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Yes, there will be a running game! The 475 passes per quarter to the running backs IS the running game.
I haven’t looked at Whitaker much, but Evans was a far superior player to Dale Murphy.
That’s a tough case to make. He didn’t have a lot of complete seasons. I love Clark, but there are decent number of players who deserve consideration before him. Start with Dwight Evans.
Joe Moorhead had a 10 win season in the bag if he had just stolen Mullen's playbook. That defense was stellar, and Mullen's offense, with the same players, put up the best time of possession in the league the year prior.
Uh…maybe. OTOH, every time the ball is snapped, the defense knows they are throwing it. And he’s lining up against more NFL players than any other QB in Leach’s history.
Charles Cross likely took more snaps in pass protection than any tackle in the country, and against the best competition in the country. I think 19 is way too low.
Moorhead was 8-5 with the best defense in the country and neutered the offensive weapon who was the best friend a defense could have. Indeed, that team performed worse compared to their roster than any team in MSU history.
Howland, like Mike Leach, is just playing out the string. Don’t expect much from either.
Mike Leach and Ben Howland both playing out their careers. I don’t expect much from either.
He’s a pretty good receiver, but I don’t think he would be in the top three this year for either school.
Sports journalists:”Mike Leach’s short pass game to running backs is their actual running game.” Same journalists:”MSU has to improve their run game.”
Leach’s offense should continue to be a great asset to the defense. First in the league in TOP.
Not yet. I think he will, but not for a little while.
2018 MSU with Mullen’s offense would have stomped a mudhole in UF, Mullen coaching or otherwise. Best defense in the country, would have also led the league in time of possession. Moorhead neutered that team.
It's fascinating how fast Mullen went downhill. The best team he ever had was one he didn't coach (MSU 2018). He was still likely on a slight upward trajectory at MSU, started OK at UF, and then just collapsed. With his personality, I wouldn't be surprised if he is unwilling to take a coordinator job. He may have to wait until a languishing program needs to take a chance on him.
Martin Emerson announced he’s not coming back. I bet they plug him right in
Rivals has Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and MState ranked consecutively from 10-13. That’s a big story. Middling programs in the top conference grabbing quality players. Leach and Stoops, in particular, should benefit greatly. They’ve coached most of their careers with lower talent levels.
Will Anderson belongs. He had the most TFL's in years. He had the most sacks and TFL's in the country, playing against the best OL's in the country. He had 15 more TFL's than anyone else in the conference. In conference only, he had DOUBLE the TFL's of any other player. He had the most sacks in conference games, as well. I don't know what his eligibility for next year has to do with being the best player this year. If that is a factor, what about Bryce Young?
Will Anderson is the best player in the country. The Heisman belongs to him. Heisman voters are ridiculous.
Texas and California each have multiple cities with more population than the state of MS. Of course, they have tons of prospects.
Nobody penalizes Alabama QB’s for being in their system, but Rogers gets penalized. No running game, not a single NFL receiver, they know he is throwing, and he still hit 75%. He’s third, and a list with him this low is ridiculous.
MSU had solid wins against the two teams in front of them, lost only one game where they didn't have a chance, and still at number 8. They had a truly up and down season. Maybe next year, some of that bad luck evens out.
I think most of that is pretty accurate. I think Leach made a great adaptation to the SEC in his second season.
MSU had solid victories against the two teams in front of them. Was a weird season, but you could easily justify moving them up two spots.
Sure, but the losing team could have easily been the winner. 14 points left on the field.
Handed them the game in the first quarter. Worst game of the season. Defense and Rogers did their part.