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I live among those Buckeyes. OSU get pandered to every year all year. I've watched them play 10 un-ranked weak sisters in a row, and then lose to the first ranked team they came o. I don't care how ' great ' their current team is, they didn't play enough games, and are,in my opinion, un-qualified to be elevated to the natty. Watch, they may bring in some more zebras that have never see a safety before, like they had last time.
Fields played, in my view, much better after his ' injury '. I hope he gets 100% ( if he ever wasn't ), I would hate for those intrepid Bucks to have yet another excuse, should they need one. Maybe they can bring their own refs.
It's a sharp contrast to all those guys that opt out of bowl games in order to work on their NFL careers. Although I can understand the big money part.
I would love to see Waddle there at 100%. I would like to see an OSU game where they didn't pretend to have heaps of ' adversity '.
What is incredible is that OSU was even allowed to have a ' post season ', they sure as Hades didn't earn it.
He has the right handle. All those people live in a fantasyland. Like ' Death Valley ' ' where LSU's dreams go to die.
I agree with Dabo. I don't care how good they are when they are not banged up. Did anyone notice how Fields play improved after the fake injury ? Ohio State has a long history of playing weak sisters all year long, and now they can skip even that part,,,,,wait. All that adversity, Heisman winners all along the bench, every year, I'm sick of it. Maybe OSU will show up with more zebras that don't know what a safety is.
Covid seems to have gotten several teams with really bad records into the Bowl Game arena.....and look at who embarrassed Clemson last night. Anybody else notice how much Mr Fields passing improved after his ' injury ' ?
Leach should be embarrassed, Dan Mullen should have been fired. What did our boy Nick get for his 'unsportsmanlike conduct ' penalty ?
How many recruits will now go to Texas instead of Ala ? Tuscaloosa seems to be the AA rehab center of college football once again.
Mullen, Trask, and U. of Florida turned out to be embarrassments for the SEC in 2020.
I predict that OSU will win the big fourteen at least 9 out of the next ten years....and now days they don't even play the weak sisters.
The Heisman is an individual award for participation in a team sport. Every Heisman winner has depended on the talents, and performance of others without which the individual would perform quite differently,( not to mention the competition ) The Heisman tends to be divisive, in my view, and is therefore, in my view, irrelevant. save to the players that really value it. I'm not a Clemson fan, but my vote would be for T Law for the same reason I would have gone for Jalen Hurts, their steadfast, consistent,performance,leadership, and exemplary character, years of these attributes, etc. But maybe I'm on the wrong page, again.
Ohio State is undefeated....cough, cough, snicker, and nearly UN-played...but they have sooo many weapons, that we have yet to see. Urban Meyer must be running the public relations for the " can't count conference "....
The loss of Landon is an example of why teams that that don't play enough games, or play schedules of decent strength shouldn't be considered for a spot in the playoff. Like Ohio State for instance.
Booooooooooo....Boooooooooo........Boooooooooo !
As if it hadn't been a joke already, the CFP is now for absolutely sure a joke. Notre Dame and Ohio State are illegitimate contenders, but with the CFP certain teams will get in no matter what....." they deserve it " my azz.
Normal for the former Big Ten is what it is, and I don't even know why ' B1G ' represents a conference that has 14 members.....I've seen Ohio State play ten un-ranked teams in a row and then lose to the first un-ranked team they played that year, still claiming to be number one the whole time. Pitiful,,,Dabo is right, Ohio State should not qualify.
I tend to agree 1983. But when all is said and done Auburn always, but always, gets up for this game. I hope the Tide keeps rolling, but the Iron Bowl is always a question. Wish we had Waddle !
Maybe poor Will can put in for a job at Michigan,,,,there would seem to be one coming open there any minute.......
Bye week ? Is it just me ? What does this Jerry Springer item, in the name of all that is good and great, have to do with the SEC, or Crimson Tide football ?
If T Law was playing, Notre Dame would be blown out.
Joyless Murderball ? If Saban had the starters play 4 quarters instead of three, the Jokers numbers, as well as everyone else's, would of course be bigger. THAT would be ' Joyless Murderball '. I am content however with the coaching, and ' team ' mentality that is prevalent with the Tide. For instance I'm not so big on the Heisman, and other awards, because the media causes them to be individualistic, and overblown, this is a team sport. None of the Heisman winners can do it all alone, so why pretend ?
The -erd has been full for a long time. I wonder what happened to the ' Air Raid '. RTR