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Older Older Older Older People (your great-great-great-great-great-great grand parents) listened to Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven in person. So don't equate age with musical taste. On the same note don't even get there with "interesting". Have you listened to Buddy Holly, The Beatles, very very early U2, and/or Nirvana?
Let me (finally) fix a typo: And almost all of it sucks.
When Texas Tech plays Texas A&M (in football, baseball, basketball, etc.) the airport in College Station fills up. If you live in West Texas and you have a decent job then you own and fly an airplane. A Cessna 4 Seater or at least a 2 seater Cub Cadet. This is how isolated Lubbock, Texas is, people.
You southerners have to realize that Texas Tech is at a distinct disadvantage regarding recruiting. Texas is a hotbed of high school talent obviously, but populationally speaking 97% of Texas sees West Texas as all but foreign territory. 97% of high school football players in Texas see Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Christian (TCU), Houston, Southern Methodist (SMU), and even several others as being more TEXAS than they see Texas Tech being.
Disagree with you, Dukey. You of all people (with your apparent world class education) should have long since recognized that genius and insanity are akin but not necessarily tethered.
1) I am so sorry your mother died. I really really truly am. I still have mine. She's 72. I hope to God to keep on keeping her. 2) If she died from CoVid-19 then there is no one to blame but the godforsaken Chinese. They ten of fifteen years ago took this virus from a Chinese bat, "cooked on it" for 12 or 14 years, and then either accidentally or intentionally let it out (to kill your mother and millions of other mothers). 3) How do you know he's white?????????????? 4) Let's not get confused here. Doing so is exactly what The Chinese want us to be doing. White or Black or Brown, et cetera, the real enemy here is GD China.
If offense wins games then defense loses them. Here's hoping Coach Mike Elko is cut from the same cloth as is Brent Venables. I really like what I'm seeing. We Texas Aggies will be willing to pay Coach Elko $10 Million per year to stay Defensive Coordinator if he keeps producing.
Ouch. Poignant point. Being a running back for Vandy in a SEC contest must feel like being a sparring partner for a young Mike Tyson right after a rape arrest.
Tennessee is precisely the kind of program that-- when you say It can NEVER be great again-- will use said statement toward making itself great, again. Tennessee football will be great, again.
My 14 year old knew the singer (band, whatever) and got really excited during the halftime show. I listened to him. I came away considering the music to be good pop. Especially "Blinded by the Lights" which is obviously his most appreciated song thus far (and one I'd actually heard some time somewhere). In coping with having young daughters I've finally realized that pop music is pop music. It's not to be compared to rock (jazz, classical, classic country, etc.) Take it for what it is and judge it on those merits. Michael Jackson was good pop. Billie Eilish (sp.?) is good pop. This Weeknd dude (group, whatever) is good pop. None of them are or ever will be The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, etc. Great pop doesn't hold a candle to good rock, and, so what? It is what it is. Nothing coming out of Nashville these days is country music btw. I call it Nashville Pop. This is what it is. And almost all of sucks. I'm done here.
Couldn't agree more. 2012 was fun, but man was it not weird? We'd spent all those years NOT running the speed spread offense in the "Big" 12, and then in our first year in The Promised Land (the SEC) we won 11 games doing it. It was fun getting to celebrate a touchdown every 90 seconds, but this in no way compares to getting to celebrate 3-and-outs, run stuffs, QB sacks, and goal line stands. Winning some natty's and competing for more playing great defense and running the ball to control the clock (i.e. Jimbo's brand of football) seems to this old red ass the quintessence of Fightin' Texas Aggie Football. Here's hoping our team over the next decade reminds all the talking heads that this game doesn't have to be about passing yards, quick strikes, and high scores.
Hailz can’t help it. I feel his pain. There’s a ton of history here what scares him. Mississippi State was once Mississippi A&M. Texas A&M has been the Farmers and then (and now) the Aggies. Mississippi A&M has been the Farmers, the Aggies, the Maroons, and now the Bulldogs. [How one could choose the Bulldogs when there was already a Bulldogs in one’s conference is truly beyond me]. They’re our Mississippi cousins. We are from Texas. They were and are the most offended we are in THE SEC. And then there is the Jackie Sherrill connection. Not to mention Emory Bellard. A ton could be written on this. From the onset– from the get go– they’ve been bound and determined to best us. They’ve done a jam up good job... But those days are gone. The writing's on the wall. Texas A&M is going to be beating Mississippi A&M 8 to 9 years out of 10 for the foreseeable future...
