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As a coach, only so much one can do when there are 4 turnovers involved. Kirby knew at the end of regulation he had a shot to win it, and it just did n't work out. Even at the end of the 2nd OT, still a chance to extend the game with a good kick. All in all, bad day for Fromm and Rod overall. Happens. I've moved on.
TN is going to bite someone this season-just hope it isn't UGA. Credit to Pruitt & company for this strategic shift in his second year. Going from 5-7 to 7-5 is progress, just don't know if that's indicative of this teams abilities. I predict 8-4. Dogs on Top!
Oh how the times have changed. 11-1 would be an awesome year, and get UGA back to the SEC championship. I'd take that right now. Let's be real-we want to get over the SEC Championship hump somehow, and then on to the Final 4. I see UT, Aubie, ND, MO and FL as our toughest challenges. If we can navigate the schedule and get our receivers to produce, things should be good. Bama remains the potential biggest hurdle. Hope Jake & company get there one last time.
Wow! Paul mega smack talking. I'm an SEC guy, but you can't deny what's happened in the last few years, in the FBS. Clemson has stepped up, and stepped over SEC opponents in their championship runs. Bama was made to look pedestrian in the final. Only way to stem the trend is on the field. Everything else is talking season fodder. Go Dogs!!
I think Dabo's contention is correct-with Bama winning so many games handily, in theory they should have been rested (at least the starters). Bama mugged Aubie, and GA gave them all they wanted in the SEC championship game-including Tua. All teams are beat up to an extent at season's end. Finebaum's just squawking because he can.
In the NFL it's always a concern to have your QB finish the season. No doubt in college GA and LSU would fall off in that event. Mathis at GA had a good spring game; ran and threw the ball well. I'm just hoping Jake Fromm gets at least one more shot at the title before he moves on.
Well that and some blown calls (Swift face mask, punt block off sides).You win as a team, and lose as a team. All shoulder some of the blame. We'll be back soon to right that wrong!
This O'Brien guy has a nice resume', and history with Kirby. Welcome aboard sir!
I've always liked Tebow, and respect his opinion. As long as the Dogs keep knocking on the door, it's gonna happen. 2019 will be an awesome year!
The only "Tru" thing about you is that you're an idiot! Go to your team's page, and stop trolling or find a bridge and go there.
This team is young, but talent abounds. With Chaney and Tucker gone, we'll have to adjust. I foresee a more open offensive attack. We open with Vandy up there, so out of the gate we'll see what's what. D should be stout in the middle.
What a quality young man! The hits just keep on coming for the Dawgs. I can see Carson Beck throwing to this guy in the future.
I'm really optimistic about this team, and this season. Despite losing two great backs, wideouts and D lineman we are loaded with talent no doubt. I like D Rob potentially returning punts, KOs. With our O line intact, Jake and D'Andre in place I'm curious to see which back (Herrien, White etal). All these freshmen phenoms will have their chances. It may start somewhat slow, as they gel but by ND we should be at full speed, barring any injuries.
Great job Coach Creen! They're coming to Athens to help with the rebuild.With now Howard, Ant Man and all of the others, the future is bright in Athens. Woof!!
The Dogs keep loading the roster with great recruits like Milton, and good things will continue to happen. The '19 class is outstanding. 2020 looking great too. Go Dogs!!
Auburn Tiger recruiting-another mystery. The charges just vanished-into thin air? Just in time for a recruiting weekend. It's a basketball miracle!
Come on man! TN fans are just north of here. Go back to your bridge Mr. Troll
After shuffling Avery out of town, I'm sure the Bammers don't want that again. There may be an opening at LSU too...
Coach Crean didn't like last season's results, and sure is doing something about it. Wow! All the great players, now this coaching staff? Auburn and TN have vastly improved, and the Dogs are on the road. The future is bright for hoops in Athens!
Whatever this young man brings to the Dogs on the football field, he's already showing what he's made of, and what leadership looks like. With those gaudy HS numbers, needless to say I want to see him run at Sanford Stadium.
Isn't it great to speculate? Gators and TN will be improved this year, as well as SC. Always great fodder for early season to talk smack. This UGA team has all the elements, just need to put them together.
Based on the transcript that was at this site previously, I don't think there's any doubt that Coach Wade was in an under the table financial arrangement with a recruit. It was a matter of getting the right amount to pay him. That's a given. AZ and other schools are under a cloud until this is resolved. I'd be surprised if Wade is coaching at LSU in 2019.
They should have gone for Holyfield. He'll do well in the NFL
Coach Mullen's personality is a border line smart ass, with some reservations. He can pull himself back when needed. As far as GA v FL goes, FL had their way with the Dogs in the 90s, and into the 2000s but lately we've done well. I can appreciate some smack talk, and feel confident this team this year will prevail. It'll be fun to see Coach squirm after the loss.
Contractually it's true LSU probably had to reinstate Wade while this whole melodrama plays out. All teams walk that line-most never get caught. He did. If he's coaching next season I'd be shocked.
This year's D should be beastly-athletes everywhere. Look forward to seeing Nolan and company make their statement. Go Dogs!!
"Nothing good happens after midnight". Don't know who said it, but it's true. Young men will get in trouble. At least no bloodshed or gun fire. Lol