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Freeze should've taken a more active role in bowl preparation for a very important game for AU going forward to build momentum going into next year.
Pruitt is a cancer. Don't believe that? Just ask folks who are familiar with Tennessee's program and what went on there. AU is better off in every way hiring Chip Kelly.
Ron Roberts needs to go. That 4th and 31 at the Iron Bowl was nothing short of abysmal as was the complete inability to set a defensive edge against NMSU, and the inability to hold a 4th quarter lead against UGA or Bama. As for bowl "performance", that was an embarrassment. Time to hire Chip Kelly to be DC.
Obviously Arizona didn't get that memo. The Wildcats were one of the absolute feel good stories this year in College Football. Talk about a bunch that never gives up and finds ways to win. What a turnaround from a couple years ago when they won what....1 game.
Exactly! Alabama or Michigan annihilate FSU....even at Full Strength. After all that whining they did about "being left out" FSU sure showed it's "character" or lack thereof with all those opt-outs. Whatever happened to loyalty? Whatever happened to backing up that B.S. FSU was laying down about how they "belonged in the CFP"? I think they "opted out" because they knew they were going to get shelled by UGA.
Brett might want to cut back on the bong before writing articles. Michigan and Alabama played a great football game. Had FSU tangled with Michigan FSU would taken an epic beating reminiscent of the epic beating they took from UGA in the Orange Bowl.
I hope so. Chiz is a great guy and good coach, but ultimately there are two kinds of coaches....ones who've been fired and ones who are going to get fired. He'd be a major improvement for AU at DC over "what" they currently have.
Hasn't Michigan beaten OSU the last 3 years in a row? Isn't Michigan something like 39-3 over the last three years?
Another group that deserves a lot of recognition for Michigan was their interior D-Line. Those two DT's were dominant and disruptive. That #55 for Michigan is a beast and I suspect half of those bad snaps were due to Alabama's center's focus on him.
Alabama made some really good adjustments at the half, but Michigan just simply was the more physical team and that (at least to me) was a shock. Alabama had some adventures snapping the ball, but Michigan had similar adventures on special teams. Michigan proved that if you can get to Milroe....you can really throw a monkey wrench into his game and Michigan got to him 5 times in the first half alone. Finally, Alabama was susceptible to the run. The Iron Bowl proved that as Auburn ran at will against Alabama. Michigan took full advantage of that. Overall...a great college football game right out of the 1980's. Both teams played really hard.
Bingo! Remember how hard the kids played in 2022, for Coach Cadillac? Makes me think they should've ditched Harsin after the Penn St. game and turned things over to Cadillac. Disclaimer here.....was never in favor of hiring Bryan Harsin in the first place. Thank the thankfully departed Alan Greene for that one. That bowl performance makes me wonder what AU would've gotten had they taken a chance and hired Cadillac. Yes....I know Freeze is a proven commodity and that he's won everywhere he's been, but that bowl game was an embarrassment.
I suspect he will be as his stats need a lot of work to get drafted.
1. Freeze needs to get rid of that joke of a Defensive Coordinator. Who can forget the Last play of the Iron Bowl when that genius chose to rush....2 yes 2 people. Milroe had enough time back there to order from Dominos. 2. Freeze needed to realize that he inherited a team that could really run the ball and not try to jam a "balanced offense" square peg in a "running team" round hole. He completely failed to develop Robbie Ashford. In fact Ashford took steps backward this year. It ain't like Thorne was exactly the second coming of Joe Montana either, but he's more athletic than many thought. 3. Freeze ought to call the plays, but the inability of Auburn's defense to hold on in big games against UGA and Bama and Ole Miss cost Auburn a 9 win season. I won't even go into that abortion that was NMSU where Auburn showed the whole country what happens when you don't set any kind of defensive edge. 4. Finally.......I've got to wonder how much "better" AU was with Freeze as opposed to simply hiring Cadillac Williams. Yes...I know Freeze is the proven commodity, but when you look at how Williams picked a group of dejected, and downtrodden young men up in 2022, and gave a ranked MSU all the wanted losing in double overtime, and giving Alabama all they wanted in the Iron Bowl with an option offense where AU didn't make any bones about the fact that they were going to run the ball down your throat you've got to wonder what Cadillac could've done. 5. Figure out, as others have posted, that great football teams are built along the lines of scrimmage. Until AU gets that straightened out....get used to 6-6 and 7-5 and losing bowl games.
Very cool story. Hope the family has a great holiday season.
