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Tim Tebow was a great college player who didn't pan out at all in the NFL. Doug Flutie won a heisman and was hardly what one would consider to be a "great NFL QB". While there are of course plenty of college athletes who go on to great NFL careers, the vast majority don't.
....and who cares if he ever plays a down in the NFL? If you're a UGA fan.....rejoice in what that young man did in 2021. Rejoice in a young man who in his words..."worked hard, kept his mouth shut and believed in himself"
The point is that UGA didn't accomplish more with Fields as Bennett led UGA to a decisive win in the NC game against Alabama while Fields warmed the bench. At the end of the day it ain't about the number of stars....it's about who can (as we used to say in the Navy) "do what must be done and do the deed".
What else does Bennett have to do? Cure Cancer? I mean all he did in 2021, was lead the dogs to a national championship with guts, gile, courage and hard work. In Smart's place there's virtually no way I'd even consider starting someone ahead of him in 2022.
Wish him well. Surprised he didn't follow that "train" of kids to UCF to be with Gus Malzahn, but evidently he had an offer in 2020, from USC and decided to "go west to seek his fortune".
I think this AU team is the best basketball team ANY of us have ever seen. Pearl has done a great job at AU. Even in his first year when AU had literally nothing he got those kids to work their butts off to get into incredible shape and took that overachieving bunch to the SEC tournament final where they lost to a vastly superior UK team, but everyone really respected the effort and drive they played with.
Gotta wonder what his "asking price"....I mean NIL contract requirements will be and who if anyone is willing to cough up the money.
Hopefully to a really good team with a solid organization. McCreary's a fine young man.
Finebaum definitely jumps the fence on a near bi-weekly basis, but always for the purpose of kissing someone's butt.
As hard as it is to comprehend this article's lack of insightfulness let alone even basic common sense is an insult to the "geniuses" who typically watch the View.
There's a reason why they call it the "way too early top-25". Having read the "list" I think it should've been called the "way too ridiculous top-25". I think Oklahoma, USC, Miami, Texas and South Carolina are ranked way too high.
Everyone but the coaches and players on the UGA's football team who KNEW what they had in Stetson.....a leader and a man.
Hardly. UGA outplayed, out-fought and out-coached Alabama tonight. The game was hard fought and well played by both teams and ultimately won in the trenches by UGA. Congrats to UGA.
Herbstreit can get annoying. He's a big step down from the days of Frank Broyles or Paul Maguire. Personally I prefer the guys on the SEC network to Herbstreit, but that's my preference.
IMHO it was a great game. It was an old fashioned SEC game where two excellent teams lined up and settled things in the trenches. It was like a flashback to the 1980's.
Couldn't the same be said of what happened to Bryce Young in the 1st Qtr? I was shocked that since they didn't call it a fumble that they also didn't call it intentional grounding. In the end I think the better team won a very hard fought and well played game. Congrats to Dawg fans and UGA.
Does that apply to MMA, Wrestling or boxing? If you want helmet to helmet contact taken out of the game then go back to soft leather helmets, iron-man football, and Offensive lineman not being allowed to extend their arms and you'll see the size of players decrease substantially, option offenses return, helmet to helmet hitting come to an end and the game return to the 1930's and 1940's.
For 60 years players were taught to use their helmets and to see what they hit. Frankly I agree with him about "targeting". For heaven's sake...it's football. If you don't want to get hit....don't put on the pads and play. Sometime look at games from the 1980's and 1990's.....trememdous hits (often made with the crown of the helmet) were part of what coaches called "contact football" and weren't made maliciously. That kind of hitting was part of the game.
If Harbaugh does leave it would make sense for Michigan to go after him hard.
Yes he was. He was the coach that Meyer replaced. Meyer kept him on staff because the kids at OSU loved him and he's a really good recruiter. Fickell has done a great job at UC
You can't love college football and not be happy for that young man. Young men like that epitomize everything great about college football. He's been under fire all year from people who quite frankly don't know what they're talking about and yet through it all he persevered, grew up and handled it all like a man. Kids like Bennett are why football coaches love coaching.
Nix left because he knew he'd have to compete in an open competition for the starting job at QB and quite frankly he didn't like that Harsin has been pretty blunt about the fact that while he's got great athletic ability, and he's as tough as they come....his decision making needs to be improved significantly. I wish Bo the best at Oregon, but I have a ton of respect for kids like Stetson Bennett who stick it out and like the young man said...."work hard, keep your mouth shut, and believe in yourself".
He's in that group from 2020, who all got that "extra" year of eligibility so we'll have to wait and see what he chooses to do.
Young is a fine QB that when given time can take a defense apart as he did just about everybody in the SEC and college football in 2021. However, as was shown by Auburn, LSU and UGA (tonight) he doesn't do well when subjected to pressure. In the SECCG UGA only rushed 3 or 4 and Young dismantled UGA. In the NC UGA sent a minimum of 5 and quite often 6 and got quite creative in how they sent them and the result was Young was rattled.
The young man definitely stepped up as did UGA's defense. Those two TD passes in the 4th Qtr won the game. Great ending for a great kid who walked on, stuck with it and made his dreams come true.