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Hailz can’t help it. I feel his pain. There’s a ton of history here what scares him. Mississippi State was once Mississippi A&M. Texas A&M has been the Farmers and then (and now) the Aggies. Mississippi A&M has been the Farmers, the Aggies, the Maroons, and now the Bulldogs. [How one could choose the Bulldogs when there was already a Bulldogs in one’s conference is truly beyond me]. They’re our Mississippi cousins. We are from Texas. They were and are the most offended we are in THE SEC. And then there is the Jackie Sherrill connection. Not to mention Emory Bellard. A ton could be written on this. From the onset– from the get go– they’ve been bound and determined to best us. They’ve done a jam up good job... But those days are gone. The writing's on the wall. Texas A&M is going to be beating Mississippi A&M 8 to 9 years out of 10 for the foreseeable future...
My Gosh. I just rolled that cheap plastic wheel on my mouse from top of this thread to bottom and back to top and now that wheel has rolled under the refrigerator and my right index finger needs ibuprofen. This is the first major college football break after Bama's slaughtering them yankees and it is about the worst one I've been forced to reckon with and digest since maybe my time began. WTF is going here, Tennessee? I just thank GOD y'all's state (of affairs) was infinitely less crazy, muddled, and befuddled when we Texans were needing to regain freedom from Santa Anna 166 years ago.
Really sound science. Kudos. Given all this why would UT itself publish its own sins and misdemeanors? Given its special place in the world of college football recruiting why should this institution lambaste itself so publicly and voluntarily ("pun" of whatever intended)? ??? Butch Jones is a moron. A lot of crap went south when he sold his "I might be a retard but I'm worth millions of dollars" Forest Gump butt self to them.
I've spent 40 of the last 50 years within 220 miles of College Station and I have NEVER seen as much snow as I did yesterday. On my ranch just east of Huntsville, Texas we got 3.4 inches. College Station got close to six if I'm not mistaken. In 50 years of East Texas living I don't recall our ever getting more than maybe 1.5".
If just a couple of O Linemen come back and take on coaching roles would be huge. Haynes King under Jimbo's tutelage could be glamorous. (If not this year then the next and the next...) Linebacker has been plaguing me. Not a single one in this year's recruiting class. Leaves me wondering if Elko is inventing the 5-1-5 Defense. ? All in all I have to think given the toughness and "team-ness" exhibited this year our hosses could beat everyone perhaps but Alabama next year IF Haynes King meets 60% of his potential.
Abjectly positive, 88. Ags went 9-1 this year with an all SEC schedule (+ Orange Bowl) and NO deep threat wide receiver after the 3rd game. Digest this, every body.
Nope. Disagree. Thanks to Jimbo and staff and the players' buying in we're now looking at an Aggie program that a normal LSU, Auburn, etc., CAN NOT destroy. This in a nutshell is what we're celebrating...
Come on, Gig'em. Give him a break. It's obvious HailzBullyYall is a 15 year old kid in Jackson where one can't get a McDonald's employee to take an order. He's doing the best he can. It's not his fault. His older sister is probably gorgeous.
Hey, Bro, think about it: If you were Georgia wouldn't you be hating on A&M? For several seasons they were the 2nd best team in the SEC. Now they're 3rd, and they never ever got to be 1st. Feelin' sorry for them dawgs am I. I can't hate them.
Unless something unforeseen happens Alabama is NOT going to blow us out next season. I'm not saying we're going to beat them, but I'm definitely looking forward to being at THAT game at Kyle. A lot of Georgia, Florida, and (of course) LSU fans chiming in on this thread. A lot of "We want to be the 2nd best football team in the SEC" fans, in other words. Well, guess what? We're the 2nd best football team in the SEC tonight. Deal with it or don't. Doesn't matter.
A) I'm just glad [OK, I'm SUPER STOKED] that Camron Buckley is coming back in 2021. B) Regarding Kellen [Mond]: Kellen's coming back could mean nothing less than greatness. Let Jimbo figure out who should quarterback. Can you not imagine the potential greatness of Kellen Mond another year?!
