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My wife, who doesn’t follow football - at all - heard something on the TV and asked ”… is there really a coach named “Jimbo”…?
Well, darn. But I think this SEC thing is gonna be fun. And y’all gonna have a good time in Austin. BTW, how did Jimbo do today?
Tim: sounds tedious. But I hear it’s a great venue. In fact, I look forward to exploring all the SEC home sites, aside from one. (Have you been to Collie Station?) Some buddies and I went to the UT / Ole Miss game several years ago. The Grove was as great as its reputation promised, and the people were welcoming and fun as hell. I think Austin will prove to be fun trip for our new SEC brethren. Can’t wait to have y’all over here.
Do you love the Kars4Kids jingle, and always turn up the radio and sing along? That’s how much you’ll love “Boomer Sooner,” which the OU band plays plays continually, as though on a loop, throughout the game.