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When he was about to kick I just kept yelling YEET and he missed it. UR WELCOME South Carolina fans.
Ummm, no. If you really think your team can make it to Atlanta, then your out of luck. I believe that DUB against UGA was a fluke. I think SEC championship will be LSU vs. Florida/Mizzou.
Yeah I agree. A&M sucks, they shouldn't have been ranked. Also ESPN's strength of schedule sheet have OSU's SOS as 19th, the hardest schedule out of all the remaining unbeatens. Poorly written Chris.
This is legit. The GAMECOCKS could beat Georgia. That would be awesome.
Should I be confused or happy about this? I personally hate the commish bc they find a way to put in a trash one-loss team over Ohio State every year. At some point they might just put a 3 loss Georgia team in instead of Ohio State.
I find that funny. So if Purdue is starting this are they trying to get other teams to follow, or are they doing this because if their students bet on them to win a game they will lost it because Purdue sucks. -_-
I believe that the OSU-Mich rivalry has dwindled but is it necessary to degrade that rivalry that much? Michigan still has the potential to do better things, they just need to rebuild more and then it will become the fierce rivalry it once was.
What I'm getting from this is that the police are getting involved in a High School Football Game. That was obviously targeting but is there reason to get the police involved in football? Is this what we have come to?
Well when people saw Tennessee up 14-10 UGA, that changed fast.
I find it interesting that Tua is 3rd. Does this mean that Justin Fields is second?
I think that Ohio State is becoming DBU in the Big 10, however I can't pretend I wasn't surprised to see a lot SEC talent in his mock draft. I think Florida is SEC's DBU, but what do you guys think?
Who agrees with this playoff picture. I believe Alabama is good, but they still have not proven themselves. Their best win so far has been against a basketball college (Duke). So until they get a decent win this is what my playoff picture is right now. 1. Georgia 2. Ohio State 3. Clemson 4. Oklahoma
Ohio State is DBU. We got Damon Arnette, Jeff Okuda, and Wade. We, without a doubt are DBU. SEC has no one.
I believe Florida crushes LSU because LSU does not have a D. Go bucks!
To be honest with you, I think this game will show who is really the top competitor in the SEC. I have seen Bama's defense dwindle, and Georgia let the Vols get 14 on them. I believe that LSU will win this one if they can better their defense to stop the Florida passing game. I think the defenses in this game will tell who wins.
TigersForLIfe, You make a valid point, However, Ohio State played a run defense who has allowed about 100 rush yards this season. Ohio State got over 150 rush yards on them in one game. Our team has become DBU and we have a very consistent run game. Our wide recievers are future 1st and 2nd round picks. On top of all of that, our strength of schedule rank is 19. That is hardest SOS out of all undefeated teams. I rest my case.
Ohio State deserves to be #1. We, without a doubt have the most complete team we have the toughest strength of schedule out of all undefeated opponents, and on top of that, Georgia should be considering whether or not they made the right choice sending Justin Fields over to Ohio State. O-H-I-O