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Kid knows nothing bout the streets, grew up privileged AF being the son of an all pro nfl linebacker, has a golden opportunity, but chooses the streets. Hate to see it. Especially when you've been in the streets your whole life and see no way out, yet this kid runs to it while he is afforded every opportunity this world has to offer. Much bigger problems than football. I hope he gets back on the right path sooner than later
And yet you're built by bama but didnt know this. Astonishing how little you bammers do know
Mikebbd:"UT is no more relevant to bama than KY or miss state." You could add up every time Kentucky beat yall, then add miss states wins against yall, throw in Arkansas's all time wins against yall, then even sprinkle on ole piss and their wins vs yall and you know what??? TENNESSEE STILL HAS MORE WINS VS ALABAMA than all those schools wins combined. So basically your comment on relevance is incorrect AND dumb. Wouldnt expect anything less from a bammer
Dont get it twisted cuz the vols are imploding due to a lack of leadership... from a talent perspective, Tennessee is way above Missouri and should beat Missouri and did beat Missouri
And the Gators love THEIR coach better every time his wife opens hers ... yall weird
When this moron of a coach is finally gone, we better get a guy that has a degree in English just to make up for this losers Pathetic coach-speak!! "Well .. I think he done a nice job with the throwing game down there in the red area .. aite ... he knows he cant throw INT's down there .. he gives us the best chance to have an opportunity for success... his future is very bright" ... ‍♂️
When you get hired by Pruitt he expects very specific things. He has showed that he WILL let you go if you dont hold up your end. Terry fair is a beloved vol 4 life. His recruiting was slaw. His ass got showed the door. Brumbaugh supposed to give us the skinny on Kensucky. Welp, we know how that went. Pruitt let his azz go right then and there. Mad props to Pruitts ol' obewon kenobe, mr potato head lookin azz for not worrying bout the optics. This is SEC football, not kindergarten.
That GA defense looks real tough. That's for sure. But this game will be close. Tennessee is not Auburn. Auburn has no ground game at all. At ALL. And These ain't the 2017 Vols. Georgia is gonna have to earn it for 4 quarters. Pressure is 100 percent on yall.
My Lord. Has Missouri ever even sniffed a national championship??? Enjoy that Loss
They got little fan syndrome and shouldn't even be in the SEC.
In Poker, I bet Muschamp is one of them guys easily bluffed out of a good hand or let's everyone stick around to see the river for cheap just to watch his pocket kings go down the drain. Lacks that killer instinct needed to rise up the food chain. Kicking a field goal at the end there was not playing to WIN. If South Carolina goes for it on 4th and doesn't convert,then fine. - at least you gave your guys a chance. They're still down a TD either way. Field goal doesn't change that. Bad decision and nobody should defend it. Defending this dumb crap gets bad coaches extensions in the first place.
How did yall not get that? Good Lord ... wit is completely wasted on yall
No, he's implying that kirby sux at golf and always ends up in the woods
Good to see Nashville kids staying home. GO VOLS
Nice try. He said sophomore OL ... in the headline. Good luck to you Abercrombie.
Cade has a better AND LEGAL reason to transfer than most. He didnt just WANT to transfer; he HAD to. This will be overturned and the ncaa is losing credibility with every dumb decision they make ... you would think that they'd understand simple conflict of interest. Yeah they really got this one wrong and I'd be saying the exact same thing if the shoe was on the other foot. Let the young man play.
From a legal standpoint, Cades relationship with the University of Georgia was compromised once his father filed a lawsuit against them. You said it O'Gara. BLUNDER. This terrible decision will most definitely be overturned. I'm no lawyer, but it is obvious to a duck (or dawg) that there was a very tangible conflict of interest had he stayed @GA
"But I know football" ... yeah my girlfriend says the same thing and dont know jack schidtt ... just screams roll tide with the rest of yall And if the defense was soft like butter - it wasnt cuz of Bitulli
Texas played for a national championship in 09 ... they haven't been sleeping longer. But they're no giant either. Tennessee is on another level than the teams you compared them to.
That's laughable. We see yall scared azzez ... so they can do more covid tests ...
Was just bout to say that. That was 44k well spent by Indiana compared to the mill we paid GAST. We will never forget that and we never should. That was an expensive lesson learned
So ... you mad cuz u couldn't get in? I hear in GA they count teeth .. bet you aced that one
Got em lined up out the door and wrapped around the corner trying to become a Vol ... nobody cares about Georgia. Cry some more. Kirby is a JOKE. Pruitt will coach circles around that fool. Georgia got all that talent and cant do sh*t with it. But wanna tell us these Tennessee commits ain't nothing .. bunch of 3 stars .. blah blah blah .. we got the juice and if yall scared, SAY YOU SCARED. Our rightful place is at the top of the SEC. You Georgia imposters and your 1 lone trophy can kick rocks. Most garbage fanbase in the SEC
Pruitt playing Stud Poker while the rest of the SEC is playing go fish and sippin hater-aid while trying not to look worried ... we see you. #Vols
Says lil buddy that got fired on the tarmac not long thereafter ... Need to stay in his own LaMe
Yup. They scared That school to our South stock is crashing like black monday. Everybody knows kirby ain't IT and GA ain't the spot NO MOE.