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I guess 52-31 is squeaking by. OU has depth issues in the defensive secondary but two starters will be back by the November games. Makes a big difference when you don't have to play two high safeties on every down.
Yea. That's just your opinion man. I don't think OU will be shocked in the SEC. We fully appreciate the quality of play but I don't think we are shaking at the thought of entering the conference. You are underestimating the 2021 team also. While we have yet to come together on both sides of the ball we are still 5-0. Assuming we get a starting corner back Saturday I think we can win and advance. I would not want to play Alabama or Georgia but I think everyone else is fair game.
Live in Oklahoma, wife and I both OU alumni. Comments about OK Legislature getting involved are laughable. OU Athletic Department hasn’t taken state money in decades. I’m in favor. Evidently this has been in works for 6 months. Great story at newsok.com