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Something up your a$$ you d0uch? The 3 year bowl ban took away 1 bowl game we would have gone to when we went 6-6, so the probation didn't really matter to a lot of fans. Troll
Thats because they were vacated. He won 6 conference games in 1 year, dumba$$
There are a lot of political boards and ways to talk about politics that I'm sure you can go to to cry about.
Liberty bowl would a 6-6 season. Check out the schedule Matt. I would say we are "aspiring" for a little more than the Liberty Bowl. Most fans think we can make some noise and anything less that 8-4 would be disappointing. Not saying were going 11-1, but 8-4 or 9-3 is a great possibility.
I mean you must have absolutely NOTHING to do. This had to take at least an hour to type.
Probably that he is an ELITE wide receiver in the NFL. Are you still salty that he is from Starkville and he wouldn't even stay home in that POS dump town? And it is LOST not LOSS
I don't think Ealy is an All American type back but he deserves to at least get mentioned in the conversation of all the returning running backs in the SEC
Putting the position he plays would make the article a little bit more worth reading.
Is this pro or what they were like in college
I do think JT Daniels is going to be really good next year but I think he is getting a little too much hype to end the season. In the four games he started, the first 3 were against State, South Carolina, and a Missouri defense that was getting worse each week. The last game was against a good Cinny defense and he played well, but not great. Daniels could easy be the end of the season first team all SEC QB but I think preseason should go to Corral.
too stupid, not to stupid. Maybe you are TOO stupid
No, Ole Miss by far did the best against Bama. It was tied going into the fourth quarter 42-42. Sure the final score was closer in the Florida game but I can assure you Ole Miss fared better against Bama than Florida.
Georgia and Clemson will both be in the top 4 because they want to hype up that game as much as they can. Preseason rankings mean nothing but it will look like a much larger game if it is 1 vs 3 than it would if it was 3 vs 6. Still big but 1 vs 3 gets more hype
This is next season, not this past season CFB
12-1 with a win over Clemson and the loan loss to Bama would have them as a 2 seed.
I heard he wants to finish his career as Bill Belichicks personal "assistant" ;)
But who would have gotten in that was legitimately better than Notre Dame and Ohio State? I keep hearing this but I couldn't tell you one team better. 2 loss Oklahoma didn't deserve it, Cinncy lost to Georgia, and Florida didn't deserve it either. They only team you could make an argument for would be A&M but Bama already showed what it could do to them. And you could say A&M was playing better later in the season, but so was Bama. So I ask again, who was a better and more deserving team than either Notre Dame or Ohio State?
I don't understand why every draft "expert" doesn't have Smith number 2 overall. He is a franchise changer and he has proven himself countless times. He's Devonte Adams or DeAndre Hopkins type
That's kinda what happens when you win the National Championship.
A little surprised we didn't at least receive a vote after the bowl game
Rivera, Judge, and Mccarthy were all hired this year. Rivera may have been hired "first" but they all have been a coach in the NFC east for 1 season.