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Allowing ? I doubt mom asked. Grow up ? Did he send for her ? Proof read much ?
So the author still says that Nick Saban and Tua are lying ?
The NFL loves this kind of stuff. They are only trying to be socially correct with their rules but little enforcement.
Florida winning at Nashville was about like Notre Dame struggling with Pitt,,,,again. Over rated teams should not get adoration for just barely getting by. Any win is not a real win.
Never underestimate LSU, most especially on Sat in Death Valley. I bet it has been a long ride home to Georgia.
4 and 3 huh ? No wrinkle ? Wait till next year.
Tricky ole Gus needs to pull something out of his ahhh hat.
You can win anywhere you want, against anyone you want and win all the titles and honors there are,,,,,,it doesn't shut people up.
Why does Gus seem to be confused so often about what is going on during a game ?
" They called it a touchdown ",,,,,cause it was. Let me run up and down the sideline looking confused,,,,,some more. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.....
I thought that Arkansas did show some signs of better things to come. I'm an SEC guy and hope that all SEC teams do well, it means a lot to the other schools to have to play against good strong teams.
Well,,,,,uh,,,,that, and an absolute lack of competition.
How does one trust a re-committment ? Isn't that an oxymoron ?
OK,, we must not be Alabama, The Crimson Tide anymore. Throw long passes on the first play of any half like a Pack Twelve team, any in any event Don't Run the Ball.
I've seen the ' fans ' at OSU's 'Shoe ' leave early many times because of blow out wins, and upsets that they lost. They, they ' Go Bucks ' crowd owe no more to OSU than Alabama's students do. Want a crowd ? Have a strong schedule, and play real games.
Try for a place kicker instead of more of every position you already have 4 and 5 star guys in.
I don't blame them. I left the TV at 49 to 0. This week it's Arkansas, I doubt I get through that one either.
Note to ' reporters ' : Ask same question 400 times before Thursday and then act like you're feelings are hurt if you get snapped at. I hope Terrell has a speedy recovery.
The defense looked like it ran out of gas because the offense couldn't hold the ball long enough to give them any rest. Over, and over, and over, and over, with the B1G type c-ap.
I'm sure Nick Saban need Marq's help in responding to endless inane questions.