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I doubt it, but we have been known to hang on to a coach too long. There are not a ton of replacement candidates out there and he is recruiting well... so who the he'll knows.
I like it. I can't honestly say we won't finish last based on where we stand today. The great thing is we if we do better I can be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed.
He probably has not slept since the season began knowing this day was coming.... I don't know how anyone could.
Barnett is the best. Now everyone can sleep better.
Free media pass?? ...lol.... most media outlets don't even have us as a top 25 team and finishing somewhere between 4th and last in the west..... we have a few overhyped players... that's about it
Michigan?..... Tennessee should be higher up.... McKenzie, Tuttle, Barnett..... and wait until Kong both gets unleashed.. . Loaded line.... just saying should be top 10.... we should probably be a little lower.... our interior line has a ton of potential but still unproven... I need to see it first.
This is why it is very difficult to use defensive measurables to say who is or is not "The Best"..... Everything you say is absolutely true.... just like Tunsil was suspended when Bama played OM..... or that with Bamma's depth is so much better than A&M's that your guys are more rested..... or that (more importantly) the rest of your line is so good teams can not double or triple team your guys every play ( I doubt anybody would say the rest of our line was any good last year????)........ Our linebackers are so thin most teams just run the ball so less opportunity for sacks...... in the end it does not mean anything..... Not many people remember MG's batted ball that he then intercepted against OM last year........... Is he the best??? who knows? How do you measure it? all I know is he is pretty damn good and I am glad he plays for us..... and I am tired of the hype train about it myself..... I prefer it when nobody is talking about us.
Well obviously Barnett is the best defensive end ever, a blind man can see that.....
Nah.... I heard ya'll offered to pay his mom's light bill.... lol
Edited to add.... I have no beef with you BammaTime... you are one of the more level headed commenters most of the time (although you are a homer but that's ok we all are) but its like saying Chad Kelly sucks because of that bounced off the back landed in the guys hands thing last year.... can't be ANY luckier than that.... but I can admit the guy is a great college QB
The comparison wit Amari is just to illustrate that for him to have to make that catch the pass was thrown on a wing and a prayer or at least was poorly thrown..... Look Bammatime.... I read SDS all the time and never comment..... people write articles and people comment on those articles... I just let it go..... and Johnny irritates me.... however it gets really tiresome when everyone acts like it was all luck...... you don't put up those numbers with luck...... AND the writers need to just let it go...the NFL suspended several other players for the same crap..... no in depth column on them.... no clicks in it for the writers...... why can't people just admit the kid could play in college..... went down a bad road and let it go..... it's getting old
Amari Cooper makes an amazing one handed catch barely staying in bounds..... all qb's get a few of those.... if you can't stand the guy because he is an arrogant spoiled little sh!+ then just say it..... it's kinda how I feel about him.... did he get lucky sometimes? Yep.... do other qb's ?.... yep... but nobody stays lucky ever game for two seasons..... cm on man
I may have to check out that site. .... this one is becoming TMZ-SEC
So to use your logic, Engram, Amari Cooper, Julio Jones, Pharaoh Cooper etc.... all of whom are supposed to be better than Evans.... the guys throwing to them were really just lucky, putting the ball up where only your guy can get it had nothing to do with it.... OK smh.... again I hated the way Johnny acted while in college. ... and yep he is going down in flames and going to end up dead..... and he was and always will be a failure in the pros but to say the guy didn't play great in college is just disingenuous
Edited to add.... I think he will end up dead.... not in jail.... and whether or not he ever would have made it in the pros or not I hate to see anybody check out like that
Not defending Johnny's actions but if everything he did in college was just luck he would have had to been the luckiest man alive for two years... and if he is so irrelevant to you John... don't write about the guy!