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Hats off to the Gators, but wouldn’t quite anoint Billy yet. Still a lot of questionable decision making on his part, in reality I think FL is a little better than we thought and UT is worse than everyone thought. I think both teams will have a long year, I still think FL only wins 7 of so games this year. UT was a total disaster, Milton is not only inaccurate, but can’t run an offense, the defense is mediocre, OL and WR are not good. Great job for FL, but wouldn’t crown Billy yet, Dooley, Butch and Pruitt all had “big” wins. I like to see FL do well, but I think this will be the pinnacle of FL’s year…
Hats off to the Gators. I live in S. California here on the beautiful Pacific and I swear I could hear that crowd here over the waves. I’ve seen some crazy articles already on Billy, someone mentioned Alabama may come calling, but having gone through the valley of despair, I wouldn’t be to sold on Billy; even Butch, Dooley and Pruitt had big wins. FL did well, they threw in stuff not seen before, but there is still a lot of questionable decision making from Billy. I think FL is a little better than folks thought, they will still only win 6-7 games, and UT was highly overrated. Defense is still not great, OL is an issue without Mays and has no depth, Milton didn’t miraculously shed the bust label in year 5. Everyone talks about Milton’s accuracy, but he can’t run an offense, call the right plays, that is the bigger issue. Hats off to FL again, but it’s going to be a long year for both programs.
Dumbest ranking I’ve seen in a long time, Ala and OSU 1 and 2, the number 1 weighting criteria must be based on historical reputation, not actual football play and results. Would be embarrassed to put my name on this as a organization or journalist.
They’ll be top 10 when they get their star qb back, not playing the 3rd string qb and when their 2 conference All American defensive linemen are back. Would normally agree with you, Kyle is one of the most underrated coaches in America, but they had 7 starters out for that game including what is probably 3 of the top 4-5 players on the team…. I like it when FL is good, helps the SEC, but Billy isn’t the guy. He was smart to hold out, pass on all of these other jobs, until an AD would give him an unbelievable buyout for an unproven D5 coach. Torch it and start over before you go through what we went through.
I got ripped all off-season by FL fans when I was calling him Butch Jones 2.0 without all of the antics. He’s brought in Division 2 level talent, never seen a FL that looks as talentless as this team and just the basics in coaching are missing. The fact that he is allowed to be his own OC and bring in a 30 year old unproven DC show how over his head he is, even the AD should be fired for allowing that. I don’t care if your Saban, you can’t be the OC and have a 30 year old DC, a lot of surprisingly poor decision making going on at FL and it’s going to take years to dig out of this hole…
Your best lineman might of been out, but you do realize that 3 out of 4 of Utah’s starting defensive linemen were out; 2 of which are all conference. Hard to find a positive in that game, I’m not even mentioning Utah’s star qb being out.
Even worse just turning 30. I said it over the summer and took a lot of heat, that he was Butch Jones 2.0, just without all of the antics…. I like when FL is strong, helps the conference, but I’ve never seen a FL team look so bad across all facets in 30 years. You guys are usually rolling out studs, intimidates everyone just watching the team come out on the field even in down years, these guys coming out look overweight, out of shape, like a Division 2 team. Take it from a pro (e.g. Vols fan) pay the buyout and clean house immediately on both the AD and coach.
They have a lot more issues than the running game. The overall level of talent is an issue, the players Billy has brought in are Division 2 quality, I’ve never seen a FL team look as talentless. The other issues are just fundamentally poor coaching. The fact that Billy is allowed to be OC and bring in a 31 year old DC who is pretty unproven, shows just poor decision making on Billy’s part and the overall leadership at FL. No matter how good Billy is, he can’t manage that, he should of gotten a strong, proven DC (e.g. Kevin Steele like) freeing him up more to be the OC and CEO of the team. He for whatever reason set himself up to fail. Unfortunately us Vol fans know bad coaching and leadership when we see it, FL is in the midst of a decade of irrelevance….
