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Who in Hades is Joel Klatt, and what dumpster did these big tenners find him in ?
Passing others while playing while playing cup cakes means nothing Buckeye.
To start the 2023 Season UAB was ranked 113......113 !
How many of those 100 games were against a team with even a shade of a chance to win ? UGA sounds more like OSU every day. Yesterday UGA let UAB score more than three times what UA let Ole Miss score. Some of this stuff needs some consideration of what the level of difficulty was.
Milroe's performance was better than Dart's performance which made Milore's look better by comparison. Why car any college football players learn how to secure a helmet, and that it is not a weapon ?
Why would they have their " swagger ' back ? Why would a QB try to throw into double or even triple coverage when there is a wide open receiver waiting right in the same picture ? Why do we have such a poor bunch of QB's ? Why do our DB's hold on every play ? worst team I have ever seen under Saban.
Gary is always stumped,,, he just isn't bright enough to know it.
A hiccup for the worlds largest drunken dummie fest.
Lord I wish that they would keep these guys the h-ll off my TV and out of my TV room.
Cup cake after cup cake after cup cake just like UGA !
Pat McAffee is another UGH, channel change moment like Finebum.
It hurts when a team has no pass rush, and no pass protection. I hurts the pleasure of watching games on TV when the screen is half full of disgusting know it all, know nothings, and the audio is full of the same thing. I will not blame it all on the QB, it's a team sport.
Punter ? I thought he was a ex-pro wrestler,,, he acts like one. Lord I wish they would keep him off my TV, and out of my den.
I wish ESPN would keep Pat McAfee off of my TV, and therefore out of my home. I didn't tune in to watch a bunch of jerks on the sideline.
Take a look at UGA's schedule and try to make a little competition out of it, or the year before, or the year before, etc.
I question if Paul Finebaum is worth a d--n for anything.
The favorite team of most everyone critical of Alabama now has played nothing but cup cake teams themselves. Go ahead poke that bear. RTR
And those cup cakes just keep on coming. And UGA just keeps on trying to look like a #1 team.
Kirby is happy to have as weak a schedule as he has.
LSU ought to be talking to themselves about now. Tell the coach that a loss, is a loss, is a loss......but that was really a loss.