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Like chicken feed? But really, Kirby is dang impressive. Rascal.
Perception is reality, friendster.
I'd like to pet Ugga one day.
I live and work in Arkansas and it was pretty well received. But I did have to convince one friend to watch past the first minute, LOL. Well done!
"Florida is weird." Fixed it for ya. You have to kind of embrace it. It is, after all, home of Florida Man.
That UCF guy will be along any minute with a passel of numbers, graphs and "facts" along with his boisterous opinion and a stern finger-wagging rebuttal to your "weak@$$" comment. Talk about a hair trigger. LOL. #ChargeOn hard on.
Anyone else notice the gal in the lead image? Is that Dabo's wife? Holy smokes, looks like she's, um, having a heckuva time...
I largely agree, but what does it mean that he's a "video game character?" Serious question. Gracias.
I agree. They've been the squeaky wheel, and are now offered some grease, but are rejecting it. Further proof that these goobers do not know how to win or act right. I'm hoping LSU jerks a knot in UCF's tail. PS - I graduated from UCF in '08 and have been embarrassed by the fans' behavior the past two years.
What?! I lived in Lafourche Parish for a while; this is Nobel Prize in Lit material for there! I kid. Really I do. I love speckled trout, sugarcane, crawfish season and Abita.
LOL. Masters of the you-knee-vurse.
Win No. 6 for the Vols?! :)
I graduated from UCF in 2008. I lived through the glorious 0-11 season ('04) and O'Leary years where the biggest draw at the games was counting the number of fights in the stands; we had no on-campus stadium so liquor flowed freely at the Citrus Bowl downtown. Orlando itself is a bastion of dumbassery. The Donald might describe it as a "sh!thole." He'd not be wrong. This "national champs" nonsense makes, well, perfect sense for Orlando. Speaking from experience, these are people who simply haven't learned how to act right. I'm ashamed.