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Stats are hard to quantify. Different people would value differently, one might value passing yards while another might value the TD/INT ratio more. I'd argue that guys who have played a season against SEC quality defenses should get the benefit of the doubt over inbound transfers. But in the long run it is little more than a popularity contest. Having preseason all SEC players gives hope for the season but it sure isn't going to win you any games. Everything will be decided on the field so I never pay much attention to preseason polls - we'll get the answers in a couple of months.
Auburn might be the easiest SEC team you play. USC appears to be well coached and getting better fast. Worry about USC and having to go to UT. Alabama learned last year what that was like. But there is no doubt that Georgia is favored to go 12-0. And that is with the SEC East getting better al the time.
Does anyone care about how their team will do from 2025 through 2028? Recruiting now decides those results. You don't sound very bright to me.
How many times will Hyatt score against Alabama in 2023? Tennessee won in 2022 due to several factors. Penalties were a big factor - do you think Alabama is going to jump offsides a half dozen times in 2023 due to crowd noise? But it was a few penalties that were not called that had the biggest impact - the most flagrant targeting foul of the year was ignored somehow - I suspect Gary Danielson is still talking about it. And you got the benefit of Bryce Young being well under 100% healthy - even though he still played well. And our kicker who never misses - missed. Bottom line is that 2022 was the perfect storm for Tennessee. It most likely won't line up that well again in 2023. But since you are so confident, bet the house on a UT win in 2023. Bama wins for the 16th time in the last 17.
Maybe the SEC's problem is officiating. When you play in the NCAA tournament you draw officials from other conferences. The SEC calls games pretty tight - not much rough stuff is allowed (Tennessee not withstanding). Teams get used to the idea that rough play is not allowed - then the NCAA games are called differently. I strongly suspect Alabama would have benefited from having an SEC crew call the game against SDSU who made the game look more like football than basketball. We need to have our teams better prepared for what we will experience in the NCAA tourney - and it starts by telling our refs to allow rougher play during conference games. That way SEC teams will be used to the type officiating we'll see in March.
It wasn't politically correct when Nate Oats made the "Wrong place, wrong time" statement. But it was 100% correct. What everyone seems to be missing here is the woman who was killed was in the company of a person she knew to be a gang member and she knew he not only had a gun but was willing to use it. She then, after an argument escalated into a dangerous situation chose to stay in the area and wait for things to get worse. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time - because of her own poor decision making. Coach Saban DID NOT take a shot at Nate Oats. He was pointing out that once again someone (the player this time) had made poor choices that led him into major trouble. He is trying to get young people to be smarter in the decisions they make and to get away from trouble makers and trouble situations. And that is ALL it was - anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.
Basketball is a rough sport. The referees are supposed to limit the roughness. An argument can be made that they failed to do their job in the Tennessee/Duke game. It got downright brutal at times. It was the smart way for Tennessee to play against that team. If UT runs into UConn we might have a fight for the ages.
The QB often looks as good as his receivers make him. Bryce Young was as good or better in 2022 than he was in his 2021 Heisman campaign. But he didn't have Metchie or Williams in 2022 so his numbers were not nearly as good. It seems to me than Milton (or whoever) will not approach Hooker's 2022 numbers because the receivers won't be as good. It isn't the type of offense - it's who you have to make it go. Many of the top teams in the 2023 SEC will have a lot of questions to answer. Those questions often will be answered by players who either were not there or were role players last year.
Didn't UGA finish LAST in the SEC that year? They certainly were not going to get in if they had not won the final. The game ended minutes before the selection show. The team UGA bumped was the last one in - and slotted as a 14 seed. It wasn't lack of respect so much as them not wanting to redo the bracket at the last minute.
Wow at the number of posters talking about players who play other positions! Those comparisons are without value. The NFL's concerns about Bryce are mostly not concerns about his weight - it is his height they are concerned about. It is a valid concern but it might be pointed out that NFL defensive linemen are not significantly taller and harder to see around than those Bryce is used to playing against in the SEC - where he did not seem to have any problems. An NFL QB must be able to decide who to throw the ball to and then make an accurate throw. Bryce is one of the best I've ever seen do that. Any team needing a QB who passes on him will regret it.
