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Raymond Higgs says "Hey there, jkoler! Remember me?" LOL!
Uhhh, Kentucky-Auburn is on 9/26... Clemson-Wake Forest is this weekend.
LOL! The cutouts will also likely be louder than the 26,000 who "pack the place" on Saturdays.
Yeah LSU’s recruiting has really struggled as of late: Ranked 4th in 2020, 3rd in 2019, 12th in 2018, 8th in 2017, 5th in 2016. FWIW, LSU’s class is currently 10th for 2021, but will finish Top 5. Auburn??? Gustave better shape-up ASAP as y’alls 2021 Class is currently ranked 31st… behind the likes of Maryland and Rutgers – LOL! Oh yeah, good job on beating Bama on occasion. Too bad Auburn has averaged FIVE LOSSES PER YEAR since winning the BCS in 2010. Need to work on that. LOL!
LOL, so mad… and delusional. Your “Karen” attitude has totally vanquished your logic. Besides LSU absolutely owning Auburn in Baton Rouge (last AU win there was in 1999 – 20 seasons ago), LSU Football has completely eclipsed anything Auburn Football has ever done. BTW, ‘grats on losing by only three to the ‘GOAT’ LSU this past year… too bad your stellar defense only surrendered 508 yards.