Really? What about that kid from LSU who won the Heisman Trophy again? What was his name? Jayden Daniels ring a bell? Before mouthing off about Alabama getting wiped out by UW.......UW needs to beat a very good Texas team in the Sugar Bowl.
"Woulda, coulda, shoulda"...the saddest words in the English language along with "what if". What did happen is that Auburn couldn't field a punt that gave Alabama the ball deep in Auburn territory. What did happen is that on 4th and 31, Auburn chose to rush 2...yes 2 people so Milroe had enough time in the pocket to order pizza from Papa John's and AU lost a very close game in a heart breaking manner.
That there's only been one instance where the refs messed up is quite refreshing given what a poor overall job officials have done overall the last few college football seasons. Gotta wonder if the "rapid decline" in quality of officiating has any correlation with legalized sports betting. Hopefully not....but one does wonder.
After all the whining and moaning FSU and their fans did about being left out of the playoff, for them to have a "mass exodus" and allow their team to take a 60 point beatdown was irony in its purest form and well deserved by FSU and their fans.
I don't agree with the idea that the NFL is a better product, but I do think that this "opt out" stuff is absolutely lame. Whatever happened to loyalty to your school and your teammates? Well.....money happened and since players are essentially being paid to play, their only loyalty is to whoever or whatever offers them the most money. It's like unlimited free agency...something that NFL owners would never allow. IMHO opinion the best way to stop "opt outs" is to hit them in the wallet. Perhaps schools should add a provision in their scholarship agreements that if a kid opts out of a bowl game he is required to immediately pay back the costs associated with his scholarship with regard to total amount of tuition (at out of state rates), board, books, food, tutoring, fees, etc..... within 3 days of opting out and that he will be removed from school immediately and have no access to the school for "pro days". I realize that there are NIL deals worth well over $1 million, but the vast majority are not and all of these kids count on pro days at the various schools to get the attention of NFL scouts if they're not at the combine.
Wish him well, but he's not exactly a big loss.
Awesome to see the hard work and sacrifice of young men who are walk-ons pay off.
I sure hope not, but if the "powers that be" at Auburn have doubts I suspect they won't hesistate to pull the trigger on Freeze and give Cadillac a chance.
Like the old saying goes "when you have two quarterbacks you don't have a quarterback". Freeze is determined to shove that square peg into a round hole by trying to make AU a "passing team". Anybody else remember when every other year Gus Malzahn did the same thing? At the end of last year under Cadillac Williams, AU just ran the ball. Didn't care if everyone on earth knew they were running it....they just lined up in 2 back sets (with 2 more in the slots) and just jammed the ball down the throats of Miss St. (second half), A&M, Western KY, and even Bama for more yards that anyone has gained on the ground against Saban. That's the team Auburn has and IMHO that team beats A&M in a close game, keeps the ball away from UGA and wins that one, keeps it very close and has a chance to beat LSU in the 4th Qtr, and beats Ole Miss. Is Freeze a good coach? Well......he's had success everywhere he's been because he's renowned as a really good recruiter and an offensive guru. However, as I've said before, I think AU should've gone with Cadillac Williams. Why? Look at the depths he lifted those young men up from last year. Look at the ferocity and heart they played with and the fight they showed. What he did with those young men reminded me a lot of what Coach Dye did in 1981. Both are molders of men and are loved by their players even though they're both extremely tough on their players. Yes...IMHO had AU gone with Cadillac AU would likely still be in a veer type offensive attack, but I also think that AU's record would be no worse than 5-2 or even 6-1 and any team that beat them would know they'd been in a knife fight in a phone booth.
Exactly! Great teams are built along the lines of scrimmage.
Thanks to the efforts of Coach Rodney Garner. He's as good as it gets when it comes to coaching D-Linemen. Auburn should've held on to Garner after Malzahn was fired.
Mizzou looked really impressive beating down UK in Lexington on Saturday night. Mizzou just needs to make sure Spencer Rattler is contained and harassed for 4 quarters because if he's given even decent time he can really hurt you and Carolina will play good special teams.
That is the $64 question. As for UT, the addition of Rodney Garner as D-Line coach is paying dividends. He's an outstanding coach whose kids always play fast, ferocious and have excellent technique. It will be the opposite of last year's epic shoot-out.
I think Tennessee can give UGA a good game, but I don't see Tennessee beating UGA and as for Ole Miss, I think UGA will win that one too, but it won't be a "rout". I think folks at Alabama and Georgia should start thinking about Atlanta.