of here. Thompson didn't play Jackson.
It's too late to salvage the season. 7-5 at best. Might be better if Cohen benched Moorhead. All he had to do was use Mullen's playbook and this defense. 7-0.
He neutered Mullen's machine. Wasted the best defense we have had in over 20 years.
This is all, 100%, completely, on Moorhead. He has neutered the machine Mullen built. He is going to suffer next year and be on the hot seat in only his second year. Without Simmons, Sweat, McLaurin, Abrams, Peters, Green, and Hoyett, the defense will regress. Probably can't regress as far as the offense has.
Memphis has the best BBQ. Dry ribs, no sauce. Pulled pork with slaw on top. Nobody can hold a candle to it. That's why they have the real championship here.
Fitzgerald would have improved more under Mullen without having to learn a new system. I think he will get a chance to play QB, but he's just not made for the game. Maybe if he had had more than 86 passing attempts in high school.
A&M is improved enough. More likely, it would by 9-2 for both