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Arguing over how good LSU's chances to win are seems a bit pointless. UGA is favored by 17 - and that is because they are not an explosive offensive team. Maybe LSU can come up with a game similar to the one Kentucky recently pulled off. Georgia only won by 10 but it never appeared that Kentucky had a chance in the game. As far as LSU's chances go, I'd say their chance to win is a lower % that most 17 point underdogs. Georgia may not put up a large margin but many viewers will turn the channel about the time the 4th quarter starts.
So, obviously you think Alabama should have been National Champs last year if not for the injuries? And Alabama should have beaten Auburn in 2019? I suspect you are a hypocrite.
Methinks you doth protest too much. Your post is absolute proof that you ARE terrified of that. Safety at Texas? That shows you do not understand the rules of football. Personally I don't think two loss teams should be in. And why aren't you ranting about the talk that LSU could get in? But every site needs some comic relief. You certain provide that on a regular basis.
OK, everyone knows it isn't the word itself - it is who says it and the context being used. Sometimes it is offensive and sometimes it isn't. All too often it is offensive when it really shouldn't be. This seems to be one of those times to me.
A blowout sometimes is not determined by the final margin. UGA was up 3 scores in the first half and stayed that way until late in the game. Maybe not quite a blowout but it was a comfortable no-stress win. I switched channels at halftime because there were more competitive games on. I don't buy the idea that it is hard to beat a team a second time - if you are good enough to beat then the first time, usually you are good enough to beat them again. But the loser usually learns more lessons from the first game and I was very surprised how well UGA held up against the UT offense. I think UT would do better if given a second chance. It would be as interesting a game as any other potential playoff foe for UGA.
Kind of ironic that a post that is pure crybaby is accusing someone else of being a crybaby. Are you 12 years old?
I'd bet a lot of money that Saban doesn't really like the playoff expansion. His recent comments are showing he is a pragmatic man - the decision has already been made and it isn't going to go away. Saban almost always supports decisions that college football makes and even though it is a "change of opinion" he is doing so as to not rock the boat over something he can't change anyway.
The top teams in the country should not have to play a bunch of games in the playoffs to gain a National Championship. The notion that the #12 team could win 4 games in a row against higher ranked teams is crazy. The gap between #12 and the top teams is quite large. The 12 team playoff is NOTHING more than a money grab. How many fans can afford to travel to see 3 or 4 playoff games that might be long trips? When you take the ability away from the team's fans to go to the games - football is the loser. This will make the couch potato fans happy because they can watch more games but the real fans will lose out. It also will eventually kill the bowls because once the playoffs start expanding they don't stop. 68 teams in basketball anyone? And there is talk of expanding to 96!
I always thought it was more insulting to refuse to score when you clearly could. I do have to wonder if Drinkwitz's thoughts were the same as his classy comments after the game? What goes around comes around - but it might take a while. I doubt Mizzou forgets this one.
You were right on track until your last sentence. Those are terrible reasons to keep a coach on staff. Auburn has had enough cheerleaders lately - they should hire a good coach instead.
LSU has done enough to deserve to be in Atlanta. But let's not get ahead of ourselves that they are clearly the best team in the West. They have walked a tightrope to get there - beating Alabama in OT on a two point conversion they made by six inches, beating Arkansas and not looking good at all doing so, and beating Auburn in a game they easily could have lost. This has all the hallmarks of a blowout SEC Championship game. But at least they got there - and I hope they enjoy the trip, but I really doubt they will. UGA is the much better team.
From the outside looking in your analysis does make sense. But I did have a couple of thoughts that you might be being a bit over optimistic here. I noted you didn't mention but one cornerback. It seems to me that UT is very good at creating matchup problems and if there are any cracks, they will find them. UGA defensive stats look very good - and no doubt UGA has a good defense - but keep in mind that those stats haven't exactly been accumulated against murder's row. UT is unlike anything UGA has seen yet. The jury is still out on if UGA can stop UT. Bottom line is that UGA is going to have to score a lot of points to win. UGA has been good enough at times this year to do that - but at other times they haven't been that good on offense. There will be no margin for error Saturday. UGA will need to have a great day on offense to win. I'm looking forward to seeing if they can do it.
Both, I'd guess. Brando has had a hatred for Alabama for years that prevents him from being objective. Any opinion he has about Alabama needs to be viewed very critically. As far as being wrong, I'd also guess he doesn't know enough to have a reasonable opinion. Most have viewed about two seconds of the video and I think one would have to start about thirty seconds before that to really decide. I have no idea if Burton put his hands up to defend his personal space or if he decided to take a shot at her - and neither does Timmy. Saban has a history of being reasonable when handing out punishments so I'll choose to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't think any SEC fan should get too high and might about players getting off light - you can find examples almost everywhere.
Pretending to be injured when you are not is the same as an offense going fast? I'm not going to comment too much on that one, it is too obvious. Sometimes it is done so the defense can get a breather. It is a way to get extra timeouts a team is not entitled to. I'd call that cheating - but that is just me. Flopping insults players who may well be injured. I've seen players who clearly were injured be booed off the field after their teammates faked injuries. Maybe football needs an injury judge and players who cannot get off the field on their own can't return during the next 5 minutes of play? We are concerned about the players aren't we? Surely putting them back out there when just a minute ago they couldn't even get up has to be a real danger!
