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Another anti-Tide writer on staff.....Alabama is not the only team that plays cup-cakes.
We all want Mr McDonald to be more than OK. ' Former ' is the key word here.
The Vols might want to trade Pruitt back in.....
Should there be a system in which points are awarded according to the difficulty of the game ? I think so.... A win should not always be a win.
Whatever happens in the future just remember that Alabama's rabid fan base demanded, in no uncertain terms, Tua,,,and no one else..... I was, and is a very, very hard choice. In Saban's place I would have played them both, platoon style, and let the Heisman go. Hurts has improved,,,I don't know that Tua has.
It's been awhile since I saw that many personal fouls in one game, not to mention all the flags thrown for, in the end, nothing. Pathetic.
' former ' Alabama player ? Try West Virginia player. No longer any connection to the Crimson Tide.
The ' Harbaugh ' joke was/is on Michigan, that doesn't even win 'THE' can't count conference.
Normally Coach Saban doesn't seem all that concerned with place kicking, as if one point, or three points won't be anything like a problem....Punting more concerned but we are going to get six anyway.....glad to read that we may have a kicking game this year, also concerned about the interest in it.
With me it's the same as with all of the pro-sports, especially baseball. Way to many ' expert ' talking heads on the payroll, making their gaffes all game long. I prefer the murmer of the crowd, or traffic noise, to mush of what they have to say, much of the time ignoring the game they were hired to cover.
I guess it would be kinda hard to bite someone's ear off if everyone had a helmet on.
The cowturd rears his ignorant head once more.....The dynasty is dead turdy,,,,why should U A have a tougher schedule than anyone else ?
Nick is telling the truth. Every year there is an exodus of coaches, and they always start before the season is over. Nick has been a part of that before as well.
It's been six months, and Big Ten shill Connor O'Gara is still having such a good time posting asinine articles. There were, at last look, 14 teams in the B1G ( whatever that is ) and they can't get that right. How long has it been since there were 10, not to mention 10 that were ' big ' ? O'Gara is welcome to go home anytime.
Why should SEC teams make it harder on themselves when no one, but no one, else does ?
Someone needs to pick another word.....Commitment just does not fit.
Look at the picture used with the headline, and use your imagination. Based on your own experience, what could go wrong. Quite a few of these fans should be banned from public gatherings without the booze.
From here it seems like another wasted roster spot.
My sweetheart had both hip joints replaced within 6 weeks. I can still outrun her. Have a great recovery Coach....