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So whatcha got now? 4 solid transfers coming in, including a big rim protector, and more shooters. Beating KY was a monkey off of our back (I know, it seems everyone beat on them in '20) and some other quality wins. The portal giveth, and taketh away.
Another good get in the portal. Brown, and a couple of the other transferees leaving may have been a good thing-for both sides. Our basketball program needs a boost.
The portal is full of talent. Glad UGA getting its share.
We had a disappointing season, and now this. Kamara was a good player, but it seems its a sign of the times. Pinson is in there, FL guard Mann its nuts. Hope we can make it work to our advantage. We did sign 6'10" transfer, so gotta build from there.
Dang! Come to Athens UGA. You and your HS buddy JT Daniels can hang out...
Two mentions in this article I'm over-1/Justin Fields and 2/"Jake Fromm was never elite". After last season, with all the hype Newman got, Dawg fans were excited at the prospect. 30 days out or so from season's start, he opts out. I appreciate and liked the job Bennett did. Did I like the FL, AL results? No. Now in 2021 there is certainty. Have to give credit to Burrows, Jones for their great seasons. With us losing our great wide out Pickesn-that hurts. Now GA is trying to use the LSU, AL blueprints of and older team, with continuity. With JT Daniels coming back, it motivated lots of older players. We'll get an early test with Clemson at their place.
Yes, UGA under performed this season. We could have used KD Johnson sooner, but oh well. SC still has our number. We did beat Ol MS twice, and a few other nice wins sprinkled in throughout the season. Height was the main issue, rim protection. We've already addressed that in the portal with a 6'10" transfer coming in. I'm a bit shocked by all of the Gators heading out? Bid hit for them. Coach Crean may be feeling some head on his back side-without much improvement in 2021.
In about a year or two, JP will resurface as an assistant somewhere. Coaching is a fraternity, and it seems regardless of the sin it's forgiven-in time. Just like Sgt. Carter going to Bama. He was reviled in K-ville for a variety of reasons-and now on to a new coaching gig. Time to move one.
KY kid with some good numbers. Come to Athens young man! We have plenty of room!
So, USA Today's inquiry pushed this report into the public domain? I wonder about the timing of this. That being said-as we all know winning in the SEC has a way of quieting problems, or problem people. 8 years later? Kansas' reaction is equally troubling, given that Miles hasn't at least publicly or privately had an occasion to respond. Due process, right? It's a sign of the times-guilty until proven innocent. The weight of the charges outweigh the actual follow through, finding of guilt or innocence. You're already guilty-don't fight it. The #CancelCulture in full glory. Sad on so many levels.
Kirby and company building that fence around GA. SC's loss is our gain. Oh well, cuts both ways sometimes. Woof!
Now that they have an AD in place, time to stop the bleeding. Hiring Gus would give the Vols a sense of calm, but then of course the NCAA has yet to speak. Of course they cleaned house in anticipation of the visit. Dust not settled yet. How many years, how many bowls? Bringing in a coach now may be another knee jerk mistake, and with recruiting wrapping up soon, that's another consideration. The timing really sucks. No good answers.
Hey troll, go find a bridge somewhere else! He may be an assistant coach, advisor whatever. Bama has been a home for dismissed coaches, to obviously good result. Chill!
Fire Coach, AD effectively and no buyout?! Wow! TN folks want Freeze? Pan to the fire maybe.
Pruitt had some moments in his tenure. Broke Dawgs' hearts a couple of years. He'll golden parachute out of Knoxville, and move on to the next opportunity.
You are lost, and grieving. Kirby has us competing for the Natty almost every year. 3 of the last Sec East titles, right? We see what the Gators did when they got their chance...I've seen the rise of Clemson, LSU and Bama continued dominance. The SEC is a beast. No easy outs. TN will be back. Won't kick you while your down...
You should make some more whine with those sour grapes. We keep knocking on the door, getting closer. Bama has been the impediment, to their credit. Gotta keep pushing.
I'd heard that Coach Niedemeyer has some issues with the Amarius Sims recruiting? Also, that coaches' contracts hadn't been extended? Self reporting is a nice way for teams to "resolve" these types of claims, without much push back from the NCAA. Kinda like a slap on the wrist at most.
Steelers choked at home. 1-2 turnovers is one thing, but 5? Kudos to Nick Chubb. Browns will be a tough out going forward.
Nice try. No they go see Dan Mullet, and crash and burn into oblivion...
We saw this season what you swamp lizards do when you get to the SECchampionship-lose, then lose the bowl game. All bluster and no bite. Taking a sh-- and falling back in it. Final polls-Dawgs # 8,Gaytors-who cares?
This sucks. Hopefully with the decks cleared, guys moving on he'll reconsider?
I like it! JT got things started, and other upper class men coming back as well. Go Dawgs!!
Right. He's still at LSU coaching. This is probably Patrick trying to create some buzz for his show? We'll see soon enough.
"GD America". There's your Rev. Warlock. Leftist, communist. Asshat is a trust fund baby, set up by the left. God help us
True. After Newman's departure a month before the season, Dawgs were in a bit of panic mode, Covid concerns withstanding. Kirby has put quality teams on the field, but is still searching for a silver bullet, to win the big one. CMR has his time, but I would contend our continued great recruiting, and quality coaches will bear better results.