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What a strange season....The Big Fourteen have 5 teams in the top 25, and none one those weak sisters has even played a game.
Watching the game I saw no sense in Coach Saban going to much trouble for a 52 yd field goal try. I am used to feeling like he didn't care about getting a kicker. I am still feeling a little shocked, it has been a long time since the Tide could scare anyone with a place kicking game.....ALL RIGHT ! ! Roll Tide ! !
I don't think the defense made the bus.......We don't need to let UGA have the field like that. The hole on our right side was huge and consistent.
The game was given to Auburn by the Zebra's Gus. Go hang some paper, that win deserves toilet paper.
That was a turnover with Arkansas recovering....Gus got a gift and a fake win. I wonder if they wasted a bunch of toilet paper over that one ? RTR
Only f--ls live on texting, and a twitter acct....and Kiffin is a well you can guess what he is.
He has to beat out Mac, Talia, Paul Tyson,,,,at his size he better start brushing up on his place kicking.
Joe is gone now,,,,,and we are on the way to that Valley you coonies always lose in.
If he does return,,,,the Tide may well kick azz til he gets hurt again,, At any rate we be loaded again already,,,Ga will choke some more, Fla as ever, LSU is on their last Hurrah now...see ya around.
I thought Cardale Jones ( OSU ) should have went before Urban Meyer talked him out of it, and then sat him on the bench ( some estimated 2.5 to 3.5 million loss ) under a five year guy that didn't get drafted at all. Tua should take his time and take the best chance,,,,good luck to him.
Congratulations Vols ! ! We need you strong ! SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC ! Whip those B1G types !
Yet another cry baby from the conference that can not count, or choose to insult four of their mates each and every time they cna't count to fourteen....
The Tides will be in it again next fall,,,,and I hope all of our eggs are not in one fragile basket.
Why is Urban Meyer on this page ? Who, cares about what he thinks ? He, in the item, just said he doesn't care about anything. His health made him leave Florida,,,to much stress,,,,immediately took a job with the absolute champs of manure spreaders,,,had to leave because of health issues,,,,,now talking about going to the Dallas Cowboys ? Big liar. Didn't know who Cardale Jones was, until Jones saved his azz,,,,then, after advising him to stay with those intrepid Buckeyes instead of tacking 2-3 million ( at Least ) in the NFL draft, sat him on the bench in favor of a five year QB that in the end didn't even get drafted... Don't forget this is the guy that recruited Aaron Hernandez..... Go ( somewhere else ) Bucks !
Why would anyone ask Urban Meyer anything, except maybe, ' how are you feeling '? Right after ' who are you ' ?
Can Bryce Young kick ? I hope he can run the ball....
Whose numbers are low enough that ' cowturd ' can double them ?
Tua is a fine young man, and a wonderful Q back. What he reminded me of was an old time rule of thumb,,,,don't put all of your eggs in one basket ( especially a fragile basket ) Another old time SEC adage was,,' run the ball '. One of mine is don't pay any attention much to UGA fans that enjoy choking on their own B S, no matter who is their head coach...
Cardale Jones, and Joe Burrow,,,just two of the players recruited by Urban Meyer that he forgot he had when he seemed to be mesmerized by J T Barret, you know, the five year guy that didn't ever really do anything, and went un-drafted by any NFL team.
Saban made , in my view, the wrong choice about q-backs,,,,Coach O had no choice, and will be back to square one before Jan 15th. We will see the LSU crowd in the fall....Enjoy, you guys deserve it...2nd ain't so bad.
What does he ' analyze ' anyway ? He looks like he walking the sidelines looking for gum, and gum wrappers.
How do I really feel about Jalen Hurts ? He got screwed over at Alabama, stayed anyway in order to improve himself, and had to save their azz, got screwed over again, and transferred to the Sooners. The Tide put all their eggs in a fragile basket and then dropped the basket. GO Jalen !
That would describe Kirby Dumb too, wouldn't it ? ( 37-10 ) Lets rush three guys and keep at it until we fade into history, again.
@ UGADAWG78,,, you hit the nail on the head. I agree big time. Kind of like Alabama putting all their eggs in one basket, and then dropping the basket.