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This is such a stupid statement. By the same token, how do you count the lives it saves? Do you offset that with the lives that will be lost because they are somewhere else and doing something else.
Hopefully whoever replaces him will be a good linebacker for a nice change. Willie never played his position. Made a lot of tackles, but usually they were across the field. Wouldn't have been nice if so many of the opposing RBs would have been tackled where he had just run away from? (Same goes for Leo, except he was worse)
Take off those crimson colored glasses and you will see that Auburn moved the ball at will... they toy'd with Nick and his boys. If Najee was as fast as Auburns linebackers... might have been able to catch him... Auburn is just better, plain and simple....
Just because AU imposed their will upon Alabama? Fans just need to understand sometimes the other team is just better.
Sad to see this. I really liked the direction their program was heading.
0 for first 3. You ought to quit.
To be #1 you gotta beat #1
That must have sounded better to him than "especially with Auburn hosting this weekend."
Didn't see UK fans whining about officiating, but if they do, my response is just wait, you have basketball season coming. You always get makeup calls then.
I failed to see the hold on the go ahead... (never mind now I see)
If they call penalties on the receiver for pushing off, many of those catches against him go away. While Bama usually enjoys the benefit of these call/no-calls, they didn’t get the calls in this game. Hats off to them for finding a way to overcome the officiating that allowed Oklahoma receivers to push off.
And all fans there to watch it remind you of the home crowd at the end of the Egg Bowl! Merry Christmas Bears. #HAILSTATE
What do we care about what Cowin Colherd thinks? His stupidity should be suppressed, not propagated.
And GA was 2-2 vs the west in 2017. That’s about .500 so it looks like GA is a middle tier SEC west equivalent team.
That’s Michelle Frier for you.
PF would go to the Big 10 only after St. Nick moves UAT there.
First story I’ve seen of an assistant recruiting director being such an integral part of the success of the program. I guess that position is the glue that holds a program together, since with all the OC and DC changes we’ve seen at Alabama they have apparently managed to hang on to their assistant recruiting directors, hence their success in recent years.
Oh Paul, you didn't state your real reason. Seems you focus on Auburn's losses, but it's really about the Iron Bowl beat down they put on Bama. And then if a 4 loss team can beat Bama, then others can and soon Bama is a 4 loss team and Nick is looking for a DC job in the ACC (assuming Dabo wants him as an understudy).