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Yep, my first thought. Caving in to weak sister teams like Cincy didn't help either. We were just as well off with what we had before the ' Playoff '(s)....it was a popularity contest, but it still is, with a lot fewer votes.
I would imagine Burks would like to finish what he started too....which was and is providing for his, and his families, future, not pleasing fans. I wish those Hogs had showed up at Athens.
Won't happen in this decade.....Ohio State won't either....
Lining up an all weak sister schedule is hard in the SEC, a lot harder than in the Big 14 ( B1G ).
Bryce is guy that wasn't crying,,,,you will see him again, and it won't be forty years either. Facts aren't excuses. Now start getting ready fro the next long, long, long dry spell. Georgia just hasn't impressed me yet...
Tim Tebow,,,,Lord I hope I don't see, or hear, you for at least six months.
Those favored Dawgs will need to win about 3 natty's in a row before the jokes stop....2nd and 26 ?
There is no place in college football, or any sport in my view, for malicious activity. A helmet, bat, or racket, or stick, is not a weapon to put some out of the game, perhaps out of this world. Not even ball carriers should be allowed to use their helmet as a weapon. My opinion.
Bunch of cry baby rot ! Stetson is mediocre at best. If not for an overly easy schedule he wouldn't be where he is.
1980...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. IF Ala has a bad game, and UGA shows up with their A game, and not so smart doesn't think too much, it will be long, long overdue !
Don't like the SEC....go pull off at least one shoe and see if you can count all the way to 14, then go see if you can make sense out of a logo like B1G....higher education my ___ ! Tip: Don't name a sports conference using numbers and then show you can't keep up. Which four schools are the ones being insulted by that joke ? RTR
How about round 9 ? A season full of weak sisters. ( Clemson in 2021,,,get real ! ) I didn't see much in the SEC Championship out of UGA's greatest team ever..... RTR !
How has that worked out for you in the last 9 years Aaron ? RTR !
UGA needs a quarterback, everything else they can get, and a miracle.
Maybe he should get a 7 out the last 8, and counting tatt. Soon it will be 8 of 9, not so smart may do another fake punt.
Bowers is a great player for UGA. However I don't think him " going off " will, in itself, doom Ala. After all he " went off " last time around and UGA lost big, just sayin.
I live among those Buckeyes. OSU get pandered to every year all year. I've watched them play 10 un-ranked weak sisters in a row, and then lose to the first ranked team they came o. I don't care how ' great ' their current team is, they didn't play enough games, and are,in my opinion, un-qualified to be elevated to the natty. Watch, they may bring in some more zebras that have never see a safety before, like they had last time.
Fields played, in my view, much better after his ' injury '. I hope he gets 100% ( if he ever wasn't ), I would hate for those intrepid Bucks to have yet another excuse, should they need one. Maybe they can bring their own refs.
It's a sharp contrast to all those guys that opt out of bowl games in order to work on their NFL careers. Although I can understand the big money part.
I would love to see Waddle there at 100%. I would like to see an OSU game where they didn't pretend to have heaps of ' adversity '.