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Class is shaping up nicely. But nothing counts until signing day. And these days, even that means little with the transfer portal free for all.
Win some, lose some. A&M won an earlier battle, lost this one.
Foster played his best football as a freshman. Injuries and illnesses hobbled him thereafter. And the entire offensive line degraded under Addazio. Foster has placed a higher priority on shotput than football. Nothing wrong with that, as it is his choice. He was unlikely to earn a starting role this year. Tough kid. Wish him success in track and field at A&M. Bobby Taylor is a great kid, but serious injuries kept him off the field until this spring. Reportedly he is staying at A&M to finish his education. Wish him the best. Hinton was apparently not interested in being a depth piece. Today's portal - easy come, easy go. These will help get the scholarship numbers down.
A great battle for QB2 between Henderson and Reed. Solid performance from both in the scrimmage. If Reed can learn a few things from Weigman, he should overtake Henderson. I just hope that A&M does not lose one of these two to the transfer portal. Weigman had no receivers on the White squad who had seen any playing time to speak of. And the result was five passes which hit receivers in the hands and were dropped. And the receivers had a great deal of trouble getting open. His accuracy is obviously still excellent. His mobility should return by September, as he is still recovering from the ankle injury. Hopefully Thomas stays healthy and Green returns to form after rehab.
"provided he’s able to stay on the field" Really? One freak injury and now he is essentially labeled injury prone? Weigman is expected to be back at full speed before the start of the season.
Some people lack basic knowledge. No background check will reveal that an investigation is ongoing. Police do not reveal that type information to any database. Employers hire background check services, not private eyes.
Did a good job in '23. But apparently doesn't want to put the work in during the offseason (according to BL). If so, just as well.
Excellent news. Now to see if he is used on offense, defense or goes two ways.
Maybe George is in dire straits financially? I will believe it when it comes strait from the horse's mouth.
Anyone who has watched Weigman knows he has something special. Manziel may never be matched, but Weigman could prove to be solidly in second place behind him. He has done a great job behind an awful offensive line. If the line can improve some, look out.
And he's gone... Got scared he might not get enough playing time.
Hopefully it will work out better for Elko than it did for Fisher. I think only two of Fisher's ten portal additions had any significant impact. Most never played a down. Others did not perform well and were mostly relegated to the bench.
I hope he is able to stay injury free. He never saw the field at A&M due to injuries.
I hope he is better than the stats indicate. Some people seem to be completely infatuated with who is his father. But that is not a guarantee of the son's success on the field.
And now Reed-Adams, who will compete for a starting OT role.
Elko is doing well so far at filling critical needs. Still need: CB - one more OL - two capable of earning starting roles LB - one more RB - one for depth FB - one As far as those known to date, SDS is a little behind on reporting. Jabre Barber, Slot - Depth behind Moose Cyrus Allen, WR - Likely to be in the rotation Welsey Watson, WR (PWO) - may be a sleeper along the lines of Labhart Garrett Miller, TE - Likely to be in the rotation Derrick Graham, T - Good odds to become a starter Nic Scourton, E - Could earn a starting role Rodas Johnson, T - Depth Alex Howard - Should vie for a starting job alongside York Scooby Williams - How will he develop? Trey Jones, S/N De'Rickey Wright, S Marcus Ratcliffe, S Will Lee, CB - Should vie for a starting role Donovan Saunders, CB - Also will compete for starting role Jaydon Hill, CB - One more who will be in the running B. J. Mayes, CB - Perhaps more of a depth piece Jared Zirkel, K (PWO) - should take over kickoff duties
Excellent addition. Much need to replace Diggs. Along with the Shemar's, the edge group should be strong barring injury.