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We are about 10 years away from changing the "old boy" network narrative. Next year we will be picked 3rd or 4th in the East with Florida and probably Tennessee ahead of us...maybe even South Carolina or Mizzou as well. You must not let this discourage you...Mark Stoops uses this to his advantage.
We have an indoor facility, but share it with the track teams. It is not a full size football field nor is the track regulation size...so I guess you could say from that perspective...we are without an indoor facility.
Last year's weather was not awful...that was two years ago in Athens. 79 and sunny for the 11 point loss...monsoon for the 21 point loss in Athens
I'm still having a hard time understanding how we lose 14-3 last year and are a 22 point dog this year. We are significantly better than last year. Did UGA add that much more talent? I really am interested in everyone's opinion on this. We were 4-6 in the SEC and lost by 11 to UGA. How is it we are going to get demolished this year?
I suppose we won't even fly down there then...since Vol_for_life guarantees a loss. We have a bye week following so two weeks off will really help.
@2RomaniansAndATruck You must be a sportswriter...that is the same blather they have been publishing for years...get your head out of your
This comment makes no sense...this is Hal Mumme logic. Defense and special teams contribute to, or detract from winning and losing...do they not? If I score 41 but give up 42 should I be ranked higher than a team that scores 20 and gives up 13?
Actually this Kentucky team is collectively more talented than the 2018 team. Granted Florida is more talented as well and Mullen's system is now fully implemented. Conversely Kentucky's recent offensive woes (can't pass) appear to be over, at least schematically. If Will Levis gets hot...
Ox is listed as 6'1" and 318 pounds...there is no way that is true. He is either a lot taller or a lot lighter or his bones are made of lead.
WhooooHoooo! 2 Kentucky guys...who would have thunk it? Not to mention Darian Kinnard isn't on the list and will probably be a name to remember as well. I've been a UK football fan for over 40 years (condolences appreciated) and predict that the next 10 will completely change the narrative. Structurally, I'm not sure we can ever be Alabama due to our recruiting base, however we can be close. I'm fairly sure that the days of inviting UK to homecoming are over.
Wasn't it determined that Adam James was not locked in a shed and that his dad Craig, then an ESPN on-air personality, was overzealous in his efforts to get Leach fired. I also remember that TT was on the hook for a significant bonus payout if Leach stayed. You can interview a sample of any group of players at any university and find those who don't like the coach. Regardless, Leach is one of the great football minds of our time. He is the brains behind the air raid and not Hal Mumme (who often gets the credit).