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Poaching ? Really ? What did UGA do with Kirby Smart ? What did UT do with Jeremy Pruitt ? The Atlanta Falcons, The Buffalo Bills, ? Not poach ? It feels bad when someone breaks up your team, but you can't hold them all back. I hope they all do well for their future, and thankful we had them for a while.
Great job Minkah ! All the best, and Thanks for the memories !
A team has to reload the coaching staff as often they do their roster these days.
I think that the Gov of La, or any other State, should keep their official nose out of sports. I think the same thing about Trump and his very transparent attack on the NFL.
How long will Tua last when the interceptions start in ernest.
Now that looks more like B1G math to me.
If Spurrier would retire ' sooner ' there wouldn't be as much DoDo to publish. LOL
Gonna miss Minkah. One of the very best. I wish the very best of everything for him.
Well,,,, I was going to buy a SI commemorative issue, but I think I will skip it. Besides, I could never replace either one with the other.
I think Jalen is an almost perfect fit for Nick Saban. He doesn't gamble much. Tua would / will not fit as well because he will gamble more. Personally, it took a while for Jalen Hurts to grow on me, although I am beyond happy that the game turned out the way it did, I am in no way ready to throw Jalen under the bus, after all I have seen him do. It takes a lot more than one guy to make a team, and Saban, like any great coach, does not do turn overs well. Lord we need a place kicker, that game should have been over in regulation. Just think, UGA people say they dominated the game for fifty minutes.... I say the ' Tide beat UGA in about twenty minutes ' ? It's the team with the most points when it's over......
Here is a stray thought.....if UGA had little, if any, tape on Tua, how much would they have had on Devanta Smith ? After all, Tua didn't do it all by himself, and he would be the last to say he did.
I am having trouble with the lines 9 & 10 here. Did Josh play in two play off games against UGA ? LOL
Scott Frost, Lane Kiffen ? While it is easy to understand why these two are so accessible, the quality of what they have to say is highly questionable. Let us see where Nebraska goes from here. Where is UCF anyway ? Who does Kiffen ' coach ' these days ?
I certainly hope the Tide has a place kicker in the works !
Have a good game Dawg's. One thing is sure THE SEC will win this one. ROLL TIDE !
True. I am starting to think Auburn is better fit in the B1G....
It's all right to play cup cakes,,,, but don't lose to them. If you do you will wind up like THE OSU.
Kiffen, Kiffen, Kiffen who cares about Kiffen ? I care about what Kiffen thinks or says. He is about like the morons at CFU, or Charles Barkley....
I read the headline, and decided that I no longer care what Charles Barkley has to say on any subject.