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So ... you mad cuz u couldn't get in? I hear in GA they count teeth .. bet you aced that one
Got em lined up out the door and wrapped around the corner trying to become a Vol ... nobody cares about Georgia. Cry some more. Kirby is a JOKE. Pruitt will coach circles around that fool. Georgia got all that talent and cant do sh*t with it. But wanna tell us these Tennessee commits ain't nothing .. bunch of 3 stars .. blah blah blah .. we got the juice and if yall scared, SAY YOU SCARED. Our rightful place is at the top of the SEC. You Georgia imposters and your 1 lone trophy can kick rocks. Most garbage fanbase in the SEC
Pruitt playing Stud Poker while the rest of the SEC is playing go fish and sippin hater-aid while trying not to look worried ... we see you. #Vols
Says lil buddy that got fired on the tarmac not long thereafter ... Need to stay in his own LaMe
Yup. They scared That school to our South stock is crashing like black monday. Everybody knows kirby ain't IT and GA ain't the spot NO MOE.