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Great turnaround this season with CWJ. Just hope the Dawgs come out hot, at home and can advance to the regionals.
Who'd have thought-in a hookah bar? I thought that mellows folks out?
This should be a great series at Foley field this weekend in Athens, weather permitting. Rain is expected, but that won't dampen the UGA/UF battle.
Wow! DeBoer picked up salary wise almost where St. Nick was. It's a very salary heavy agreement, and the post season amounts seem light.
Credit where credit is due-SC in the top 25. You've earned that spot, and should be a tough out come March Madness.
NIL is the Wild Wild West, and it seems anything goes. TN, FSU may have stepped over some line? Did they run out of McD's bags in Knoxville?
We won 15 games all last season, and are at 14-7 now. CMW is a winner. We've competed well against TN, FL, AL and need a good finish. I like our trend line.
For the Dawgs to get any March Madness consideration, they'll probably have to get to 20 wins. The competition is there, but the SEC is tough this year. We're trending well.
No, no he didn't. Bama drove him crazy a couple of times, but he overcame that. #Natty
How does a 20 y.o. pro player from Croatia end up in Lexington? #NIL?
Yes. You don't regret what you don't say.Bama put them in their place...
That's the way you leave for the NFL-with a big win in your back pocket, and class. Best to you Sedrick!
Raiola needed to be content with his decision. Best to lose him before than after. Family is important too.
One wouldn't think a 5* would need a lot of development, right? It's more about seeing the field.
Yep. It becomes a plus/minus this time of year-win or lose.
I think that's BS. It's not like goal posts were torn down, destruction. It's a wooden floor. I'd think the league would celebrate a hard fought win, not charge Arky for it. Oh well.
Yeah sure. Kinda like the Floppy Toppers wanting a rematch with Mizzou? You know the truth too.
This is the one last hill Kirby and the Dawgs have to climb-the SEC championship over Bama. Bama made plays when they had to last week.I think we make it through, get to 30 and play on.
TN fans talked a lot of stuff this season-about Hypeul etc. It didn't come to pass. Now as a Bulldog fan, I say thanks-for making us the SEC champs-again. This will be a tough game, as it always is, but the 'Dogs will come out on top.
We're glad to have him. The Gator's loss is our gain.
If history holds, this UGA team makes the tournament.Yeah I said that. Coach White's history says so. We've got a grind of a schedule, but I see good things ahead. Just be glad this isn't a football blog...
I remember in 2013 when Mizzou beat us in Athens. With Burden as an X factor, I predict this 60 minute game will be 35-20 UGA. Drinkwitz is doing good things, but not this year.
Wow! That's a nice recruit, and legacy at that. Welcome to Athens. CMW is making inroads on the recruiting front. Well done, sir!
That was a painful loss, all the way around. Too bad for that. The SEC is a grind.
After Aubie, I thought we'd struggle a bit more, but good work by Coach Bobo, Carson Beck has the O clicking. The future looks bright.
KY looked tough last weekend, pushed the Gators around at the line of scrimmage. Both teams this weekend undefeated. Dogs will be ready.
After last season's game-with Rattler going off against the Vols, I expect TN to have fire in their eyes this week, and play with intensity. Should be a good one.