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The average NCAA ref makes $61,500 a year. That's a full time job salary for most people who make that amount of money.
Dedicated/passionate =/= talented.
LSU does not "usually" have 2TDs by the time the prior game is over. They did that this season. There's nothing "usual" about that just yet. If they're still doing that in 2023, then it'll be the usual thing.
They COULD compete. But they're not. Thank goodness.
Basically what CBS is providing now.
I'll miss him talking about Joe Burrow's "prominent side".
History is made! We've discovered the single person who prefers the SEC on CBS! It's a Christmas miracle!
An 18 year old at this talent level is not a "kid". That's a grown man with no obvious value for commitment. Good luck to him, but the current state of college football continues to reward reneging on team commitment over individual goals. Not a good life lesson once your football days are done.
"Nobody cannot understand coach O"? That means everyone can understand him... If you can't understand him, you need help with your English stills. That's obvious for you.