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Everybody that doesn't win the last natty thinks all previous natty's are irrelevant. Danny Kanell ? Really ? Why not ask LeBron ? Auburn was not the best team in the SEC last year, and were beaten in their bowl game to prove it.
Comment No 1: Who / what the heck is PTI ? Comment no 2: If my name was Kornheiser I wouldn't be critical of anyone.
I hear that OSU is building a ' trophy room ' that resembles a porta potty to go with their toilet seat shaped stadium.
The Sat Eve Post is still around. The 'author ' is a grad from UT ? I've never seen a 'humble' insurance salesman, obnoxious is more like it. The Tide wouldn't need much help in whippin them dawgs.
Some go back to study, some go back to do pot. Great job Derrick, you are someone to be proud of.
Mr Harbaugh might want to start scounting for new employment. Michigan would have done better to get a snow dome. But then they don't normally play that time of year much.
Isn't it nice that sooooo many people know more about Alabama football than Nick Saban ?
An off season attempt at making a ' story '. Fake news.
Auburn beat Alabama in 2017, and then lost to UGA, and then lost UCF. They aren't about to ' take over ' anything.
It looks as if Adam Spencer, and some others, feel that Mr Foster is guilty while the legal process has just started. Ever notice that when some has some money someone else wants it ?
If this is an example of what ' journalists ' report,,,,Saban would be wise to exclude them completely.
My best wishes go to A J and his young family whereever they go.
I would say that the NFL be bigga pimps than the NCAA, along that line of thought. Who be tha Ho's ?
If they are not paying,,,they should be. My question is why is a cowturd comment even on this site ? Oh, thats right who owns and operates it ?
Poaching ? Really ? What did UGA do with Kirby Smart ? What did UT do with Jeremy Pruitt ? The Atlanta Falcons, The Buffalo Bills, ? Not poach ? It feels bad when someone breaks up your team, but you can't hold them all back. I hope they all do well for their future, and thankful we had them for a while.
Great job Minkah ! All the best, and Thanks for the memories !
A team has to reload the coaching staff as often they do their roster these days.
I think that the Gov of La, or any other State, should keep their official nose out of sports. I think the same thing about Trump and his very transparent attack on the NFL.
How long will Tua last when the interceptions start in ernest.
Now that looks more like B1G math to me.
If Spurrier would retire ' sooner ' there wouldn't be as much DoDo to publish. LOL