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Will Anderson is the best player in the country. The Heisman belongs to him. Heisman voters are ridiculous.
Texas and California each have multiple cities with more population than the state of MS. Of course, they have tons of prospects.
Nobody penalizes Alabama QB’s for being in their system, but Rogers gets penalized. No running game, not a single NFL receiver, they know he is throwing, and he still hit 75%. He’s third, and a list with him this low is ridiculous.
MSU had solid wins against the two teams in front of them, lost only one game where they didn't have a chance, and still at number 8. They had a truly up and down season. Maybe next year, some of that bad luck evens out.
I think most of that is pretty accurate. I think Leach made a great adaptation to the SEC in his second season.
MSU had solid victories against the two teams in front of them. Was a weird season, but you could easily justify moving them up two spots.
Sure, but the losing team could have easily been the winner. 14 points left on the field.
Handed them the game in the first quarter. Worst game of the season. Defense and Rogers did their part.
I posted this on Facebook a couple years ago: Now is probably a good time to tell the truth about MSU and UM fans. A truth most don't like: we are exactly the same people....exactly. We are born in the same hospitals. Grow up in the same neighborhoods. Go to the same high schools. For those of us who go to one of the colleges, we spend four years apart. 5-6 for some. When we graduate, we return to the same neighborhoods. This Sunday, we will worship our Savior together. Out of the 70-80 years most of us have, we will spend 4 apart. The idea that there is some difference in character or lifestyle between us is absurd. And I imagine nobody outside of the Deep South can even tell us apart. If you want to attack the other side for "classless" behavior, you should probably look in the mirror. They are the company you keep. I dislike Ole Miss football as an institution. Intensely. But, the players and fans are OK by me.
They wrote another piece about why the Bulldogs will win
No. Vandy didn’t. But TSU sure helped ours.
cfbstats.com The numbers came from before we played that powerhouse TSU.
SEC ranks for each team: Yards per play: UM 11th MSU 12th Tackles for loss: UM 6th MSU 13th 40 yards plays allowed: UM 5th MSU 14th!!!! 3rd down conversion: UM 8th MSU 9th Turnovers created: UM 1st MSU 6th UM has the superior offense and defense this year. Mike Leach has a big opportunity. Would be the best win of the year.
You should dive into MSU’s defense. UM has the superior offense AND defense this year. Glad we are at home.
UM has a better record, and their offensive and defensive units are statistically superior. Plus, dude said UM could easily lose.
On one hand, he makes a valid point. OTOH, Clemson has not beaten a single good team. I guess their best win would be Boston College?
Supergriz, you say that because Fitz had his game neutered by Moorhead. His career stats would have been incredible, and his TD/carry ratio was stout.
I think the teams from 4-9 could all be in just about any order. They are all decent but inconsistent teams.
He literally jumped. His feet left the ground. Good call.
He’s already a better passer than Dak ever was in college.
“Mullen wasn’t an elite recruiter at State.” Wasn’t he? Compared to his predecessors and the last two guys, he certainly was.
Turn just ONE of those four drives (3 missed field goals and one INT) into a touchdown, and the game is over.
Except this wasn't a moral victory. Losing to a roughly equal team cannot provide moral victories.
If you lose a game because you missed three field goals, that means the other team was better. Arkansas doesn’t need any caveats on a big win for the bowl shuffle.
Like always, though, the offensive mind leans on the defense. Croon, Mullen, Moorhead, and Leach