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Yes, glad this is over. Nice young man, nice family. Wish him the best. The Dawgs QB room is stocked with great players. We'll be fine.
Wow! Going into Aubie, Bama's back yard and getting this guy. Not hating that.
It's true if you're talking sh--, getting in folks' faces you're setting yourself up for failure. It usually is the most chill team shut off your team's emotion, and that's it. Who doesn't remember Penn St. /Miami Hurricanes football back in the day? Vols pretty much choked in this one...
Losing of course is never fun, but losing at home as the favorite doubly sucks. The Vols got out over their skis a bit, and ND got the timely hits. Gotta give them credit.
I read Negan's post, and agree for the most part. If you look at Eli, Peyton, even Archie very reliable, consistent types and I think young Arch is cut from the same cloth. Yes the portal is always there now, but he's making to make a splash in college-his own path. True-Saban has put Bama on the outside looking in, in terms of recruiting Arch. Come to Athens young man!
We actually have 2 6'10" guys on the roster-one returning GA kid,another through the portal. You saw how Aubie did well last season, with their 7 footer. Hopefully we're competitive in the SEC.
"Run Herschel Run". Good start, now time to knock Warnock back to GA. Time for a real change!
Saban has been successful recruiting the old fashioned way for decades. Now with the portal, NIL teams are "leveling the playing field" to an extent. TX A&M, Arkansas and others will be trying to take the throne from King Nick. Yes, and there's the drama aspect as well.
I think you doubt Sam Pittman at your own peril. He's now proven he can win in the tough SEC West, and yes every coach has challenges year to year. Buckle up your chin straps, fellas-the Hawgs are just getting started.
The portal, NIL cut both ways. Helps and hurts your team, at points. Alums and others are apt to give recruits sweet deals, hotel rooms, women, entertainment and of course some "$100 dollar handshakes" to get them to stay-or come back. Gives kids more flexibility, options.
Come on Jerry-weed is legal in CO. What did this guy do? Man, don't mess this up!
Jaxon was a bit underused at GA. He can shoot the 3, play D, rebound. Like all in the portal, wanted more impact. He originally walked on. Glad he's coming back. GA's team was depleted basically 2 seasons in a row. Couple of former guys out of the portal, lots of new guys I like it. If Coach White gets this team to say 12-15 wins that'd be a win.
Of course, there'll be some regression. We have been fortunate to recruit great classes and young men, and I expect some new names/faces to come forward to continue the D's good work.
But you have to admit-following a FL legend is tough. He's averaged like 22 wins a season. Needless to say with 6 last season, that a quantum leap!
Plus with our 6'11" guy back we'll have some height. It's starting to happen.
Coach White is making it happen. It does start with good players. Woof!
Kiper is an ESPN talking head-pundit. He can talk all the stuff he wants. Always easy to Monday am QB. 5 Dawgs in the first round, Natty trophy in the case in Athens. Take that, pundit boy!
Were Travon recruited, came to GA during this age of NIL, the portal he might have bolted elsewhere, looking for playing time. Yes he was there for a bit of it, but to his credit stayed the course, got his playing time, Natty, and now got paid. Happy for him. As to the Jags decision to draft him #1, that remains to be seen. How many times has anyone seen a 3 or 4* guy improve, become or beat out a starter, get the accolades? The 5* guys are coddled in HS, and sometimes "expect" playing time in college, being put on a pedestal. Jordan Davis, Baker and others have raised their games, beat out higher ranked recruits. 5 Dawgs in the first round-epic!
I think the only credit Bama should get for our Natty last season, is the SEC championship game. They kicked our butts then, but in the end with good coaching and team play we got it done,and won the big one. When you lose 7 in a row to a team, doubt can creep in. Good on Kirby and that great team for making it happen. The battle rages on. And our walk on beat their Heisman winner, so there is that.
At 6-20 or whatever last season, anything better is all gravy. We've hit bottom, and hopefully now will bounce.
There's always that risk-of taking your #1 pick and they being a flop, or don't make it. Travon has gotten progressively better, and was able to showcase his talents in the Natty, so his stock rose. They say defense wins championships, so go with your best.
Some FL fan said on SDS that Coach White was a monster in the portal-and he was right! I like a dog among Dawgs! One step at a time. Keep 'em coming!
Oquendo, Bridges coming back and now this guy. Excellent! Good trend hope it continues.
Good news! With the transfer from Bradley, hopefully this may motivate other UGA players in the portal to come back? It can only get better.
I'm still curious as to how the NIL payments will change the dynamics of recruiting in the NCAA. Brock Bowers was fantastic and was instrumental in the NC win. Good for him.
We have shed practically the whole roster to the portal in the last few weeks. Maybe Kario's decision will start a trend back? Hope so. Lots of upside, right? He was great this past season, one of the few bright spots.
Just no easy road here for Coach White. A transfer from Longwood has committed but now, that may change. Coach will earn every bit of that big salary. Hopefully the portal taketh, and now giveth back!
The portal giveth, and taketh away too, like last year. Glad he's onboard. With all the defections at LSU, hope the Dawgs can take advantage and build a decent time in Coach White's first year.
It's crazy how this has played out-NC beats Duke in the last game at Cameron, Coach K wins his 100th tournament game, and now in his last season, Duke and NC meet for the first time ever in the Tournament? Should be incredible, and fun to watch. Is Duke a team of destiny this year? Not if NC has a say.