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Zero chance Vols win this weekend, the dogs are rolling and the SEC will not let their cash cow lose so they can get into the playoff.
Milroe can run and Saban may turn him loose this week to do it if he is running from a dirty pocket all day!
Impact players like Bowers are hard to come by! Hope he gets healthy soon, but if not, he will have a long NFL career!
SC fans and team showed utmost respect for Bru while he was on field being tended to. He will be back for Nico next season, special player and even better person!
I am Vol fan, but the Gators disrespected them by running off 26 straight points in the 2nd qtr. If Thomas wanted respect, he should have done something to stop it, but here he is whining about not taking a knee.
Heupel states he took the timeout because he believed he could get one last scoring opportunity, Milton may not be that good, but he can chuck the rock 90+ yards.
He is a local Knoxville kid that plays for the Vols and popular in the community. Good blocker, will need to catch more passes next season!
Do they manage the trailer park or does the trailer park manage them??
Nico is going to have to add at least 15-20lbs, he is thin. He is an amazing talent as well.
Kiffin would do it, because it would give Ole Miss exposure. Danny White jumped on the NIL partnerships early and it is paying off! This is great, turned what the media complained was a negative mustard toss at the end of the UT/Ole Miss game into something that is hilarious and on point...well played!
The SEC needs the UGA-UF home and home series, recruits for both school need that!
I see a path for GA and TN making the playoff and a West team, but a lot is riding on Saturdays game!
Seems like you got your monthly visitor Corchy, do you need to take some Midol or something?
Everybody got a plan till they are punched in the mouth....
Smart has reloaded his talent every year, GA has recruited as well as Bama!
Tennessee preseason ranked #11 in basketball, they beat the Zags in preseason on Friday by 19.
Vols are underdogs, Heupel will use that. Dogs are hard to beat in Sanford, this should be the game of the Year. A #1 versus a #2 so late in the season!!!
I can totally see Kiffin going to Michigan or Ohio State.......
I am under no illusion that TN will win this game by double digits. Their secondary has been atrocious and LSU will game plan to exploit that all day long! I still think the Vols win but it will be another close game; Vols-35 Tigers-31
I dont see why people seem to think LSU isnt legit, they have some issues but they have also worked out a lot of the early season kinks as well. Going to be a good game!
We know that Ole Miss does not have a home field advantage and with Rodriguez coming back and hungry, the Cats will take this one 27-24. Levis will throw for 270 and 2 scores.
Agree, Ventrell Miller is a great player and deserves to be on this list!
Heupel has won 11 games in 2 seasons with that offense in the SEC with 3 wins over ranked opponents including your Cats.
I think they did as well, but the Vols playing at 11am in Death Valley is much better than the 7pm game! LSU should be pissed though!
Vols need to focus on playing LSU in the wee hours of the morning on 10/8, playoffs should not even be a consideration....Vol defense needs a lot of work, was ill prepared for the Florida offensive juggernaut.....
Gators cannot replace Richardson, have to be smart with his designed runs!
I have no illusions, Gators will show up to play, this will be no cake walk!