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Exactly. Fulmer with 150 wins looks good all this time later. Vols on the upswing.
Should UGA win the SEC East, the same conundrum comes to light-beating Bama at least once, maybe twice including the playoffs? Bama's slip against TX A&M will only make them stronger. I'd like to give kudos to Stetson Bennett who has done yeoman's work this season, without a lot of fanfare. He's done great work. One step at a time.
Kanell did back off some of his contempt? for the SEC in his 10-2 tweet. Arkansas earned their # 8 ranking. All any team can do is beat who's in front of them, right? This is just click bait to an extent. Lots of football left.
Any/all SEC games are a challenge. AR led in '19 until we were able to come back. I suspect this will go into the 4th, tight game. In the end, I think we pull this one out.
I did enjoy seeing Arch in GA red shirt recently. Bama would be a great landing spot for him. It'll be a battle. Come to Athens Arch Manning! There's always room.
That being said, just wonder about Arik Gilbert? Not listed on the active roster now, that I can see. Too bad hope he gets things sorted out, back on the field.
I always like Coach Cochran's fire, even at AL. Our special teams have benefitted from his abilities. Hope he gets things in better order, rejoins the team soon.
Coach Pittman's success at AR not a surprise to me. He keeps things loose, and players love him. This is going to be a tough one in Athens no doubt. Go Dawgs!!
Yep. Early game on Saturday, and Arky is hungry. Fans have to do their part, motivate our team.
Needless to say Coach Pittman has done a helluva job at AR. Beating TX was a good first step, confidence builder. The D they run, with a 3 man rush was interesting, and effective. GA will have to play their best game, run the ball and stop Jefferson to win this one.
This really is a big game-for both teams. Now with UT getting Mays back, and maybe their RB there may be some hope. FL has dominated this series recently, and coming off a loss will really geek them up for this one. I think UT covers, but Gators take it.
After the successful '98 season, and subsequent firing of Fulmer in '08 the Vols have struggled. They will rise in stature again in the SEC East soon, just not this season. FL will be tough after the Bama loss.
Come on now-Clemson is still Clemson, and the Dogs still have to run the SEC East gauntlet and of course Aubie and Arky. Never easy. FL played well on Saturday, but as usual even though not playing their best AL wins it. TN will break some fans' hearts this year, but not GA. Heupel's first taste of the SEC will be a big one.
We need both these guys back. Gilbert may be a no show this season. Lots of good TE, WR options still to come.
It was like old times, beating up on an old SWC foe. Well done Hawgs!!
JTD will be the difference in this game. Clemson as usual will have a tough run/pass game and a stout D. I tend to agree with Clay-Dogs in a close one. Woof!!
Well done Pete Stoddard! DS here. Keep up the good work. Go Dawgs!!
Even with these changes, after last season this is a Top 10 matchup in week 1. Both teams have a big opportunity.
Here's hoping Arik solves these issues, slays the demons and comes back on the field.
Our lineup was gutted, and scattered it seems throughout the SEC. Lots of new names, faces this year. Time to turn the page, play the new schedule tough.
I like your optimism. Let's hope Herschel's running is a harbinger of good things.
I like your optimism. Let's hope Herschel's running is a harbinger of good things.
The Dawgs have the horses at RB-Zeus, Cook, Milton, McIntosh, Edwards etc. We're loaded. With JTD at the helm, I forsee more passing, to set up the run. The SEC now is about "lighting up the scoreboard" not defensive games as before. Clemson game will be a good indicator of where we are. Paging Arik Gilbert? Hope he can figure out his issues...
Will Wade has been caught on tape, basically offering $ to recruit. I wondered how that was going to play. Now, an extension isn't good, and the word "complex". That implies a scheme. I'll be surprised if he's on the sideline next season. Coach O and company-?
Former Coach Ray Goff was an investor/partner at a point. Maybe still is?