Would agree, heard to jeer for them, especially after I took a lot of heat in the off-season questioning the talent he was bringing in. Recognize they have a high recruiting class now, it’s going to plummet quickly, but the transfer portal players he was bringing in didn’t make sense. On top of the outrageously bad coaching which has continued from last year, this team looks like a Division 2 school. I’ve never seen FL so down in talent, outside of 3-4 players, there is no SEC talent on the team. Someone was commenting on Strickland, I don’t know about him, but the decision making in FL is unbelievably poor. The fact that Billy was allowed to hire a 31 year old DC, when he is a new Power 5 coach and on top of being the OC, just shows how bad things are at FL. Us Vol fans know bad coaches and decision making, FL is looking at a lost decade, they’re already a couple of years in it, they should clean house, pay the $31M it’s going to cost a lot more if not…
I said this in the off-season and got ripped by the Gator fans, saying he’s Butch without all of the antics. The Vols have been there, but it clear Billy is in over his head, the coaching is obviously bad, but the talent he’s putting on the field is unlike anything I’ve seen at FL, it’s Division 2 level talent. That number 3 class will plummet and the spiral of the program will accelerate for FL unfortunately.
I’ve never seen a Fl team with this level of talent in 35+ years, you guys usually always have studs on the field even in bad years, this team looks like a Division 2 team.
Going to be interesting to see how fast that number 3 recruiting class drops. I said it all off-season, Napier is not a Power 5 coach and was baffled at the talent he was bringing in just to be torched by the gator fans. Being a Vols fan, I have some experience seeing bad coaching, FL will be lucky to win 5 games this year…
It’s good to remain optimistic, but Utah would be up by 50 if they weren’t playing their third string qb. I haven’t seen coaching like this in the SEC in awhile and the talent level for FL is unbelievable. How FL can have this level of talent is beyond me, never seen a FL team like this, Vandy’s players look more intimidating then these guys FL is trotting out..
I took a lot of heat in the off-season saying Billy was over his head as a Power 5 coach, but didn’t realize it was this bad. Very undisciplined, unprepared team with just awful defensive and offensive play calling; this score should be 27 or 31-3 at half. I actually pull for the Gators to be good, it’s makes the SEC better, but shocked at what I’m seeing. I know it’s early, but the most telling thing on this team is the talent, this team doesn’t look anything like an SEC team. Florida usually rolls out a team of studs and scares everyone even before the whistle, these guys look like a Division 2 team. Feel for the gator fans, it’s going to be a long year.
If there was ever any doubt on Fulmer’s competence as an AD. He truly did hire a PE coach.
What an idiot, embarrassing that we had this guy as a coach. If there is any doubt with anyone on Fulmer’s ineptitude as an AD just send them this article.
UT’s Chancellor Plowman held a masterclass on how to handle this, bringing in Tennessee’s AG, a Harvard legal grad, with this lawsuit threat to the NCAA was genius, along with many of the other moves she made. We’re in good hands with her and White, which is must needed after the folks that came ahead of them….
Hilarious, NIL agent. These coaches are earning their paychecks with these kids nowadays…
Very impressive. If he can maintain the accuracy when the pressure, rush is on and under the lights, watch out….
Ol Billy is on a roll. I’ve been tough on him about his recruiting, but he’s catching on, hats off on the past couple of weeks of recruiting.
Oh Billy, just keeps identifying these “gems”…. The recruiting services are all wrong on these guys according to Billy and the FL faithful; I’m sure he’s just building more depth. The two lowly rated juco recruits, this guy ranked in the 1300’s, at least he wasn’t a flip from Charleston Southern or an Akron, Bowling Green target….
That was a joke aimed at FL and the fact that Billy is picking up no star recruits. UT did finish with the top offense in the nation, btw.
Yeah surprised to see some of your cohorts defending Billy, it would be hard for me to get behind this and defend it if it was Heupel. Taking lowly rated juco players doesn’t make sense, maybe he knows something no one else does, but look around the SEC at the other newcomer coaches and they are getting much more solid recruits. I’m not as close to what is going on there, but something isn’t right for you guys…
Look at Billy go, wonder if Charleston Southern was in on this recruit like his most recent juco pickup…
Billy doesn’t need him anyway, they beat out Charleston Southern with their recent juco pickup for their running back of the future.
Old Billy’s a good person, decent coach, but won’t make it in the SEC. His teams have no identity, he’s Butch Jones 2.0, could be a great CEO type coach like he was at La if he had great coordinators, but great coordinators aren’t coming to save that sinking ship….
Great flip Billy, Charleston Southern was really hoping he would come in and win the backup running back job.
As a Tennessee fan, I just grateful for this holiday season to not have Billy Napier as a coach. To think he supposedly turned us down, thankfully we don’t have him and the excuses as a head coach. No matter how you try to spin it, there is no way this roster should have had a losing season and some of the loses they had….
Kentucky will always be Kentucky. I assure you Tennessee’s star running back wouldn’t be driving a car without taillights, his team of lawyers would make the case a priority and show up to court on time.