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Nice afterthought catch, especially for a practice with no defense.
Looks like UGA's sched is a little tougher than last year,,,, which isn't sayin much.
VT LOLOLOLOL...I can see why you don't LOLOLOLOLOLOL...
The " Can't Count Crowd " strikes again !
Faux anything is a good place for an absolute nobody like Urban.
So what is Kirby building now ? Another season that is record breaking in it's weakness ?
Not robbed, You are are still in denial, the word is ' beaten '... 40 years, forty freakin years ! You may never see a Natty again !
Does UGA play more than one real game this year ? They are about like those intrepid Buckeyes.
It's like those that opt to not play in useless(to them ),bowl games. How will you make these players play to the best of their ability ?
Kirby may well do what he was trained to do, by the guy he finally got the best of while the guy was riddled with injuries.
Perhaps reading on some other page, or better yet, other site would help.
It's hard to prepare at a high level when you never get to play anyone that's playing at a high level. If you want someone to come off the bench hot, they need to have had some recent play time, against at least average competition.
Hang in there Tua, you likely won't have to pay off again for 40 years.
I can't see how Alabama at 3-0, no matter how lack luster, can fall below Auburn at 2-1. Just sayin......
Higher Education,,,,,, my keester ! Fourteen equals ten, in some places, in some places, in some places. ( Hey I did a _iden...
Come back in another forty years and ask again. LOL RTR
Yep, my first thought. Caving in to weak sister teams like Cincy didn't help either. We were just as well off with what we had before the ' Playoff '(s)....it was a popularity contest, but it still is, with a lot fewer votes.
I would imagine Burks would like to finish what he started too....which was and is providing for his, and his families, future, not pleasing fans. I wish those Hogs had showed up at Athens.
Won't happen in this decade.....Ohio State won't either....
Lining up an all weak sister schedule is hard in the SEC, a lot harder than in the Big 14 ( B1G ).
Bryce is guy that wasn't crying,,,,you will see him again, and it won't be forty years either. Facts aren't excuses. Now start getting ready fro the next long, long, long dry spell. Georgia just hasn't impressed me yet...