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Hmmm. Could have almost said the same thing about what Aggies say about our potential...... That was one horrible football game for this time of year.....
Not going to happen for a while. Texas has other issues they are dealing with, and playing A&M just is not on their radar screen. While for A&M it was a huge rivalry, for Texas it was more than a notch or two below playing OU.
LSU got screwed on that one, sorry about that, really. It was a dumb decision by whomever (SEC?) to force LSU into that deal. Certainly not an LSU like tradition.
Whew, Sumlin is a class act..... who has destroyed the home field advantage at one of the best venues in college ball, mishandled the recruitment / development / retention of not one, not two, not three, but FIVE 4/5 star quarterbacks in less than 4 years (gotta be a record)....... yada, yada, and he got paid well over $30 million for that. Best wishes to Sumlin, I think the fact he wants to go somewhere else has a lot to do with how mercurial his teams have been.
I think the game is declining, one only has to look at the attendance figures for the last decade, especially in the pro ranks. Those of you who think the $$$$ are so great that it will continue (because poor black kids will always be attracted to the economic imperative?) unabated might want to see the negative trends in the economics of the game. When I was in high school, the PAC 12 stadiums were PACKED to the gills, now a less than half full Rose Bowl is considered a good gate, and the population of the country was over 100,000,000 LESS than it is today. Most college teams looking at stadium upgrades are looking to DOWNSIZE the stadium, or only make marginal increases. The SEC is unique in football, it is the ONLY "league" to show an increase (and just barely) in per game attendance over the last 10 years.Nah, football is in trouble, and college ball is facing a lot of looming issues from payment of players, player health, declining interest among younger fans (per capita), changes in advertiser returns, new forms of media competing with the current TV cash cow, yada, yada.Not saying it's dead, but look at what happened to pro ball over the relatively minor protest of "take a knee". Stadiums emptied out. We are a reactionary culture, and football is facing a lot of hard issues that will hit it with a wallop in the pocket book.
What we know he is (has) not focusing on are home games, quarterback development/retention/recruiting..........
And for all you sanctimonious paid commentators who said a couple of weeks ago that Ags owed Sumlin an apology, pound sand. The guy has made $25 plus million for two and a half years of effort over the last five years, and will walk with over $10 million more.
Sumlin checked out two to three years ago. Seriously wonder if the man actually was trying to cash in on that enormous buyout early. Just horrible coaching.
Pig? What a piece of crap you are. The guy was just doing his job, and nothing in his job description says he is a punching bag for a drunk POS. Seems like you are the swine here. The fact the cop was not the same color as the drunk have anything to do with your reaction? Just wondering.......
Auburn also has a coaching staff, A&M..... not so much. Sumlin looked like he was clueless, totally clueless.
Simple answer to the question (seems to me, and no I am not an AD and never played one on TV): Timing and size of buyout.Timing: There is a great line from the movie "Margin Call", "If you go first, its not panicking." UF is an SEC royalty program, and they got money and talent in state, but have a really intrusive booster and admin community (not pleasant for a head coach). UF is not alone in that regard, but if you have that rep, why not be the first to get the word out you are looking, UT and A&M are right behind you...... The longer they take to make the jump, the better the first guy looks.... maybe.Size of buyout: UF got lucky, Mac said something really, really stupid at a press conference (there is probably a pile of small stuff the UF admin has on him that makes the empty death threat comment worse....), and they were able to hammer down the buyout (not sure, but I can play a conspiracy theorist in the safety of online anonymity).At any rate, not a UT fan, but the empty Neyland thing is a bit much for my taste. You are only an undergrad once.....
Not to worry, Sumlin is still the head coach in Aggieland.....
1. It's a business 2. It's almost 13 million 3. We don't know this is true 4. Could be a whole lot more going on than we know aboutOr, could be pathetic.
Well and good, but where is his top 3 for A&M? Feeling no love Booger....
Well, last couple of weeks Ags have been told we owe Sumlin an apology because he looked good in a home loss and beat a bad Florida team, so sure...... Just kidding. Still say the key metric is home record, and Sumlin still has Auburn left at Kyle. Unless he beats Auburn or LSU, it's not looking good.
The current AD got it right. Tell a guy up front you are going to fire him unless he figures out how to coach a team that does not fold after its first loss in a season. Good for him. (and the AD made it clear that it was not just the record that was important, it was how the team played. Amazing an AD would actually say the fight in the players was as important as the record).Sumlin is a good guy. Like him a lot, but giving credit to coaches who make more than $5,000,000 in salaries and bonuses a year for doing their job is almost offensive. Sumlin did not do his job well for three years straight...... and made over $15,000,000 in those three years. At the same time he made some really bad decisions, which is the reason this program had to be turned around.... In other words Herby, the reason the AD called him out, and I agree with the AD doing that, was to publically put a man who has been paid $25,000,000 while shredding one of the best home field records in college football.Sumlin's piss poor performance for three years would have gotten him fired at almost any other SEC venue, except for the astounding buyout the previous two AD's allowed him to negotiate and renegotiate.Some of us Herby can connect the dots. You want to fix failure, you can do what most AD's do and say, "We support our coach," which normally accomplishes nothing, or you can tell the guy you expect him to do his job or you will dump him. And do it publically.
