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Ridley and Alabama saw what was easily seen. MSU is solid in pass defense, but has given up the most 50 yard+ pass plays in the conference. Susceptible to the big play.
LSU and MSU are decent teams. Definitely top 25.
Garbage? He may or may not be a great pro. Garbage is an ignorant thing to say.
As a State fan, I would put Fitzgerald 4th. Lock and Stidham both take better care of the ball. On the other hand, Fitzgerald is one of the best running QB's in the nation.If he is a one-dimensional QB, it is specifically because Mullen hasn't recruited and developed elite receivers, AND he is learning to play QB in the SEC. He had more passing attempts last year than in his entire high school career.
That's a good point. Get spotted getting into an airplane, BOOM, pay raise!
Hurts is a better passer, but he also has significantly better receivers. NO receiver for MSU would see the field for Alabama. Fitzgerald is a better runner, but Hurts is a better scrambler.
I think the game came down to road night game for LSU. Look at what happens on the road, at night, in the SEC.
Did he? Or did his subpar OL suffer against a strong DL? Where are his receivers in relation to the rest of the conference? Bottom 3? Maybe the worst?
Fitzgerald's primary weakness is mediocre OL and bad receivers. No replacement for Fred Ross, no high quality big receivers. Mixon is coming on and is already superior to Gray. Also, the games where he has played poorly have been against teams with great DL's.Fitzgerald hasn't developed like Prescott did. He might, still, but he should be among the least of our worries.
Fitzgerald's problems can be traced mostly to receivers and OL. Still, he is probably about 5th in the league.
I believe it is down. 2 very good teams, a gaggle of mediocre teams. UF, USC, MSU, UT, UK, AU, LSU, ARK, A&M, Vandy, they aren't scaring anyone. Ole Miss can score, can't play D. I don't know if Mizzou can do either.
I think both games for State were flukes. They were exactly the same games, only in reverse. LSU went on the road, in the SEC, at night, to a decent opponent. They got down early, the crowd got into it, and it was over. The next week, MSU went on the road, in the SEC, at night, to a decent opponent, and the same thing happened.
This game is the mirror image of what happened to LSU last week. A pretty good, but overrated, team goes on the road, in the SEC, at night, to a better team. They get down early, the crowd gets into it, and they can't recover.
I think UGA is at Alabama's level...this season. The question is whether they can maintain.
Nobody at State was proclaiming they are the best. That was all journalists who had tired of talking about Alabama's clear supremacy.
The SEC is a shell of its former self. There are two good teams, and a gaggle of mediocre ones. In many past seasons, the 3rd best team in the SEC would be the best in almost any other conference. From MSU (I'm a State guy) down, these teams are middle of the pack in most other conferences. I'm sure some of them will improve, but it should be an interesting bowl season.
MSU still has a little trouble stopping strong backs. LSU only gave Guice 15 carries. He averaged 5 ypc. I think MSU's strength is the pass rush. Montez Sweat and Jeffrey Simmons can get after it.
I think it's more of a constant search for who will unseat Sabama.
The pass rush looks to be fierce, but I am concerned about stopping the run, as well. Guice averaged 5 ypc, but the backs at LaTech averaged a little more than that.
Yeah, you're right. No way to know if Fitzgerald gets more yards against MSU's inferior defense with UA's superior offensive line and receivers than the other way around.
Care to wager how many players on Alabama's offense play in the NFL compared to MSU's?Suppose for a moment that Hurts played for MSU against Alabama last year, and Fitzgerald instead had a game playing for Alabama against MSU. How might the game have changed? I don't think it would have at all.I don't think either of them can be defined as great, but they are probably the best in the conference, except maybe Shea Patterson.
I think that's a legitimate gripe, EXCEPT that it is undeniably true that Hurts has more to work with. Also, calling Fitzgerald a system QB while not seeing that Hurts is absolutely a product of his system is silly. Hurts is a good QB who is often inaccurate. Fitzgerald is the same.Fitzgerald learned how to play QB in college. He had 86 pass attempts total in high school. Hurts had over 360.
He's far ahead in YPC. He was faster, by a long margin, and could run between the tackles. Ron Zook didn't get Croomed. He got Jerioused.
When I first saw that, I thought you were trying to insult him by calling him riff raff.
Jerious Norwood is still the best offensive player to play for State.
Loved Banks, but Smoot was a better player, if only for 2 seasons.