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These are largely good options. Although i wouldn't argue him as the "most underrated" SEC player, perhaps the "most underappreciated" player that i enjoyed watching was UGa Center David Andrews! He was very smart and made the most of his physical skills; so well, in fact, that even though UNDRAFTED, he also managed to make a considerable contribution to the Patriots' success (though, again, i know that is NOT the precise focus of this article). As one who played O-line--even Center--and understands not only how underappreciated O-linemen are--and how important a Center's judgment/leadership is to the success of a team--i really loved watching David Andrews (and still miss him between the hedges)!
Amen and amen, and icing on the cake for Jake...!!
Personally, i think a competitive Tennessee is really good for the SEC, especially for the SEC East, which needs to be more than a 2-horse race.
It ain't the first time you had to prove yourself! The NFL will come to "Respect the Specs!"
Of this group, i'd say the Top Ten surprises (in order) are Rodrigo Blankenship, Nick Coe, Michael Divinity, Thaddeus Moss, J R Reed, Rico Dowdle, Marquez Callaway, Lawrence Cager, Tyler Clark, and Jared Pinkney
This is setting up a great redemption story: next the Bills get Rodrigo, and this dynamic duo gets the Bills their first Super Bowl victory!! And we all shuffle off to Buffalo, happily ever after...!
Not sure if it has already been suggested, but how about adding two Officials--one on each sideline--to inspect any player who comes off "injured," and if the Official deems that the player was feigning injury, the Official gets to INFLICT that injury on the player...!? Just kidding.
Time will tell on all these guys. To me, Bo Nix seems like a real leader, and i expect him to have a good year.
My apologies to Smucker's Jelly ("With a name like Smucker's, it's got to be good"), but with aname like BROCK VANDAGRIFF, he's GOT to be good: the passing of Norm VAN BROCKLIN, and going yard (between the hedges) like Fred McGRIFF!
in that TD drive in the video, the TD was a pass to the TE! That may match UGa's total TE TD'S FOR 2019. May be close to TE TARGETS FOR 2019. Personally, i think NEW OC is bigger factor than NEW QB