My Gosh. I just rolled that cheap plastic wheel on my mouse from top of this thread to bottom and back to top and now that wheel has rolled under the refrigerator and my right index finger needs ibuprofen. This is the first major college football break after Bama's slaughtering them yankees and it is about the worst one I've been forced to reckon with and digest since maybe my time began. WTF is going here, Tennessee? I just thank GOD y'all's state (of affairs) was infinitely less crazy, muddled, and befuddled when we Texans were needing to regain freedom from Santa Anna 166 years ago.
Really sound science. Kudos. Given all this why would UT itself publish its own sins and misdemeanors? Given its special place in the world of college football recruiting why should this institution lambaste itself so publicly and voluntarily ("pun" of whatever intended)? ??? Butch Jones is a moron. A lot of crap went south when he sold his "I might be a retard but I'm worth millions of dollars" Forest Gump butt self to them.
I've spent 40 of the last 50 years within 220 miles of College Station and I have NEVER seen as much snow as I did yesterday. On my ranch just east of Huntsville, Texas we got 3.4 inches. College Station got close to six if I'm not mistaken. In 50 years of East Texas living I don't recall our ever getting more than maybe 1.5".
If just a couple of O Linemen come back and take on coaching roles would be huge. Haynes King under Jimbo's tutelage could be glamorous. (If not this year then the next and the next...) Linebacker has been plaguing me. Not a single one in this year's recruiting class. Leaves me wondering if Elko is inventing the 5-1-5 Defense. ? All in all I have to think given the toughness and "team-ness" exhibited this year our hosses could beat everyone perhaps but Alabama next year IF Haynes King meets 60% of his potential.
Abjectly positive, 88. Ags went 9-1 this year with an all SEC schedule (+ Orange Bowl) and NO deep threat wide receiver after the 3rd game. Digest this, every body.
Nope. Disagree. Thanks to Jimbo and staff and the players' buying in we're now looking at an Aggie program that a normal LSU, Auburn, etc., CAN NOT destroy. This in a nutshell is what we're celebrating...
Come on, Gig'em. Give him a break. It's obvious HailzBullyYall is a 15 year old kid in Jackson where one can't get a McDonald's employee to take an order. He's doing the best he can. It's not his fault. His older sister is probably gorgeous.
Hey, Bro, think about it: If you were Georgia wouldn't you be hating on A&M? For several seasons they were the 2nd best team in the SEC. Now they're 3rd, and they never ever got to be 1st. Feelin' sorry for them dawgs am I. I can't hate them.
Unless something unforeseen happens Alabama is NOT going to blow us out next season. I'm not saying we're going to beat them, but I'm definitely looking forward to being at THAT game at Kyle. A lot of Georgia, Florida, and (of course) LSU fans chiming in on this thread. A lot of "We want to be the 2nd best football team in the SEC" fans, in other words. Well, guess what? We're the 2nd best football team in the SEC tonight. Deal with it or don't. Doesn't matter.
A) I'm just glad [OK, I'm SUPER STOKED] that Camron Buckley is coming back in 2021. B) Regarding Kellen [Mond]: Kellen's coming back could mean nothing less than greatness. Let Jimbo figure out who should quarterback. Can you not imagine the potential greatness of Kellen Mond another year?!
I've been wondering where the hell you were ALL YEAR, Demond. By nature I am not a gossip. I don't go to sites nor tv shows where folks are talking about such. But after the 3rd game of the year (Florida) I was texting my dad, "Where the hell is Dumas?" and such. We old Aggies all are really looking forward to watching you play football. As a young man and football player you almost certainly cannot fathom to perceive this, but to us football fans it really is fun just watching great football players play great football. Maybe it's just as corny as pinball players standing around a pinball machine watching a really great pinball player play pinball... ...except no one ever paid a pinball player $80,000,000 to play pinball. All that said I for one am really looking forward to getting to watch you play football for my Texas A&M Aggies, Demond Dumas.
...Would it not be ok for our entire offensive line to so take advantage of the VoCiD-19 rules and so bome cack?!!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
Is this real? I mean seriously I was on the Sonyphones listening to it with the lights out and started fearing it was something made by TexAgs. THIS IS AWESOME.