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Quinnen Williams sounds like his hero Suh. Not a good sign. We may soon be glad he is gone.
I predict some bad calls, some no calls, and lots of cry baby stuff. A really bad half time ' show , bad play by play, sickening trumper, filmed photo op cr-p. I'll watch old movies instead.
" poaches another ", " steals ", SDS, your B1G slip is showing again.
How long did Hunter Renfrow play for Clemson anyway ?
Steals ? Really ? From Pruitt ? The Pruitt that was ' stolen ' from Alabama ? When coaches, asst coaches, and other staff leave Alabama steal, stolen are not used. Whats fair for the goose is fair for the gander.
A team that loses on a consistant basis shouldn't be the place to learn how to be a champion. Check the records.
Not to mention the lost coaches, asst coaches, staff......really disheartening some times.
H-ll no.....permanent OK,,,, California, no way.
Why does this guy want to make football games shorter ? Is he in a hurry ? I could spend days on this item, instead I'll just skip it. I viewed the targeting incident with Devin White and still say it was just what they said it was, and compared to others, more so.
So, is Maryland one of the big ten ? There are 14 so we know 4 are left out, everytime they show a B1G logo, or print Big Ten somewhere. A few days before the OSU v Maryland game last fall the B1G people mentioned that they were embarrassed about Rutgers, and Maryland. Maryland came within a hair of giving those intrepid Buckeyes something else to be embarrassed about.
College football needs to find ways to keep players from leaving as soon as they can, and coaches too. This every year stuff is ridiculous.
Sad,,,but I can't blame them, and I do wish for them all the best.
What comes around goes around.....at least the Tide didn't lose to Virginia Tech at home, or Iowa, or Purdue, or the guys that lost to UCF last year. This year, LSU, Auburn, UGA, OSU, OU, and several others, can't have much to say. How close was that Maryland thing Connor ?
Go ahead and poke that there bear....they will be back. I would like to know what the heck was in that Gatorade though.
I wouldn't blame him. He has been treated poorly, with no end in sight if he were to stay. I would have started him in the Natty, or at the very least put him in after the second careless interception. All the best to Jalen in whatever the future holds for him. If he had left earlier this past season, Alabama would not have been in the Natty.
This is funny,,,,and will be until the season rolls around again.
Paul knows all about coaching,,,that's why he has an over rated gossip show.
That's trolling ? What would you write in a get well card to your lady / guy ?
Sic em Duke ! If you can't whip em on the grid iron whip em where you are great !
My Dad told me not argue with a fool, because someone would overhear and not be able to tell which one was the fool.
Loudest cry baby's out there, anywhere. They could be ' investigated' too....What goes around, comes around.
After a butt kickin like that ? Why not ? The Bevo thing was better than the game.