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If the Head Coach self imposes a three game ( cream puff games ) and then the NCAA imposes another three game ( more cream puffs ) ' suspension ', and then when the year is done he leaves college football (Nick did too). I think the whole team may need to vacate the title for the sake of the game.
Pay for the fat old guys on the sidelines but not the guys taking the risks. Brian Kelly is OK, but he isn't that OK.
Aw quit crying, if this crew doesn't work out maybe we can get Jimbo.
Michigan apparently knew what the plays were going to be.....
Paul Harvey..... now there is irrelevant,,,, sort of like B1G, whatever that means.
According to the media, Michigan has been cheating for years with the signal stealing alone. I wager that Big Blue has not been alone in this.
Much of his success at UGA has been due to the schedule he comes up with.. The strategy is as obvious as it is effective, like that of OSU,,, play no one that might beat you.
I guess the Vols fans will tear something out their gym, throw it in the river, pay a huge fine, and fish it out, then re-install whatever they have chosen to break, in order to celebrate the pause of a long, long, long dry spell...
Big Ten getting bigger ? Heck they can't count past ten now. Pull those shoes off and use your toes losers.
Beat up by November ? Some will not even play a ' real ' game until the end of November. The CFP (1) was a step down from the BCS, and this will be worse. Besides I think the idea should be to find and celebrate the best, period.
Maybe Pawull can start looking elsewhere for gossip, at a retirement home maybe.
Michigan is a cheater. But then so is UGA.
Well, since things are on a downhill slide now that known cheaters are allowed to not only compete for the Natty, but actually pretend to have ' won 'it' why not crown Kirby as the king ?
King of what ? The NCAA is busy adoring a crowd of cheaters as their champ. Kirby is good to great at getting the zebras to pick up those yellow rags.
Not the greatest player of all time, but certainly one of the best. I don't blame him, for thinking of the pro's that's his business. If I were him I'd think about sticking around, and being better prepared.
Jim Harbaugh has had the advantage of cheating, and getting away with it for at least the last few years. Whether they cheated yesterday or not we may never know..... which is the point about the disqualification of cheaters. However, I think that poor play calling at times cost my guys the game in the end.
If the Wolverines cheat enough maybe they can. They should have disqualified over their cheating.
More cheatin ? College football needs to do something about that ! Soon !
I guess all those FSU types know now why the committee thought better than them, and was vindicated.
Well Kirby, and those Dawgs lucked out again by getting yet another non-game to participate in. We all all saw what happened to them when a real game came around. Kirby, and the boys didn't look so happy then.