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curious on the Gordon 3 pt. shot called a 2. apparently espn doesn't have replay capability. in any event, helluva last couple months and buzz was right, aggies deserved a spot in the other tourney. looking fwd to next season. good to see underclassmen getting a lot of playing time and really producing.
remember that time south carolina beet a&m? yeah, me neither.
south carolina same thing a year ago - lol at 2-8 making a bowl in the first place
Point taken, but he'll have plenty of competition in College Station as well. Or, maybe he likes the safety help in the class - Aggies with #7, #8 Safety in 2022, and #18 from 2021. UGA with #28 Safety in 2022 and a 3* transfer in 2021. Or, maybe he just likes Aggies better than UGA. All just numbers - Aggie, Bama, UGA all have elite classes.
Calzada did beat bama with some great decisions, toughness, and good throws. Do you think we beat bama with King? maybe. don't know. with Mond? maybe, don't know, probably not. Not sure King has us at 7-3 right now, but would like to think so. Maybe King beats MSU & Ole Miss but drops Bama game and we're 8-1, but I doubt it. Calzada is our QB so let's just support him.
oh boy. late hit? hit wasn't late. took to ground late but had no idea QB didn't have ball, which is why there was no flag. Rudolph Yes, you are very confused. He was defending himself? Wow, this is nuts. There is zero video evidence that he ever tried to defend anything. He was the constant instigator but got taken to the wood shed cause he's not half the size of Garrett. Garrett should have just shrugged it off - If Garrett had not reacted, Rudolph would be the only one suspended.