A lot of State fans were very upset about the big fight a couple of years ago. An influential alum I know wanted the entire athletic department flushed after that. Few AD's are universally loved - too many tough decisions to please everybody.
Fans of every SEC team are convinced that Gary hates their team. The reality is that he wants the underdog to win every game he calls (it helps the ratings) and he gets excited when the underdog does well. It doesn't matter to him who is at the top of the heap, he wants that team to lose. It is, for now, your turn in the barrel. UGA fans can begin to understand why Alabama fans have mostly disliked Danielson for years. Welcome to the club - there's plenty of room in here.
In this society where 100 pound weaklings go into schools and shoot large numbers of people, you don't think it is appropriate to be scared when there are thousands of rival fans swarming around you - many of them drunk and all of them screaming their heads off? You don't show much common sense. I don't have any respect for you and your classless comment either.
In fairness, we don't know what happened on the field. We have a freeze frame picture where it appears Burton's hands are in front of him and may have touched her. Most of the people crying out for Burton to be suspended don't know much, if any, of the story. Nick Saban has a history of doling out appropriate punishments and he doesn't publicize them. Those crying out for harsher punishment simply have an agenda. I don't care about their agendas - they are NOT interested in what is best for Alabama's football program.
It is always nice to see someone with a sense of humor. It IS so hard to read an article without finding an obvious error in it these days. I guess the folks who graduated from school majoring in journalism have moved on to higher paying jobs leaving the ones who graduated in the lower half of their class to write the articles.
I think Leach's comment about using the hands referred to the 10 drops his receivers had. Alabama's decline in penalties came from not having pre-snap movement (at home) and not getting half a dozen pass interference calls. Miss State's receivers did not get separation on their short routes which allowed Alabama to knock down a lot of passes. It will be very interesting to see if we can play defense that way against the better WR groups we'll be facing the next few weeks.
Every coach will tell you how difficult it is to get a team fired up to play on Saturday. Probably the most difficult task any coach has is doing it three weeks in a row. After the Arkansas and Texas A&M games Tennessee was in a perfect spot on Alabama's schedule to catch Alabama not at their best. Give UT credit - they took advantage of it very well. I suspect every Tennessee fan is now hoping they can beat UGA AND somehow anybody but Alabama shows up at the SECCG to play them.
Very few penalties - by any team, are for dirty play. The number of penalties a team gets are a consideration of preparation and attention to detail, not an indication of classless dirty play. But I'm sure you know this but just forgot it for a minute while making your post.
Hard to say who was the better team that day. One team missed a field goal 6 inches wide and another made an ugly kick that just barely cleared the bar. The margin of victory was razor thin as it often is in sports. Every Alabama fan I know wants to play UT again in Atlanta. We wish you luck in getting there. I think there is just about no UT fans who really want to play Alabama again. But whatever - come on both teams, make it happen.
No one is questioning that the fans should not have been on the field. That is not relevant in ANY way to the question of a player striking one of those fans. Tennessee is paying a $100,000 fine for not preventing the fans from storming the field. Burton will pay for his actions IF it is determined that he did something he should not have (I'm not sure he did anything that bad because I don't know what happened before the contact). I trust Coach Saban to decide how to handle it.
Nice to see someone here is a rational person. In all the confusion on the field it is difficult to know what happened. Did Burton just decide to hit her without provocation? Or maybe he thought she was ready to attack him and put his hands in front of him to fend her off and just happened to make contact. I'm certain that Coach Saban will discover all the circumstances surrounding the incident and will handle it in an appropriate manner. The punishment might never be known by the general public - and that will lead to howls that there was no punishment. But Coach Saban does not typically announce the details of minor, in house punishments. That seems to be a good thing to me. But my guess is that Burton will miss some playing time tomorrow night and that Coach Saban will announce after the fact that Burton was held out due to the incident. Then everyone except the ones calling for capital punishment will be appeased.
I'm not qualified to call plays, but I've watched football for over 60 years (often at the game) and I often get the idea that a certain play will work. Quite often that play is called before long and it does work. Quite a few fans learn a lot by watching - and paying attention to - football. To say that fans who watch on TV don't know anything about the game is clearly incorrect - many know a lot.
You need to learn the rules before you go off like that. Otherwise people will think you just are not very bright. Safety? Bryce was not down when he threw the ball, the pass hit a Texas player. by rule that means no grounding. No grounding, no safety. I guess in your universe you just make up the rules to suit yourself. And in that universe you are the standard. Congrats!
Alabama goes fast in practice quite often. We probably won't need to sub as much as most teams playing Tennessee do. Can UT bother Alabama by going fast? Maybe a little - but it won't be a big factor in who wins. UT will score some - the real question most people seem to be ignoring is "How well can Tennessee do in stopping Alabama's offense"? It won't do UT much good to score 35 if Bama gets 50.
She doesn't decide what questions to ask. That is way beyond her pay grade. So don't run her down, it isn't her fault.
Several points: To begin with Coach Saban was not out of line in any way during his halftime interview. While it is clear he'd rather not have to stop and answer questions, he did answer the questions (many coaches don't even address what was asked). And as far as telling reporters to just make up what he said, he gave a recent example of reporters doing just that. Does anyone think his complaint is unjustified?