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Play selection against defensive match ups, and receiver talent play big, big parts in the passing game, not just someone being willing to throw into traffic, and depending on luck. Mr Hurts has been very cautious as required by the boss. Do not count the man out...
Apparently someone out there considers Kiffen an ' expert ' cause if he opens his yap, it shows up right here on SDS.
Ala 26 - UGA 23,,,,,and it looked soooo easy. If nick had had a lpace kicker, other than the Ole Miss band aid, it wouldn't have made it to overtime. Waaaah, Wah, Wah...
Well if one threatens to transfer unless one gets his way, someone else may have to be put in line. On the other hand I'm looking for Tua to have four or five interceptions in the first three game.
Why ? Cause the rest of the ACC is soooo pathetic.
Who is Stephen A Smith ? Why ask him anything ? This is Alabama Football not ESPN clowns r us.
Penn State ? Oh,,,,one of those can't count past 10 conference schools. Pssst P State, take off one shoe first.
So we use a picture of Nick Saban to generate interest in this item ? Ex-Faux News person.
I must be slow today, I can't think of what a ' radio color analyst ' might do to occupy their time.
Here's hoping that this isn't a really serious break. Roll Tide
World Class Choke ! Some of the Hogs beat all the Hogs !
I would like to see both of these guys fill the QB for the Tide in the upcomming season. The media, and many of the fans, seem to want one or the other. I feel that we may see too many interceptions from Tua, and I want Halen for what he has been on the level he should be at this time around. UGA had no tape on Tua, or any other newbie type freshmen, and they have little more now. The struggles with Auburn, and UGA were not, in my view, solely the responsibility of Jalen Hurts. For instance, overtime shouldn't have been in the cards, the relatively easy field goal would have done it. Tua could have been tried during the Iron Bowl, etc.
Good Luck AJ. It's good to read / hear about present and former Tide players that are not in trouble somewhere.
Everybody that doesn't win the last natty thinks all previous natty's are irrelevant. Danny Kanell ? Really ? Why not ask LeBron ? Auburn was not the best team in the SEC last year, and were beaten in their bowl game to prove it.
Comment No 1: Who / what the heck is PTI ? Comment no 2: If my name was Kornheiser I wouldn't be critical of anyone.
I hear that OSU is building a ' trophy room ' that resembles a porta potty to go with their toilet seat shaped stadium.
The Sat Eve Post is still around. The 'author ' is a grad from UT ? I've never seen a 'humble' insurance salesman, obnoxious is more like it. The Tide wouldn't need much help in whippin them dawgs.
Some go back to study, some go back to do pot. Great job Derrick, you are someone to be proud of.
Mr Harbaugh might want to start scounting for new employment. Michigan would have done better to get a snow dome. But then they don't normally play that time of year much.
Isn't it nice that sooooo many people know more about Alabama football than Nick Saban ?
An off season attempt at making a ' story '. Fake news.