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Come along young man. With these guys leaving after their junior years at an increasing rate, a stud like this would be welcome.
You have to give the Vols credit (at this point). After some stumbles, they are on an upward trajectory. The former coach Sgt. Carter had some good classes and success, but it went badly late in his tenure. The battles rage on. We look forward to defending the SEC East-again! Dogs on Top!!
It's true all schools walk that line, and obviously some cross it to get the best recruits. Self reporting is like going to confession, with a heavy heart? The Dawgs have had some historical hiccups in this area (see Jan Kemp) but run a pretty tight ship under Kirby. Let's just hope we have a season!
Good move IMO. With Freeman gone, Falcons' timing worked well. Hope Todd can stay healthy and contribute.
Yep. Was hoping for one good run, FL would have been next.
The question overall has to be-is Saban done? He's been able to keep the last vestiges of his '07 team, now this? Should be fun to watch.
Wow! Needless to say the guy was in demand. Hope he can put us over the top. Woof!
23-5 the last two years?! You can't be serious. The portal and transfers is the new normal. Mays was a bonus player, when TN was scuffling, even more then. You were half right-Kirby SMART. There you go.
Yeah sure. Take another big sip of that Orange Kook Aid, spiked with shine? Vols are on the upswing, but you know it-Dogs on Top!
We have room in Athens for you young man. Come on down!
I'm over guys like this, and even supposed GA fans taking pot shots at Jake Fromm. Statistics are for losers as some have said. 12-2 is a great season- no matter how you slice it. Look at Jake's great work in the bowl game- minus so many starters etc. Let it go. That being said, Newman is a great add along with Mathis, Bennet give us great options. Woof!
Go away troll. Dogs hoops on the way up. Blather away somewhere else!
Says the writer of this "article" a UT grad, and the attorney for an ex-Bulldog-that UGA took the "low road". Wow. Sorry to see Cade go, but if taking this tact-as a rationale to leave the program (plus of course his brother being enrolled now) is pretty sad. The portal is the new normal. No need to cast aspersions. Dogs on Top!
I had a friend say to me "Hey Nick, got a second?" Lol. There were a few plays in that game that were up in the air-for instance the complete/incomplete pass in the first half-against Auburn. It was a great battle-Bama's QB played well in spots, problems in others. Another in the lore of Iron Bowl classics.
Wow! Who ever did that is a coward. These are 18-20 young men, not pros. Whoever did it should be jailed IMO.
Wonder who supposedly invited him? He's a big football fan and draw, no matter your political affiliation. This will make this huge game even bigger.
As a coach, only so much one can do when there are 4 turnovers involved. Kirby knew at the end of regulation he had a shot to win it, and it just did n't work out. Even at the end of the 2nd OT, still a chance to extend the game with a good kick. All in all, bad day for Fromm and Rod overall. Happens. I've moved on.
TN is going to bite someone this season-just hope it isn't UGA. Credit to Pruitt & company for this strategic shift in his second year. Going from 5-7 to 7-5 is progress, just don't know if that's indicative of this teams abilities. I predict 8-4. Dogs on Top!
Oh how the times have changed. 11-1 would be an awesome year, and get UGA back to the SEC championship. I'd take that right now. Let's be real-we want to get over the SEC Championship hump somehow, and then on to the Final 4. I see UT, Aubie, ND, MO and FL as our toughest challenges. If we can navigate the schedule and get our receivers to produce, things should be good. Bama remains the potential biggest hurdle. Hope Jake & company get there one last time.
Wow! Paul mega smack talking. I'm an SEC guy, but you can't deny what's happened in the last few years, in the FBS. Clemson has stepped up, and stepped over SEC opponents in their championship runs. Bama was made to look pedestrian in the final. Only way to stem the trend is on the field. Everything else is talking season fodder. Go Dogs!!
I think Dabo's contention is correct-with Bama winning so many games handily, in theory they should have been rested (at least the starters). Bama mugged Aubie, and GA gave them all they wanted in the SEC championship game-including Tua. All teams are beat up to an extent at season's end. Finebaum's just squawking because he can.
In the NFL it's always a concern to have your QB finish the season. No doubt in college GA and LSU would fall off in that event. Mathis at GA had a good spring game; ran and threw the ball well. I'm just hoping Jake Fromm gets at least one more shot at the title before he moves on.
Well that and some blown calls (Swift face mask, punt block off sides).You win as a team, and lose as a team. All shoulder some of the blame. We'll be back soon to right that wrong!
This O'Brien guy has a nice resume', and history with Kirby. Welcome aboard sir!
I've always liked Tebow, and respect his opinion. As long as the Dogs keep knocking on the door, it's gonna happen. 2019 will be an awesome year!
The only "Tru" thing about you is that you're an idiot! Go to your team's page, and stop trolling or find a bridge and go there.
This team is young, but talent abounds. With Chaney and Tucker gone, we'll have to adjust. I foresee a more open offensive attack. We open with Vandy up there, so out of the gate we'll see what's what. D should be stout in the middle.
What a quality young man! The hits just keep on coming for the Dawgs. I can see Carson Beck throwing to this guy in the future.