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I agree.. as a long time gator, I don't have a comfortable feeling on the immediate future of the program. The FL/Ga 44-28 win doesnt really mean anything at this point
good comment until the end there... gators need to focus on ourselves rather than try to put other people down.
marco wilson has been absolute trash and a liability all season. He should be "encouraged" to transfer.
I'll take a big NO on that one. I will give credit to Georgia, their defense is firing on all cylinders.. scary
Grantham skated by the last two years.. he inherited a stout defense (and still blew it a couple times) and now that they're gone, he's exposed.
Well, I'm certainly not a troll so let's keep the playground name calling at bay. I'm surprised you can't see the light humor in that simple joke.. I can agree that are checks on our freedom when it affects other people but I think this situation isn't so black and white as your examples and a bit more delicate. Bully you're probably right, I could be off on the exact fallacy term here but I think the point is clear. Regardless, no one says we have to agree on this but it was fun debating.
Simply put, you're passing off similar argument points that are not truly related and inferring the same conclusion (passing it off as truth to this argument). I think you need to read back what you wrote, because your contradicting yourself here with those last two comments. Take a deep breath, relax, engage in some impaired desire next time you find yourself at last call.
Your argument is a logical fallacy but you know what the constant is in your ridiculous examples? Malicious intent to harm another human being. If you can't see the difference then you just can't be helped.
That analogy is not comparable at all and you know it. My main point was the gov't gave back the power to the schools to make there own informed decisions. UF will more than likely still limit the amount of people and enforce social distancing, and that's fine but it was their decision. Just like you make the decision who comes in your home.
Allowing people and organizations to be free to make there own decisions means he's an idiot? Stay home if you're not comfortable. Also, masks work right so shouldn't be a problem.
Same, ready to drive some beers into this gut and watch some SEC football
How's he a UGA legend if he never played a snap..?
Youre a fkn moron. sounds like youre due for a good beating.. Keep making GA fans look bad
I agree, leak and tebow are more similar to what trask and emory jones did this year
Don't kid yourselves.. if Mullen doesn't beat Georgia this year then talks of hot seat will start.
Why is it every florida article is loaded with georgia fan comments.. How can this specific article be any interest to you?? I just dont get it..
Mullen has his flaws. We saw many "WTF" play calls from him that made absolutely no sense this season. From a 40k foot view, Florida is on the right track but there are still areas that are unproven that Mullen needs to execute.. First being a win against GA.
None of this matters. We all know that despite the status of each team going in, cocktail party is never really predicable. We've seen it go either way too many times, its the best part of rivalries.
As a UF alum and fan, we hate him because he beat us every year. As a CFB fan, he had a fantastic Georgia career and I think he'll be decent at the next level. Good article.