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Nice try. No they go see Dan Mullet, and crash and burn into oblivion...
We saw this season what you swamp lizards do when you get to the SECchampionship-lose, then lose the bowl game. All bluster and no bite. Taking a sh-- and falling back in it. Final polls-Dawgs # 8,Gaytors-who cares?
This sucks. Hopefully with the decks cleared, guys moving on he'll reconsider?
I like it! JT got things started, and other upper class men coming back as well. Go Dawgs!!
Right. He's still at LSU coaching. This is probably Patrick trying to create some buzz for his show? We'll see soon enough.
"GD America". There's your Rev. Warlock. Leftist, communist. Asshat is a trust fund baby, set up by the left. God help us
True. After Newman's departure a month before the season, Dawgs were in a bit of panic mode, Covid concerns withstanding. Kirby has put quality teams on the field, but is still searching for a silver bullet, to win the big one. CMR has his time, but I would contend our continued great recruiting, and quality coaches will bear better results.
Yep. This will be a gut check for the Dawgs. Issues on the D line, but I believe our depth will come into play. Gators have run hot and cold this crazy year.
With the weather coming in, this will be a tough fight in Athens. TN is on the upswing, and now with Mays in tow they'll be tough. Overall I believe GA will take a close on. A turnover or two would be nice.
Stetson pulled UGA's azz from the fire v. Arky. Better against Auburn. Happy for the young man. The tests become tougher. Keep imitating Karl Malone young man!
The South's oldest rivalry continues. Always smash mouth game, with a dash of controversy. GA is giving 6.5, but Auburn is always a tough test.
Coach Pittman is a class guy, and will do well at Arkansas.He was very instrumental in GA recruiting great O linemen. Thank goodness Stetson stepped up. On to the next...
JT Daniels' value is yet to be determined-in the SEC. Proud of the way Bennett stepped up against Arkansas. Mathis will have his time too. Auburn will be in attack mode should Daniels play. Should be a good one, with the loser on the outside looking in.
After the Newman debacle played out (3 weeks ago or so), I'm proud of GA's ability to come back and finish strong. Now with JT Barrett available, we have even more options. In this the craziest of football seasons, improv is the order of the day.
With Monken and also Cochran, I think the coaching mix in Athens will be exciting. No doubt Cochran was part of Bama's success over the years, as former players have expressed. Glad he's with us. With the new football facility, he'll bring us more credibility and good players. Overall just glad the SEC manned up and proceeded with the season.
This lawyer is trying to stir something up, create an impression that somehow UGA was "toxic"?! BS. His Dad's pinky would disagree, but he was a warrior for us, played different positions well. I hope he gets the waiver, now on appeal. He should be NFL bound next year I suspect.
This is just ridiculous. They just needed a reason apparently to get rid of this guy.
As it is now, with Covid 19 this guy deserved a proper sendoff. Kudos to those who made it happen.
Go away, troll back to your bridge!
Sydney-pass me that red kool aid! I like the way you think. Go Dawgs!!!
Well, the scenario with the missing finger, plus the opportunity to play with his younger brother. Any way it may only be a one year deal, as he'll be a junior next year and may opt for the NFL.
Come along young man. With these guys leaving after their junior years at an increasing rate, a stud like this would be welcome.
You have to give the Vols credit (at this point). After some stumbles, they are on an upward trajectory. The former coach Sgt. Carter had some good classes and success, but it went badly late in his tenure. The battles rage on. We look forward to defending the SEC East-again! Dogs on Top!!
It's true all schools walk that line, and obviously some cross it to get the best recruits. Self reporting is like going to confession, with a heavy heart? The Dawgs have had some historical hiccups in this area (see Jan Kemp) but run a pretty tight ship under Kirby. Let's just hope we have a season!
Good move IMO. With Freeman gone, Falcons' timing worked well. Hope Todd can stay healthy and contribute.
Yep. Was hoping for one good run, FL would have been next.
The question overall has to be-is Saban done? He's been able to keep the last vestiges of his '07 team, now this? Should be fun to watch.
Wow! Needless to say the guy was in demand. Hope he can put us over the top. Woof!
23-5 the last two years?! You can't be serious. The portal and transfers is the new normal. Mays was a bonus player, when TN was scuffling, even more then. You were half right-Kirby SMART. There you go.