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Less than 10% of his runs are designed runs...
Probably smart to jump ship. I definitely wouldn't want to be a Tennessee fan right now...
Hey Diesel, you feeling any better today after your embarrassing rampage Saturday night? I would say you could chalk that up to alcohol, but aren't you like 15?
Obviously these mean nothing... but how did Clemson get a vote haha
How was that not a personal foul? They were warned at least 10 times. Marc Curls is almost as big of a joke as the Tennessee fan base.
Tonight was a classless act by a classless university. An absolute joke.
Wow Vandy was fined for their 6 fans storming the field?
11 am for central time zoned teams
Disagree. Who would you have him ahead of? He is a mediocre QB on a mediocre team
It would have to be 1 vs 2, right?
I agree that its a whole different level, but there was no running up the stats/scores. Look at how many points we've scored in the 4th quarter this year. I'll look it up for you, it's 17 points in 3 combined games. That's not running up the score
What makes you think Georgia looks vulnerable?
All SEC schedule last year my man. You may not be a fan of him, but saying he the most overrated QB in the country is just ignorant. Saying "he hasn't done anything" is not based in fact and carries absolutely 0 weight in an argument.
Also, no South Alabama on the schedule. That was Louisville. A team that he picked apart and did whatever he wanted to do against. Also a team that is since 3-0
You obviously have not watched him. You obviously just looked at his "record" as a starter to prove your point. He single handedly kept us in games last year. Sit down and actually watch him and tell me he isn't very good. Please
Seriously though, please elaborate on why you think he is the most overrated QB in the country. I want to know
How the heck to you think Corral is the most overrated QB in the country? Because he had 1 bad game last year? That must be the only game you have watched him play in
I don't think it would frustrate anyone on the Ole Miss side
Justin Fields, Jalen Hurts, Wan'dale Robinson. Just naming a few off the top of my head. Obviously they're all probably more talented than this kid.
Demolished a pretty good Louisville team. It doesn't take a genius to see that Ole Miss is pretty dang good and really fun to watch.