Could it be the A&M player was flipping off his own fans (fans in an A&M section were booing the A&M team coming off the field, hell I'd give them the bird too. If fans boo their own team, the whole team should flip them off....).....Just being sarcastic, your point is absolutely valid. Sometimes commentators just babble on without making sense. Kicking a player off the team for what basically is a 15 yard penalty for bad behavior (was another player targeted, did someone get hurt, was money stolen.........) is about as asinine a position as you can take.
A side note, that was our Alma Mater. Interesting that A&M is one of the few schools where both the alma mater and its "fight song" are written by students, and from a school that was prohibited for decades from offering a degree in music Technically, we don't have a fight song, the Aggie War Hymn was written by an Ag to the beat of German artillery pounding his position for over 30 days in France in WWI. Lyrics were added later in a bar during R&R. He started work on the lyrics after he was pulled out of the line, so it literally is an Aggie's War Hymn from WWI.
A tale of two halfs, really not more than a C- in the first half. Problem for the rest of us, I think the real tigers showed up in the second half...... Pretty good team that played those last 30 minutes.
The good news, the reason most of us watch college football is..... almost anything can happen. Each week, different teams seem to suit up in the same old uniforms. This is going to be an interesting week to sit on the sidelines.
I tried watching the Hogs vs Alabama this week. Just could not do it for long. I will not even try to watch UT get mauled. Alabama is just a beast of a team, and just do not see how UT can keep it interesting. Could not believe my Ags stayed as close for as long.
Man I like playing South Carolina. Their stadium rocks, their students clearly love that place, they are a great fan base to visit (although could we have found a cross divisional team farther away?), and gotta admit, I like Muschamp (did I say that out loud?) Good egg Bentley, hope to see you in action next year.
Ags got something like 5 (?) sacks, 7 tackles in the backfield (not sure, but that sounds about right), so Franks was under a lot of pressure (as was Mond). Neither QB did much, it was a defensive game. Ugly offense from both teams, and both defenses made one glaring error. So, Franks should not be shouldering the blame. It was an ugly but fun game to watch. Crowd in the Swamp was into it, from what I hear the Gators were good hosts.
Thank you. When are these pea brained sports writers ever going to stop over reacting? The jinx is over when you win more games in the second half of the season. Start this jinx is over babble after the second Saturday in November.Amazingly good win for LSU today.
That was unpleasant. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep Sumlin, at least I am comfortable with him as a gentleman.....
Isn't interesting how sports writers and political groups (name one, any one, they are all the same on this issue), here a phrase like moral victory and thank a god of something or other for it, because it just means they don't have to think for a story line. Bama had a bit of an off night and A&M played their best ball since the first half of the season, not sure why every one thinks there is an earth shattering moral imperative in there.I did enjoy the game though, but was puzzled when the next day there was so much nonsensical chatter about Hurts not being as good as, or not the best QB for Bama, yada, yada. Problem is, the guy behind him looks scary as hell.My favorite Bama QB was AJ, one smart, gutsy, talented QB. Loved watching that guy work under pressure.
What have I missed on Franklin? A Gator and a Tiger within 4 minutes lit him up. I am not one looking to change coaches. Not happy with Sumlin up to this point (but he is much better than many options, and he maybe hitting his stride).
I went to both A&M and UF (4 years undergrad at A&M, Masters from UF, before "the Swamp"). Sometimes (certainly not consistently in the last few seasons) the Swamp can be electric, and sometimes in looks like ..... the other thing. Not sure how the Gator fans are going to be for this game, but if the Swamp is lit and A&M does not do much to calm it down..... it could be a bit uglier than I expect.I agree with you though, this one is just not one I'm going to predict. Ags are coming off a very hard fought, emotional loss. Those are hard to bounce back from if the team is not tight. What I saw in the last few minutes of last week makes me think this team has jelled as a group. That could be just wishful thinking. UF has just had one of the worst, and I mean worst years with suspensions, but for half their games, they have fought really well on one side of the ball. That is tough on a team's dynamics.It could be weird, A&M after an Alabama loss shows up clicking and fired up, while the Gators after blowing one to an seriously out of sync LSU team at home coming, are demoralized. It could be just the reverse.Something tells me it is the team that can break the other's defense. UF has a killer spirit on D, but is a pitiful shadow of what they are famous for putting up with on O. I don't know, but my sense is, A&M wins, and wins well. My UF family (two brothers undergrad at UF) just have given up on trying to figure this out. We will watch this one together, we'll see which side reaches for the drink first, and who laughs last.I am looking forward to this game though. Gig 'em team.