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Can you name one quality tackle we picked up out of the portal? I did not think so. Not hyperbole or overreaction. Henderson - "During his brief two-year stint with the Bulldogs, Henderson received little playing time totaling 49 passing yards and 66 rushing yards." "Henderson only attempted eight passes in 2021 with Fresno State, completing five of those passes for 49 yards, and rushing 14 times for 68 yards. In 2022, Henerson played in two games, rushing two times for minus-two yards." A three star coming out of high school. Hardly a QB with any proven abilities or even demonstrated potential. Not hyperbole or overreaction. O’Neill, not even ranked. Not hyperbole or overreaction. Sorry, but no rose colored glasses here.
You are correct, there were not a lot of quality OT's. But Fisher struck out entirely. Given the opportunity for a good OT to earn the starting job, we should have been able to pick someone up. This move, along with Henderson and the recent offer to O'Neill (2024 QB), smells of desperation.
Please do keep it to yourself. Does you mother know you are using the computer? Grow up.
A shame. What a waste of serious talent. Obviously refuses to learn. Hard to believe Kiffin was stupid enough to pick up someone Fisher kicked off the team.
By far, the biggest question with A&M is how will the OL perform. Hopefully the team won't set any injury records again in 2023.
I doubt there will be much of a drop off with Georgia's defensive line.
Given how many either do not get a scholarship at all or end up in a minor program, you are correct.
I was impressed with Sanford and York. They did not play like freshmen. The transfer will have to play well to beat out Harris, Sanford and York.
Once again, people need to closely watch the game and not just look at the stats. Weigman had numerous passes that hit receivers and were dropped. One scout team receiver forgot the stop in a stop route (as Fisher reminded him), causing a perfectly place pass to be an incompletion. Unless Weigman has no one to throw to and has to throw the ball away to avoid the sack (which happened on several occasions), when he misses he doesn't miss by much. Unlike Johnson, who had a number of badly thrown passes. The completion percentages for both were hurt by the lack of regular receivers. Moose and Green did not play. Thomas left at the start of the game. Smith is obviously working to get back in the groove, as he dropped two Weigman throws that hit him in the hands. Had he not been wearing a green jersey, Johnson would have suffered several sacks (as is normal for him). Weigman will do very well in the fall. Numerous bright spots were evident. Tease looked very good at receiver. All three running backs should do extremely well. Daniels running is much like Achane, even if he does not have quite the top end speed (but then, who does?). Moss has great acceleration, although he is not quite as elusive as Daniels. Owens looked extremely solid. Two freshmen linebackers (Sanford and York) showed some excellent play. Nolen will be a monster, reminding me of Jacob Green or Ray Childress. The defensive line should be great. The secondary will be very good. As long as Durkin avoids the 3-2-6 idiocy, defense should be a strength. The biggest question remains the offensive line.
TE has plenty of depth. Definitely good at safety and nickel. Should be fine at CB with the transfers.
The OL is the single biggest issue for this season. Followed by LB. Unfortunately, Foster is in track, Moko is recovering from surgery and Zuhn is recovering from surgery. So three projected starters will not play. So the only thing we will get to see for the most part is how the backups look. If the OL is halfway decent, A&M should have success running the ball regardless of which RB has the rock. Hopefully all will see playing time next season. Daniels running is very similar to Achane, even though he may not quite match Achane's top gear. The secondary is not an issue.
"I know a lot of people have made a big deal out of it, and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t." Sums it up.
Reportedly, he was surpassed by a redshirt freshman in spring drills. In all honesty, Wykoff did not perform that well in 2022. However, he was a freshman which must be taken into consideration. Would he have developed into a good player? Guess we will not find out.
This is sad. A commitment means nothing anymore.
With the no penalty transfer, no one wants to be a backup. This rule is killing college football. Foster would be the starter, but injuries happen as did the last two years. Not good losing depth, but perhaps he has been outplayed in spring practice?
You never know when it is going to click for a QB. Sometimes it does and they blossom into the role quite nicely.
More depth on the OL is a good thing, should the severe injury bug of the last two seasons continue.
I certainly understand the comment on baggage. Yet I do not think that carries over to the field.
Max is not the answer and was not the answer. At all. He holds onto the ball too long and takes too many sacks. Weigman, on the other hand, is the answer.
Hope he is right and Petrino runs the offense. Petrino has been the boss before and I have a hard time seeing him let Fisher run his show. Time will tell. The single most critical factor will be the offensive line, however. Not helping that the first and second string centers will miss the spring, along with two offensive tackles.
Schemes? We don't need no stinkin' schemes. "Execution." When the team "failed to execute" for most of the season (as Fisher frequently stated), who is to blame? Coaches? I hope Petrino is able to wrest the playcalling away from Fisher. Not helpful that our first and second string centers along with two offensive tackles will miss the spring. Guess T. Smith was intimidated by A. Smith returning.