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I do realize that the majority of the people that will read this won't get it, I'm just interested in the entertainment factor of the replies that will be posted.
I know I am just an old fart, but it is sad today that a tremendous amount of people actually believe that LAWS don't matter. Worse yet these young players don't realize that it doesn't matter what the standard is for the average campus student.It is also sad that anyone thinks that you have to be arrested before doing something illegal is considered wrong, or a black eye to the University. (Being photographed doing it is evidence enough, and don't start the argument that he may just be holding it, he wasn't tipping it back, or it could have been empty or unopened. There were people there that would like to see the Bulldogs drug through the mud that would speak up if needed)Another sad thing is that this probably won't be addressed by the SEC unless they feel Georgia is improving to the point that they might jeopardize the chances of an undefeated West team reaching National Champion status.The fact of the matter, is that it is just plain stupid for someone that has put in the kind of effort to reach this point in his sports life, to do anything to put his efforts or the efforts of his team / coaches / recruiting staff / front office / etc at risk.....So there you go..... have a beer or 12 no problem right