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So, if UGA loses to LSU Florida will likely be ranked ahead of UGA despite not winning their division - again - and losing to UGA - again. The good news is that means they go to New Orleans.
I agree with you that SCar clearly has some talented people - athletes many schools wanted and who perform at a high level. Anyone who watched them play Alabama saw that. And they're backed against the wall so they will play hard and I expect them to make a fight of it. But they have the same issue as Tenn faced - much like Bama UGA has so many athletes, and so much depth, it's hard for SCar to go 60 minutes against the Dawgs. Kirby Smart has changed the equation in the SEC East with his recruiting success - it's hard for Scar, Tenn, etc. to close the gap when he keeps stacking up top 1 or 2 recruiting classes.
I am not a Tenn or J Pruitt fan - to the contrary, actually, but I think your article is incorrect regarding Pruitt's actions. IMO he didn't cross any lines and, faced with the same call I think every head coach in the SEC would do the same and (lightly) try to see if a non-arrest solution was possible. Pruitt didn't browbeat, threaten or try to bribe the policeman - he asked some leading questions and advocated for his player. I'd expect every parent/coach to do the same. That said, I totally agree with you that Pruitt shouldn't be the one fielding these kinds of calls. Every team has a designated "call me when there's any trouble" guys on their staff. A head coach shouldn't be put in that position; the exposure is way too high. I also wonder if the strength of the public reaction would have been the same if the Vols were 3-1 instead of 1-3?
And you didn't even get to linebackers Nolan Smith and Nakobe Dean, both of whom are creating havoc and pushing to become starters plus CB Tyrique Stevenson, who some think may be the best athlete on the team and is also pushing to start. CKS recruiting has been ridiculous and it's starting to pay off with incredible depth.
Which will make that ranking tough to achieve. 10-2 would be a huge year for y'all. How about SCjr playing five of the top 11, including #1, 2 and 3?