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Character issues are a big factor when an NFL team is considering investing millions in a potential player. When a guy opts out the week of the season opener he is labeled a POS and it is impossible to live that down without playing.
Mason is a good man and a good coach. I don't think Vandy can do better. I hate to see him go
What's this jerk have against Carson Beck? He acts like the highly touted freshman doesn't exist
May those refs burn in Hell. How much did Saban pay them?
Danielson is a bad joke. He is soooo gay for Nick Saban
You stand a better chance of being in a fatal crash on the way to a game than you do of dying from the coronavirus. Suck it up buttercup and quit hiding under your beds. I prefer to live my life rather than cower in fear.
For his sake I hope he doesn't come back. He has proven that he is made of glass and won't last long in the NFL but he would still be the 2nd QB taken in this year's draft. Another season in the SEC could cripple him and as a result he would never get that fat NFL paycheck. In my opinion, he should get his money while he can. Alabama will be fine without him. They have an awesome program. Why risk limping for the rest of his life without ever getting paid for his awesome arm?
Tonight proved that UGA does not belong in the playoffs and we never will again in the Kirby Smart era unless he cleans house and hires some competent offensive coaches. We have 4 and 5 stars at every position and they play like 2 stars. That's completely on the coaching staff.
This game has been called the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party far longer than the author of this article suggests. My first visit to this game was in 1980 and it's name was well established at that point.
SDS always underestimates UGA and its players. Putting Floyd at 20 is a joke. Your mock stinks.
I left out at home after play Florida because I was so mad
So sick of bozos on this site that are completely ignorant. UGA does not play Florida this or any other year. The game is played in the gator bowl every year, except for the two years when it was being renovated decades ago. Get a clue, please
I thought bama fans met their mates at family reunions.
This site is about selling ads period. They don't know squat about Georgia football nor do they care. They also don't check facts or anything else.
I don't know that I have ever seen a more inept college coordinator. But on the bright side his hiring was the straw that broke the camel's back and we finally got rid of mediocre Mark.
My thoughts exactly. I wonder why I ever read anything on this site. They don't keep up with UGA and usually get the facts wrong
I, like all true SEC homers, hope that Bama blows out Clemson. But why should anyone give a damn what this doddering old fool thinks? He is an embarrassment to us all. I cringe when I find out cbs is carrying a UGA game. During the Bama v tenn game he kept calling teen's coach Butch John. He really needs to be put out to pasture.
This guy doesn't know crap. First, if you can't even get your facts right why should anyone care about your opinion? Richt was 1-3 against Saban not 0-3. If he can't remember the OT game in Tuscaloosa where we ran one offensive play, a td from Stafford to Green, hehe knows absolutely nothing about UGA football. Secondly, it wasn't that Richt lost big games. We didn't even compete in big games. Two of our three loses this year were absolute blow outs. Richt became a guaranteed no show in big games. Lastly, Richt had zero management skills. If he hired poorly we were stuck with that coach until his death. If Richt truly loved his players then he should have been able to fire incompetent assistants. Once again SDS has an ignorant writer post a column about something he knows nothing about. Way to keep up the hack "journalism"
Before Larry Munson retired it was common for Dawg fans to turn off the TV sound and crank up the radio broadcast. The radio is slightly ahead of the TV but it was worth it. With these baffoons on TV I find that listening to the radio broadcast while watching on TV is very popular again. Advertisers should be told that nobody is listening to their commercials because it's too painful to be forced to endure those two hacks.
It's not necessary to get me anything for Christmas. I believe we just got an awesome coach and better times are upon us.
While I'm not as upset, I have to agree. Richt told his players one thing and did another. Clearly he would make an ordinary politician. What always made me quite angry about Richt was how he allowed inept coaches stay on at UGA. The huge lie was how he loved his players but was too lazy to make sure that they had adequate instruction to achieve their goals. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Pruitt took over the abomination that Grantham left (worst UGA defense in almost every category in history) and turned it into a top ten defense. We were #1 against the pass this year! I keep hearing about how intelligent Kirby Smart is so I don't want to believe that he would be stupid enough to let Pruitt go anywhere. Also, I've never met Muschamp, but from what I've seen, he seems to be hot headed and immature. Do we really want our DC to spaz out on the sidelines? He looks like he's going to have a stroke half the time. Pruitt has way more class
Many will point to the hiring of Schottenhimer as the reason Richt got fired but that was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Richt did hire inept assistants from time to time but his fatal flaw was allowing bad hires to continue dragging the program down. Everyone makes a bad hire from time to time, but by keeping a bad hire on the payroll is ridiculous. How long did Willie Martinez stay as DC? It was evident from day one that he was in over his head. We got rid of Todd Grantham when he heard the fan base screaming for his head and he took another job. How many years would Richt have allowed shot to ruin our offense and waste the college careers of wonderful athletes? Richt is a wonderful person but a horrible manager. He does not have what it takes to run a major program because he rufuses to fire bad hires. Period.
Richt hired a complete moron for our OC this year and rightfully so it cost him his job.
Hiring crappy coordinators and letting them stay on doomed him. Willie Martinez and Todd Grantham were bad but Schottenhimer was the worst hire Richt ever made. Hopefully our next coach can hire competent assistants. Shot is why Richt was fired
Richt is a good face for the program but he has to get better at hiring assistants. And, as every good manager knows, don't get too close to the help. He is way too slow to cast off employees who don't get the job done. If I ran my business like Richt I'd be broke and homeless
Mushburger clearly hasn't been paying any attention. Richt has been traveling around the country visiting prospects and making damn sure everybody knows about it. These are the actions of a man who wants to secure continued employment as UGA head coach. Now let's hope he has the good sense to hire a competent OC and fire shot
Each week the offense forgets more of what they knew last year. I am so sick of crappy offensive coaching. Luckily our scheduling has us facing weaker defenses. All I want for Christmas is a real offensive coordinator
Shot is horrible. The talent difference between the teams but our OC's inability to use it is unbelievable
Shot is a bad joke. With each game I see our offense get worse. If Richt thinks more of this complete moron that he hired than he cares about Georgia football then we cannot let Richt come back for another year. Period. It would be a slap in the face for every player, student, alumnus and fan if shot is allowed to continue running this program into the ground