I've been wondering where the hell you were ALL YEAR, Demond. By nature I am not a gossip. I don't go to sites nor tv shows where folks are talking about such. But after the 3rd game of the year (Florida) I was texting my dad, "Where the hell is Dumas?" and such. We old Aggies all are really looking forward to watching you play football. As a young man and football player you almost certainly cannot fathom to perceive this, but to us football fans it really is fun just watching great football players play great football. Maybe it's just as corny as pinball players standing around a pinball machine watching a really great pinball player play pinball... ...except no one ever paid a pinball player $80,000,000 to play pinball. All that said I for one am really looking forward to getting to watch you play football for my Texas A&M Aggies, Demond Dumas.
...Would it not be ok for our entire offensive line to so take advantage of the VoCiD-19 rules and so bome cack?!!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
Is this real? I mean seriously I was on the Sonyphones listening to it with the lights out and started fearing it was something made by TexAgs. THIS IS AWESOME.
Yes, it is. The Orange Bowl is about to get fugly. Now, as to the rest of this: Mond doesn't need to come back. It's time to let the next generation (aka Haynes King) take over. If we needed Mond to come back then I'd be taking on a different mindset altogether, but the fact is we don't... NOW, if The Maroon Goons want to come back as they are more than welcome to then I'm all for it
He probably knows how to shave, but if the starts calling out for others to shave him I might show up.
...Texas Football. Texas, The Football State! Let's bring it back! Let's show 'em all what it's really made of! Go, Jimbo!
I went from here to youtube and watched some grand ol' SWC footage from 1975, '76m and '77... Men what a tough brand of football that was back then in the old Southwest Conference!
AggieRider: But what if it could? MAN, what if it did? ...Calls to mind a coin operated video game circa 1988 wherein robots, monsters, and zombies play "NFL" football for their respective cities... What if it could? What if COLLEGE FOOTBALL could return to a perfect mixture of 1938, 1964, 1975, and 2027? Wouldn't this be grand?
I believe we are seeing that kind of mindset and level of class being passed down to all players, as well. Some of you guys saw The Wrecking Crew and some you boys did not. I witnessed it blossom from its foundation. It was something to behold I tell ya'. There were several years when it strangely felt better to punt than it did to force a punt. ...When it weirdly felt better to not have the ball than to have the ball. You knew when your team was on Defense it was going to kick arse something special... ...and standing and yelling your throat out at Kyle was being a Roman 2000 years ago rooting for the lions against the christians
Mr. Carson Green is going to being doing great things carrying on The Ag Flag for years and years to come... Thank You, Carson.
...I'm just hoping Jimbo doesn't burn out (like an Urban Meyer, for instance). He's done so much in 3 years (Aggies SHOULD be in the playoffs THIS year) that it seems like what might be in another 6 or 7 years is just TOO much to process...
Goes to show how valuable Jimbo "The 75 Million Dollar Man" Fisher has thus far meant to our program. Among EVERYTHING ELSE he as a coach has been instilling in the minds of his players is a, "Look around you. I coached (and won a National Championship) at Florida State where we had C- support. Look around you and behold what Texas A&M has provided you..." Among EVERYTHING ELSE Coach Jimbo has taught these young men, he has taught them to appreciate their blessings (meaning their benefactors, their Providence as it were):.. That this gifted young future multi-millionaire added, "we owed it to Texas A&M to play it out" is testament to a higher perception of Reality. The Texas Aggie Football Program is high and on the rise. Watch out, EVERYONE else...
I'm not. The only thing a gambler needs is a suitcase in the trunk; and the only time he feels satisfied is when he's on a drunk. It's basketball season. Half the gamblers in America are going to bet North Carolina over Texas A&M -7 via confusion.
Wrong, again. They hired someone I'd never heard of.
It'll always boil down to Talent vs. Tough. I would expect a Razorback to understand this. Apparently not, however.