The University can only monitor its campus. This happened off campus. How far off campus should the University be able to enforce its rules?
In every major crime I've ever heard of, witnesses are told to not discuss the event. I feel fairly certain the University administration and Coaches were given instructions not to publicly discuss the case. The players charged with murder WAS immediately removed from both school and the team. What else do you think they should do?
Let's use some logic here: The players Jimbo suspended all broke team rules I would assume? Isn't that why they were suspended. It seems clear to me that if the police knew that Miller broke ANY laws he would have been arrested. Since he has not been doesn't it seem obvious that he did not break any law? Keep on mind that the whole incident is on video. There is no he said she said about what happened. The video showed Miller driving up to the scene and Davis opening the back door and reaching inside to get the weapon. Miles is charged with murder for providing the weapon. How many people can be charged with the same thing?
A writer who doesn't have his facts correct? Also unheard of.
We get too worked up over our rights sometimes. One person's right to carry a gun sometimes overrides someone else's rights to not have to worry about being shot. Just because the former is laid out in our Constitution and the second is not (because it is so obvious) doesn't mean that both sets of rights don't exist. Personally when I encounter someone who is legally carrying a gun in public - I don't feel safer. I get the urge to move away from that person.
Does politeness abound in the ghettos of Chicago? If it takes the threat of being shot to get people to be polite - heaven help us.
The response from law enforcement would be EXACTLY the same. Unless it could be proved that the person delivering the gun KNEW it was going to be used for an unlawful purpose. This is why we have laws in America - the police can prosecute people who break the laws but cannot prosecute those who don't. In your scenario there likely would be no laws broken except by the person who did the shooting.
When Coach stated that Miller was in the "wrong place at the wrong time" he was only referring to Miller. And he was 100% correct in his statement. He had already on several occasions offered his sympathy to the family of the woman who was killed. The idea that he was thoughtless by making a statement about Miller is nuts. The only people offended by what he said were people looking to be offended (or who wanted to make up a slander piece to get media attention.
The other shooter also had a gun and displayed it to Miles and Davis. I'd say it was already "wrong place wrong time" before Miles' gun ever got there. Maybe if Miles' gun never arrived it would be Miles who died.
Miles isn't from Alabama. Baltimore area - ever think it might be registered in a different state?
Miller did get out of his car. He was in the driver's seat when the gun battle happened - but after two shots came through his windshield be got out of the car and ran away. All of this is on video in the police's possession.
I'm not hiring you as my lawyer. You clearly don't know anything about the law.
Miller was driving at the time of the text. He finishing his trip and THEN went to where Miles was. Didn't show any sense of urgency to get there. Miller says he did not know the gun was in his car. Just because someone sends you a text doesn't mean you read it.
There is not really any dispute about what happened. The police have a video showing the entire incident. They have talked to everyone involved. They have arrested and charged those who broke the law - all of them. A few people who have not been charged (and won't ever be) MAYBE were guilty of poor judgement. The young lady who died chose to be in the company of someone who decided to be in the middle of a gun battle. I'd call that poor judgement too - no one should put themselves in such a position and several people did so. Brandon Miller says he did not know there was a gun in his car. No one will ever know if that is true or not - but it is not unreasonable to believe him. He certainly did not rush to the scene after he received a text. Is anyone a big enough idiot to instantly read every text they receive while they are driving? Can you imaging the number of texts Miller gets every day? It is not a stretch to believe Miller got a text saying "bring me my gun" but never read it
One exact quote from the police regarding Miller is: "we don't have anything we can charge him with". I think if they did they would have done so. The police seem to regard Miller as nothing more than a very cooperative witness. It is also important to note that there was video surveillance of the area where the incident happened. The police have the video that apparently includes all the relevant action.
