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What big ten J A said Alabama has a ' perfect world '. Nick is just trying to help out a B1G reject, thay well may well have been another B1G scape goat.
Tua's full recovery would be 'best' of course, but not by a very much. As usual the media 'experts' are filling space with manure.
There is no reason to ' freak out ' over Tua's injury. He likely will not be 100% at game time, or may not even be able to play. Nick Saban gave Jalen Hurts a week or two, for the same stated injury ( high ankle sprain, with minor surgery to speed recovery ) and it took 4-5 weeks. Tua is 'backed up' by one of the best college quarterbacks in the NCAA. There is no reason to 'freak out', or insult Jalen Hurts.
Football is a team sport. Nick Saban is the Head Coach at the University of Alabama. Nick Saban is not Tua Tagoviolas agent. We would all like to think that Tua would have spanked everybody on the planet if he had played all game , every game, but that is only speculation with everything going Tua's way. He could have easily been injured, and even now will likely not be ready to play against Oklahoma, if the recovery follows the time line that Hurts had with the same (?) injury, and same procedure (?). Hurts looked better than Tua in the fourth quarter of the SEC Chamionship. If college football becomes a Heisman contest it will lose a huge amount fans. I think Saban should have used Hurts more during the season than he did, with apologies to those that are blinded by a popularity contest.
It's a team sport. No player, in any position can make plays by themselves. The Heisman is a made for media holiday for profit. Several pass plays during the SEC Championship wer muffed by some receivers not catching the ball, when it appeared that, given their usual talents, the ball should have been caught. Many, many times quarterbacks are given credit for great throws when a great catch was needed. Heisman, meh.
To win the Heisman is a good thing. I would not , however, trade what I see going on with those two quarterbacks, and this Alabama team for three Heismans.
Tua's chances took a big hit at the SEC Championship. I still love the Tua, Hurts combo. I would platoon them like they do almost everyone else. The Heisman is a very nice honor, but it is an individual honor in a team sport. The team comes first.
So I guess no UGA players were invited ? What is your main QB's name ?
When I hear ( this year ) about Ohio State winning the ' big ten championship ' I wonder if people realize that Northwestern was an 8-5 team in 2018. Haskins appears, in my view, to be not far removed from J T Barrett, that Urban Meyer also said should get the Heisman. The NFL, for what that is worth, did not agree.
SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, Roll Tide ! A lot more ! Thanks Guys, for all you do, and have already done....
I don't think Tua will be anywhere near 100% by the 29th. I didn't jump on the Tua band wagon like most people did. I predicted a lot of interceptions, and I had to eat some crow over that,,,,that being said last Sat against UGA he threw as many interceptions in that game as he did all year. With Jalen improved, and with the receivers they have I don't see a problem with the offense,,,,little to no pass rush could cause a lot of problems if thats what the defense comes up with like the same game until late when they showed up and started stopping UGA. I would hate to see Jalen go, right now he looks every bit as good as Tua to me, and I think more durable.
Aren't we talking about the same procedure / surgery that Jalens hurts had after the Tennessee game ? The one that took him 4-5 weeks to get back from ?
I hate to say this but Suh is about as dirty a player as there is. His between play actions should have gotten him kicked out of the NFL, or anywhere else.
I hope Mike does well at Maryland. Well enough to kick OSU's a-s good.
From the performances turned in last Sat against UGA. I'm not so sure if Tua is still better than Jalen. Also I think 25 days from now Tua will not be good to go.
More teams, more games and still wind up with the same teams in the play off. Oh, I know, just give everybody a trophy and the underachievers will be happy too.
What I wonder about Auburn, or LSU is will their players show up, and if they do will they just lay down. The Auburn - UCF, L Fournette, ( although I certainly understand why ) is playing on my mind. I hope we don't have to hear about how the SEC is over rated more than usual.
I wondered why, if we are trying to get the best four teams in the Nation into a sort of play off situation, is UGA ranked above OU, not to mention that most TV 'experts' say that they would pick UGA ove OU. I'm sure it would be OK if those Big 12, or Pac 12 people had two or three teams in the final four. SEC,SEC,SEC,SEC,SEC........It means a h-ll of a lot more !
Easy on that truth RT91, many of the columnists here have big something or other roots. Notre Dame had a weak schedule, as always. ( they think Navy is a major football school ) UGA should have made the top four over Clemson much less ND. BUT, we couldn't have the SEC with two in again...Urban is still trying to tell them that the big whatever ( can't count conference ) is the ' best conference in college football ' I laughed so hard I had to go pee. The conference that Urban described is, as it should be, left out again. So they get the Rose Bowl AGAIN against a three loss Washington,,,,,, cup cakes to the end. North Western is a 5 loss team now. I so wanted UGA, or Alabama, or someone to get OSU and put a 65-3 beat down on em.
It may well be Hurts v Murray. A ' high ankle sprain, with minor surgery (a-scope ) is what kept Hurts down for 5-6 weeks. That doesn't worry me one bit as I have been on Jalens band wagon all along, and wish coach Saban would have used Jalen more all year, and next if possible. I'm more for the team than for the Heisman which is, of course, an individual award.
A ' high ankle sprain, and subsequent minor surgery ' is what kept Jalen out for six weeks or more. I wouldn't be surprised if Tua was very limited in 26 days. Not to worry however, There doesn't seem to be much of difference between the two these days. Hurts should have been used sooner in the SEC Champ game, and the regular season as well, that was proven on Saturday, big time.
We can count on a lot of foot racing because that's the kind of football we are playing now. Lot's of passing, a hail mary on play number one would not surprise me. To curtail OU's scoring we will need more of a pass rush than we got against UGA.