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Kiffin is right. SEC officiating is awful year after year. It isn't improving. You'd think in a conference with so many tens of millions of dollars on the line that we could get decent officiating. Why is that too much to ask, Sankey?
It worries me with folks picking my Gamecocks over LSU. I am very cautiously optimistic about our chances despite our HC's proven talent at find ways to lose winable games. Like Michael Bratton, I think that Bobo has been a home run hire. And this week the NCAA made our second best receiver (a transfer) available. Hopefully Harris continues to run like a beast through D lines and our secondary gets some more turnovers. This game is doable if our players come into it not too intimidated.
A ton of talent comes from LA. All the elite programs recruit there. Even if they picked off some of the scraps from the table they should have been able to field a decent team. Sounds like poor management and a lack of funding.
Imagine if Lloyd hadn't been injured. We would have Lloyd and Harris out there. Next year we could possibly have the best one - two punch at RB in the SEC.
This was nice but should be expected. Muschamp needs to follow this up with another win and get back into the SEC race.
South Carolina's offensive explosion against bottom feeder Vandy should not move Muschamp's buns off the hot seat. If he follows this win up with another against Auburn then I'll be more willing to cut him some slack. Otherwise it's #FireMuschamp.
Is this poll with the whimp-out conferences included just so that the losers up North and on the Left coast feel good? This is like T Ball where everyone gets a trophy.
It would be so nice to detail the media's Vol hype train right at the beginning of the season. And that first game for USC is going to be huge for Muschamp's prospects of returning next year. I think the Cocks beat the Vols but probably struggle after that without Lloyd and elite WR play.