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I would agree with that. Experts went wild when LSU beat Auburn by one point. UT stomps Auburn on the road as major underdogs and it's "keep your cup on." Here's an alternative. sthu. Just shut up.
Saw that. Plus the clock stop at 51 (guy's butt hit the ground before going out) and at 44. And the "targeting" that gave Auburn one last gasp with a 15 yard'er from the spot. They did all they could do. IMHO. Still lost.
Hey Paul, Marcus and Tim. Wrong-Wrong-Wrong. UT took care of business on the road. Thy "expert" opinion makes for good conversation.
Pretty sure the game what have been 17-14 with five minutes to go without that fluke TD for UGA to start the game, let me check the film. Yep. That's right.
Need someone to chuck it? Put the freshmen in, J.T. Shrout. Need someone to actually execute the RPO? Put Will McBride in. Just wish to manage the game and "stay close" and hope to win on luck? Use either folk who are the main subject of this article. Bottom line, the "bench" quarterbacks are the kids who can add some juice to the O, but, you know the coach "they're not game ready yet." This isn't the NFL. Put them in there and go for it.
I think is argument was the o-line was bad (which you did not address) not that Fields was bad.
Not sure I would claim "with ease." If not for the fluke first TD, that is a 17-14 game (no need to go for two) with five minutes left in the game. One of these teams is either grossly over-rated or grossly discredited. But I am with you, after that showing, there should be some serious concern. At this point, winning the division is in question for UGA, whereas heading into the season, the "consensus" was UGA wins it, who is a distant second? USC or UF? And nobody was even talking about UK, whom UGA plays on the road to start November before facing Auburn the next week at home. And, oh yeah, they travel to LSU in two weeks. So, yeah I think this game might say more about UGA than UT.
Agreed on Florida. Who knows? Any team can beat another when gifted such a big lead with turnovers. And without an o-line, it really doesn't matter who is playing QB in my estimate. With an awesome o-line, just about anybody can manage a game, vide Fromm. Anyway, nothing (much) to tell about UF or UT in this game: The coach lost his cool, the o-line isn't good but otherwise, there is only one thing to get from this game. While going down by 14-0 early (by their own mistakes) UT chose to run it 54 times and pass it 25 times. 2-to-1 basically. So, THAT will get UGA's attention, and they will likely stuff the run like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Game over, now, on Tuesday. LOL. GBO.
Bleacher report? Anybody reading this, I can tell you, I experienced first hand more football for at least 3 decades, if not 4, before this kid was in diapers. And, oh, ODU beat VA TECH. Did you "see" that coming chalk talk person? Nah, of course not. None of this babble ever matters, even from people who have quite a bit more knowledge than a clown like this author. Seriously.
Who made the mistake? The coach (with mis-information?) or the player? Assuming the latter, it is bad form to lose your temper as the leader (HC) during a game anyway. No need to take the failure of your team on the field and place it on a player like that (which you admit you did.) If the former, you still made a mistake.If you were going on something another coach said, you still do not do what you did. Best case scenario is you made it up to cover for the young man because he did indeed walk off the field. But like "BamaTime" says below, none of us knows what actually happened. Perhaps the coach was covering for him after all? Who knows? Not us.
One game. 6 turnovers (most unforced) doesn't define an entire season. This might actually inspire the players. There is plenty of talent on this team. And plenty of games to go.
Tennessee is not losing this game. Top ten lists are eye bait and discussion points. Yay. Unlike UF, UT has actually played a proven team. That UK beat UF proves nothing, at all. Home game leans towards home team when teams are even. UT wins.
Nah, you're laughable. UK stomps a mud hole in Tenn? Give me your meds.
Michael last week : "While I have faith in Ole Miss to score on Alabama," Michael this week....who cares?
The only "gimme" win UF has on its schedule is Idaho.
Not sure I would call a shut out and 512 yards lackluster, but whatever. Not to mention, the two games are unrelated, ask Ole Miss what it meant to score 71 points the week before Bama. Meant absolutely nothing. The last 3 games in this series could have gone either way. '15 (Florida 4th-14 to win it at home, '16 (UT roars back from certain defeat to win it going away, at home) '17 (Florida wins on the last play of the game at home.) This year? They look very close in most statistical areas, with slight edges going to one team or the other depending on the stat. Game is in Knoxville. That's not a factor?
The coach is thinking, we haven't played anybody yet. Ole Miss did give up 41 points to Southern Illinois. 'Bama (slightly better than SIU) scores 62 (and could have scored more obviously)...that proves? Telling ya, that is what Saban is thinking.
Good job players. You had a shut out on D and 345 rushing yards and 512 yards total. Nice job. Take care of your business.
Most of these "predictions" made after two weeks of ball are not happening. Let's come back after the season and see....
Is there a way to block troll bait on this site? If not, make it happen please. I made an account for serious folk. Not kids trolling. Thanks.
Side note: UT plays UGA Sept 29, FIVE games in September, before a bye. They *could* be 3-2 going into October