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I agree, leak and tebow are more similar to what trask and emory jones did this year
Don't kid yourselves.. if Mullen doesn't beat Georgia this year then talks of hot seat will start.
Why is it every florida article is loaded with georgia fan comments.. How can this specific article be any interest to you?? I just dont get it..
Mullen has his flaws. We saw many "WTF" play calls from him that made absolutely no sense this season. From a 40k foot view, Florida is on the right track but there are still areas that are unproven that Mullen needs to execute.. First being a win against GA.
None of this matters. We all know that despite the status of each team going in, cocktail party is never really predicable. We've seen it go either way too many times, its the best part of rivalries.
As a UF alum and fan, we hate him because he beat us every year. As a CFB fan, he had a fantastic Georgia career and I think he'll be decent at the next level. Good article.
LSU gets better and better every game. I think the would drop 60+ on us at this point in the season.. I'm out on that
Oklamhoma should've never even been in this game, clearly not the #4 team. There are at least 3 SEC teams that would've put up a better fight.. LSU is phenomenal and will put clemson in its place.
Paul Finebaum is complete moron.. I wish he would cover some other conference instead of the SEC
I just dont understand why you are even reading UF vs Vandy articles, especially since they are so boring... Must be a secret fascination
I dont think he thought that one through
Paul Finebaum is a moron. Shame on SDS for even repeating his mouth diarrhea.