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Why does anyone pay a college football coach multimillions regardless of buy out clauses?
If he does not produce a championship in the next couple of years, look for the hat to be passed for a buyout. The amount of the buyout is fairly immaterial. The money will be raised.
The left guard competition should be fierce. Would like to see a little more depth at tackle.
Marshall was extremely impressive at the UA game. Thomas looks good as well.
The OL is expected to improve. Green will be missed. But the loss of Johnson is a significant positive. He cannot be considered as a key loss. Spiller was an excellent running back, but he lacked breakaway speed. Achane is an exceptional running back, averaging over 7 yards a carry. And Daniels is not far behind Achane and has a similar running style. LJ Johnson is talented as well. The running game should be more explosive. Wydermyer had far too many drops last season and seemed to lack effort at times. Wright is an excellent blocking tight end, but does not have the best hands. Look for Green and Johnson, possibly Smith, to come out strong. The addition of Stewart and Marshall will boost the receiving corps. Brown will hopefully see more playing time to show his potential. Smith returns. Lane and Hez are reliable possession receivers with good hands, albeit not having breakaway speed. Moose needs to improve his reliability, as does Preston. Davis will be fine at kicker. Max Johnson is not the savior some people think. He holds onto the ball too long and takes too many sacks. Too frequently he throws behind the receiving, making yards after catch difficult. Hopefully King will be in good form. If he is given the opportunity to earn playing time (which may not happen with Fisher), Weigman could likely break out as a freshman. Overall, the offense should improve significantly. The key factors will be the line gelling as a unit and quarterback play.
Regarding A&M's QB situation: "Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher wants a thrower, and that’s Johnson. He doesn’t have elite arm talent, but he can make all the throws and makes smart decisions." A&M has two other options who are both good throwers, albeit with less game experience. I would definitely not count King out. I would like to see Weigman get a shot, personally. Watching Johnson's tape from last year gives some cause for concern. He frequently throws behind the receiver, making it difficult to get yards after the catch. He also throws a significant number of 50-50 balls. Last year he happened to have a target who was good at winning those battles. His low interception total seemed to have a strong element of luck. Johnson hangs onto the ball too long and thus takes too many sacks. He also showed some poor judgement in throwing the ball up for grabs as he was being tackled. He will have to improve in these areas if he is to be the starter this year.
He was blamed more than he should have been. The OL played poorly for the first half of the season. Wydermyer had way too many drops, often at critical times. He was an incredibly tough player. Came back on the field after a hyperextended knee injury (Alabama), even running for a first down. He dislocated a shoulder but came back the next series. A commentator starts with a few uninformed criticisms, and sadly many fans (upset with the losses) mindlessly repeat the criticism.
What did Fisher do to Finebaum? Refuse an interview request?
Bad bull is wrongly bad mouthing your university, student body, the corps and the former students. Exactly what sacrifice did Mond make? None. You woke kids think everything is relative. There is right and wrong in this world.
EKG: "Gave four years of his life to a program and insitution"? Give ME a break. Free education, pampered and set up for a high paying job when he left. He gave nothing but disrespect. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about things. If he was uninformed, he should have kept his mouth shut. Sorry, your excuses for him do not wash.
You need to read up on Mond's personal behavior regarding A&M and the SJW movement. He disrespected the university, the corp, the student body and the former students. His behavior was despicable. His narrative was based on false assumptions. But he made points with the MSM. Educate yourself more before accusing someone of racism.
Once he became a SJW, he was a media darling. They bragged on his breaking Manziel's career records - omitting the fact that Johnny's totals were from TWO seasons of play, compared to Mond's four seasons. So, yes, Mond was half as good.
He was drafted as a social justice warrior. No QB is going to be successful in the NFL when they are so slow to work through their progressions, cannot read pressure and cannot throw medium distance passes with any reliability (much less long passes).
And how do you know he will not sign an NIL deal wherever he ends up?
Using your logic, Bama out paid all other colleges for every person they have signed.
If you were familiar with the rules, NIL money cannot be committed - much less paid - until the athlete is on campus.
This type of juvenile post has no place here, or anywhere else for that matter.
Depends on the player. Some players have the confidence in their abilities they want to join an elite recruiting class (e.g., most of the 2022 DL commits). Overton had such a strong confidence in his abilities he reclassified from 2023 to 2022. Some players may be good enough to have a good shot at earning playing time, but just lack the self confidence. They will shy away. Others deep down know they have little chance of starting in an elite group. So they end up going elsewhere. And others just have trouble making up their mind.
Sounds like James was intimidated by the 2022 class ahead of him. Understandably so. He stands a better chance of getting playing time sooner elsewhere.
But yet whipped Alabama. How does it feel to lose to an 8-4 team? Seriously, people point to Fisher's contract and think he could never be fired. Wrong. If he does not reach the playoffs within two years, he will see extreme pressure. It would not be the first time A&M bought out a contract (and contract size will not matter).
According to whom is nine wins a great year for A&M?
"How can Jace Sternberger ever be replaced?" "Aggies will take a step back with Trayveon Williams gone to the NFL." "Buddy Young's departure will ham string the defense." Etc., etc. The DL is reloading, not rebuilding. Those returning have significant playing time. Spiller was a great running back, although he lacked breakaway speed. Achane is an exceptional running back. No logic exists for assuming he cannot carry the load. Daniels has shone in limited playing time. A&M could actually be better at running back this year. WR could not be worse in 2022 compared to 2021. Chapman and Lane missed much of the season. Demas was a non-factor. The Aggies basically lost almost no production. Hez was out for the season. Stewart is real. Marshall is a high probability, though granted this has to be proved. Smith and Moose are back. Brown is talented and should finally get to see more of the field this season. Preston returns. Quarterback controversy destroys the locker room? Grasping at straws here. Sheer odds are that at least one, probably two, good quarterbacks will go into the fall. The secondary is loaded, losing only one starter who - talent wise - will not be hard to replace. Cooper returns at linebacker, with solid replacements for Hansford in White and Cooper. The biggest issue that resulted in an 8-4 season was the offensive line. For 2022 only two starters were lost, one of which is a positive. Jamir Johnson not returning is a good thing. Foster, Robinson and Fatheree all return. Even just solid play by the remainder will offer an improved line in 2022. Two keys for success in 2022 - offensive line and a deep threat at receiver.
Like similar institutions, Notre Dame finds a way for talented football players to gain admittance.
ESPN Top 25 Future Defense Power Rankings: Each program’s future defense rankings from 2021 are listed in (). Georgia Bulldogs (2) Texas A&M Aggies (4) Alabama Crimson Tide (3) LSU Tigers (8)