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What do we care about what Cowin Colherd thinks? His stupidity should be suppressed, not propagated.
And GA was 2-2 vs the west in 2017. That’s about .500 so it looks like GA is a middle tier SEC west equivalent team.
That’s Michelle Frier for you.
PF would go to the Big 10 only after St. Nick moves UAT there.
First story I’ve seen of an assistant recruiting director being such an integral part of the success of the program. I guess that position is the glue that holds a program together, since with all the OC and DC changes we’ve seen at Alabama they have apparently managed to hang on to their assistant recruiting directors, hence their success in recent years.
Oh Paul, you didn't state your real reason. Seems you focus on Auburn's losses, but it's really about the Iron Bowl beat down they put on Bama. And then if a 4 loss team can beat Bama, then others can and soon Bama is a 4 loss team and Nick is looking for a DC job in the ACC (assuming Dabo wants him as an understudy).
My point is that instead of playing 2 real games a year, getting players banged up, he's looking at a different situation. But like all things, time will tell.
Jimbo, now you have to play Alabama, Auburn, LSU, MSU every year. We’re finally going to see how you really stack up.
So maybe when his year is up and TN still hasn't hired a coach........
I hate he got hurt, but once again "Cheaters never prosper".
I doubt after tomorrow there will even be an Egg Bowl next year. lol
It's true what my little cousin used to say: "Cheaters never prosper"
Mississippi won't need a coach for a few years after the NCAA rewards them for cheating.
So no blocking now on kick returns now? It’s not like the inverted guy didn’t have a chance to protect himself. He ran 6 yards toward him before any contact. He is the one who should have been ejected for playing Barbie dolls during a SEC game. Seriously, we were taught in pee wee football that the players you are running toward are probably going to hit you.
And just a couple of weeks ago SDS was touting ATM as the 3rd best team in the SEC. Keep the chatter down on Sumlin and move on to real news. Why do I keep looking here?
Those 2 first half interceptions... 1 was Fitz, 1 was a caught ball that was taken from the receiver...