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I couldn't agree more London. this recruiting class looks incredible but with no offense of line it's going to be the same ol same ol.
Heck, not me. And I thought I knew everything! Haha
If we were playing in Fayetteville I would agree. Giving up our home field advantage definitely takes away seven points I would imagine.
Having to play another "home" game @ Little Rock in front of another lackluster crowd is basically a neutral site game. Ol' Miss definitely gains an unearned advantage. We already lose one home game every other year playing aTm @ Jerry World, playing another in Little Rock is just dumb. Time to pull the plug on this madness and get back to the Hill. Let's spend nearly 200M on a stadium renovation, and then never play there! Ugh. Woopig.
Dude he's having to coach with Bert's recruits, or lack there of when considering the offensive line. Morris is doing fine and has recruiting on point
Yeah it sucks. That guy looks for a fight with anyone who threatens him. He did the same thing To general Hog. Oh well maybe I'll start my own
What's up London? Yeah this isn't a very exciting hire huh?
Lol, listen Aggie, we'll be just fine. You should concern yourself more with keeping (and I use that word loosely) your program clean after that slimy head coach you just hired.
Really owned the piglets? He's gone 4 and 3 versus John L Smith and Bret Bielema. Enjoy the next 7 years Lite!!!
Yeah but I think you guys have a lot coming back don't you? I did hear you're losing your offense of line though. But I think you'll be fine
Yep I think Auburn realized 7 million is the new 4 million and figure they might as well keep up with the Joneses and see how it goes.
True but we were heavily handicapped by Bielema. And I mean heavily.
The University jet was spotted in Florida yesterday. However I believe it was Tampa, which may lean towards Charlie Strong but who knows
Exactly. No idea who this guy is. I do like his name though, I've already got several nicknames names worked out for when he fails us, Yurachump, Yurafool, etc. So that will be fun. Ugh, Woopig
Yup. It's kind of a relief. We will never go there again. Congrats AlabamaLite, you got your man. For 5 more long years lol. Careful what you wish for. Woo Pig
I was all aboard the Gus bus I must admit. But oddly enough somehow I feel relieved right now. That was a bit too much money for an up-and-down coach. Plus now AlabamaLite has to pay him seven million for the next five years lol. Enjoy, and careful what you wish for it, you just might get it LOL. Woo Pig
LOL that's right hey man we can only get better from here right?