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You left out that he shaves his head even though he isn't going bald.
The more I read from O'Gara, the more I realize he is a galactically stupid person.
I loved his early to mid 90s music, and even though he was an OU fan, I think he secretly liked that Oklahoma State played "Should've Been A Cowboy" at most of our sporting events. RIP Toby Keith.
Gundy won 4 out of the last 5 against both of the fanbases on here mouthing off about him.
Seems to me that Sanders hit his ceiling his first year as a starter. We watched him for four years in Stillwater and he didn't improve a lick from year one to year four. He's a good player but he is what he is and that is not changing. Maybe Dart has a higher ceiling and has improved dramatically from last year and is just outperforming Sanders on the field.
Can you wait until they actually do it on the field before proclaiming that "Texas is back!"? Is that too much to ask?
The Sooners are going to DOMINATE the SEC...in softball and gymnastics.
This is embarrassing. I don't think this is the sentiment of most O-State fans. We need to let these young men make decisions they feel are best for them and be ok with it. It's their life. Football is not that important.
"It’s one of the reasons we started Saturday Down South more than a decade ago. We asked ourselves, what if a group of people who love college football cover and write about college football? Our staff has always been full of guys and gals who would rather be at a tailgate and in the student section than in the press box rubbing elbows with the other fancy media members." This entire column shows an incredible lack of self awareness, particularly in the way this site pushes the same "college football sucks" narrative. You may not even realize what you are doing, but every day there is another SDS article implicitly, if not explicitly, praising SEC dominance, the NIL, the portal, coach firings and the collapse of conferences. We all get it: the SEC is the most dominant athletic conference, by far. But if you think the potential collapse of the Big 12, ACC or the PAC 12 and the creation of two "superconferences" is good for college football, you just have a myopic perspective and probably need to think critically about these things.
Tremendous!!!! Wow, what a story! More of this type of content, please!!!!!!
There is nothing that exists in the entire created universe that is inherently "offensive." Being "offended" is a choice that a person makes. They can just as easily choose to not be offended. That would be the mature response.
I remember that. Gundy wrestled John Smith in high school. He would have rolled Herman up into a mayonaise jar.
You literally have no idea whether #14 was trash talking the other team. You are making an assertion with absolutely no evidence to back it up.
Agreed. It makes sense for him to go to Texas. They need a quarterback, Hurts can play closer to home and he won't have to burn bridges with Bama fans by transferring to an SEC program.
That could be right. Their fans right now remind me of the Penn State fans during the Joe Paterno investigation. They are so blinded by loyalty that they are defending a guy that no rational human being would defend.
I think that is unlikely. If Ohio State fans didn't bail on him during the last month, I seriously doubt they bail on him over the next six months as this story, unfortunately, fades. He will probably find a way to win 10 games this year and that will satisfy Buckeye nation. Of course, more info could come out that might change that. Who knows?
I love how all the UT fans, coaches and administration who mocked A&M for years are now practically begging publicly for A&M to renew their rivalry. A&M has moved on to greener pastures and UT can't stand that A&M doesn't need them or care about the rivalry anymore. A&M should tell UT publicly to eff off.
reminds me a lot of the guy I just watched for the last three years at Oklahoma State - Mason Rudolph. Big frame, underrated arm strength, small hands. Stands tall in the pocket and Looks like he throws a pretty accurate deep ball, too. Rudolph was a three star too.