I don't think I've EVER seen a worse case of lack of reading comprehension. Go back and read it again - or even better read a story that describes what REALLY happened. Just so you have a chance to understand what happened - I'll explain it to you (read it slowly so it will have a chance to sink in): An Alabama player's gun was used to kill someone. The owner of the gun told the shooter where he could get the gun. Both of these persons are charged with murder. The player was dismissed from the University and the basketball team immediately. So far, so good as far as punishment for the crime. Another basketball team member gave the owner a ride and had no idea he had a gun on him. Later he went to pick up his friend who told the shooter where the gun was hidden in the car. The shooter retrieved the gun and got into a shootout with another man. During the shootout a young woman was killed. Miller was sitting in the front seat of his car when the shootout happened. Two bullets went into his car through the windshield. I'd be careful if I were you publishing a comment that is completely slanderous - that is a crime you could be prosecuted for. Saying Miller killed someone is clearly wrong - saying he provided the gun is clearly wrong. What agenda do you have in wanting Miller punished?
"Providing" the weapon? I keep reading that is what Miller did. Based on the evidence that is on one level misleading and on another level outright slanderous. Miller was asked for a ride to campus by Darius Miles. Miles got into the back seat of Miller's car with a pistol. When they got to campus Miles made the sensible choice to NOT take the gun with him so he left it in the back seat and covered it with a coat. Miller did not go to the bar with Miles - he went to eat at a restaurant. Miller was still eating when Miles ad his friend Davis got into a verbal altercation with another man. This man had a gun and Miles and Davis were afraid for their safety. Instead of doing the sensible thing and going home, Miles texted Miller to come to where he was so he could get the gun. I have not seen the text nor do I know if Miller ever read it (he was driving his car when the text arrived). Miller says he never knew there was a gun in his car. So Miller pulls up to park where Miles and Davis are and parks on the street. The other shooter parks right behind Miller. Miles has told Davis where in the car the gun is and as soon as Miller parks the car he opens the back door and gets it. Two or three seconds later both gunmen are shooting - apparently walking around the two cars as the gun battle unfolds. Two bullets go through Miller's windshield as he is sitting in the driver's seat. He gets the heck out of there. That sounds to me as "wrong place at the wrong time" if ever anything is going to. Oats saying that about Miller does NOT indicate any lack of sympathy for the family of the woman who was killed - he is simply talking about Miller. Can you "provide" a gun you did not know existed? All the talk about how Miller should be prosecuted and/or kicked off the team is ridiculous. He did not break a single law or team rule. There is no doubt that Miles provided the gun and he is in big trouble for it. Davis, who pulled the trigger, is in even more trouble. They should be. But it is really ironic that members of our extremely politically correct, woke media are piling on Miller. Doesn't the media believe we should not be trying to lynch an innocent young black man these days? The writers of these articles ought to be banned from having media credentials by their employers - they do not deserve them due to their extreme irresponsibility and carelessness with having total disregard for the truth of this story.
Too many Is are missing their dots here. Maybe Richardson can learn the numerous things he needs to learn to be an NFL QB. But first round picks are usually spent on pretty sure things - not a total long shot, just because he is big and can run fast. Most of the NFL defenders hunting him down are bigger than him - and they love to punish QBs.
In the NFL the windows available to throw a complete pass to are often very small. Bryce Young is one of the most accurate passers I've ever seen. Even though he is not very big, I'd take the accuracy over the size. If you are an NFL GM do you really want your QB to run a lot? There have been quite a few QBs who looked good in the NFL with a running approach. But most of them got so beat up in a few years that they were not very effective any more. This sounds like a wild prediction that most will forget if it turns out to be wrong - but on the slim chance it works the writer can say "I told you so". Going to the track and betting on 40-1 horses isn't the way to get rich.
The poll is an acknowledgement that Alabama is playing really well - at this point in time. Unfortunately, this point in time is not where it is most important. Getting a #1 seed is very important and we are about a month away from that. For now being #1 just makes us a target. My first thought was that I'd rather not be #1 just now - the second thought was now that we are #1, I'd like to stay there. Lot of ball yet to be played and a few weeks from now our current #1 ranking will just be a historical note.