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Check the numbers....LSU won the game, Joe did a good job but Tua did better save for that fumble, Tua had an INT, so did Joe, it was just negated by penalty.
I really, really like Coach ' O ', but he could clean up his language.
LSU played a good game,,better than Alabama did. A few tackles finished ( already in the grasp, but turned loose ) and the end might well have been different. LSU deserved the win,,,Alabama did not.
I can think of quite a few ' most ' descriptors for that POS.
Go ahead,,,poke that pachyderm,,,, The Coaches Poll is what counts anyway....
Perhaps The Tide is more than just Tua. Perhaps all the constant Tua hype has been blinding more people than just a few. I thought Arkansas showed that they could move the ball against Ala., They just had trouble keeping that going for long enough.
I doubt seriously if that was his first rant of the season... Those penalty's are maddening, H-ll I thought he might actually fly, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL,,,,good for him, someone needed to let it out...
How many times is this under performer going to retire ?
Now, how many un-ranked ( at game time )teams have other prominent programs played since what 2007 ? Ohio State normally plays at least 12 un-ranked teams each year... Notre Dame yep,,them too.
What has this got to do with anything relevant to Alabama football ? ? ?
Rodrigo does a great job for UGA...The truth is that the game should not have come down to him.....
Jaylen did a great job.....is kinda funny though....get em Mom...
Well if the Tide was running the ball as much as they used to,,,No.
Waaah,,,Waaah,,,,Waaah.....Get rid of the d-m-ed hedges anyway,,,and that jar head dog too....
Gary seems to think there is an ' n ' in Tagovailoa.....Ever noticed that ?
The trash put out by the NFL has no business here.
These animals need to be kept off of the sidelines. Perhaps they will, at some point injure someone and the resulting litigation will open some stupid eyes.
The crowd noise should be kept in check as well as monitoring how long an injured player is out of the game following an ' injury '.
How nice,,,,my guess was that Georgia is not what they are cracked up to be. They were really dependent on the crowd drowning out all the signal calling that they could. I don't think that, minus the noise, UGA would have won that game.
Players have been using fake injuries to get free time outs, and try to change momentum for years. I noticed it shortly after the ' hurry up ', or ' tempo ' offenses used to try to catch the defense in the lurch, or try to stop them from ' reading ' an offense. It's no worse really than the ' twelfth man ' idea of drowning out the signal calling by the crowd, whci in reality is nothing but cheating, and is done by everyone with Miss State, Texas A&M,LSU, now UGA leading the way. If the officials can not be hear the game should be stopped until such time as they can be heard. As far as fake injuries go, notice the player that have to have help getting up, and off the field, that are right back in the game in the nest few minutes.
Congratulations on barely getting past Notre Dame sissy. The 95% home crowd making more noise than should be allowed to make had a lot to do with that.......
Another anti-Tide writer on staff.....Alabama is not the only team that plays cup-cakes.
We all want Mr McDonald to be more than OK. ' Former ' is the key word here.
The Vols might want to trade Pruitt back in.....
Should there be a system in which points are awarded according to the difficulty of the game ? I think so.... A win should not always be a win.