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I think you accidentally added an extra "0".
Let's be honest with ourselves. If State pulled this guy away it would be a major blow. Regardless of what position he plays Ole Miss needs these kind of guys on the roster. Highly rated in state recruit with major athletic ability. I'm not sure why you're knocking the kid because he could be our highest rated recruit this year when it's all done.
You'll get your guy. Don't take it so personal.
or this could be seen as good, if they make a positive hire. Sure, the offense was explosive at times. But the predictability was suspect.
This is something Freeze had to do. Clear them out and hire a good OC. Freeze please let the new OC call the plays. Your red zone play calling is terrible.
The first tweet basically said the same thing. I don't get the big deal about him changing the way he said his sentence. #OBSESSED #LITTLEBROTHERS
Must have been the first football game you watched. It's a rough game. The way it works is you try and hit the guy with the ball and get him to the ground. That's called a tackle. Some are harder than others, this one in particular was a very hard tackle. Keep watching, you'll get it.
Unfortunately Swinney and Webster out for the season. Very tough losses for this team. I think it was a big difference in the game. But unfortunately it's also going to affect them moving forward.
Yes that happened. But we're not talking about 2014 or 2015 for that matter. Ole Miss won the series 2 years in a row prior to that and Arky won 2 in a row prior to that. And you know what happened before that? Ole Miss won the series 2 in a row...See a pattern here? So if you're still reveling in a win 2 years ago congrats big guy glad your still living that one out. Congrats. But "nuff said" if you think so man.
WPBF should be ashamed and so should the "reporter". Leave this man alone.
From a Kentucky fan? Man please. Make a bowl game and then come back and comment. You're obviously just trolling for comments because I'm sure you haven't read the NOA. Nowhere does Ole Miss get accused of pay for play. Make yourself look informed and somewhat intelligent before you comment. Better yet, just stick to basketball.
Damn. I'll LOL myself.
It that like AU needing a "new" running back or like people "knew" Ole Miss was going to beat Alabama again?
Seems like he's dressed appropriately. Talk about letting it go to your head. Also looks like he might need to be hitting the weight room, not the night club.
I agree. I thought he did well. Nothing was said that made any situation worse at least.
You two sound like 2 guys on the Finebaum show. But anyway, Let's not forget about Eric Swinney. He had a great spring.
Tony Conner-Ole Miss. Been fighting various injuries for past years but will be healthy this fall.
Ole Miss and Auburn play near Halloween every year. This year on October 29th. You state they play "3rd or 4th game". They don't meet until week 9.
So you would rather have a guy with great speed like Cordarrelle Patterson than a guy with great hands like Odell Beckham Jr.? I see how that's working out for you.
I hope so. Not so sure about Juarez.
I agree. I would say Juarez is flirting but ole Miss is definitely at a disadvantage. He could be a critical piece of the puzzle though and that might hold some weight. Day 1 contributor.
Their new QB looked questionable at beat against Houston. Maybe they will have someone good coming to fill the spot? But I'm with you. But we'll make the trip to Orlando this fall and open up our season with them and see what each team has got.
I like it, but it's all a guessing game right now. Let's pull up articles you guys wrote last year at this time about Auburn. I think Ole Miss will be good but a wild card. We do have the best QB in the SEC returning so that's a great start. Definitely will miss Laquon. Have good talent on the roster and coming in to replace others gone to graduation and the draft.
Just remember your most decorated and loved player of all time at MSU is barely 1-2 against the Rebels.