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you went from "not trying to be gay" to "creepy old man" in one sentence. Pretty impressive honestly
In 4 consecutive weeks Ole Miss has/had At Florida Home vs Arkansas At State Home vs LSU We also have to play Vandy
Correct, Archie has been involved in the hiring of coaches in some form for a little while now.
I think he will return. I think he definitely SHOULD return. He got better as the season went on and a season without distractions could probably only help.
alright douche. It looks like you're a Bama fan... I literally said Bama should have worse odds, which is a complement. You do realize that right? Nowhere in my "opinion" did I mention anything about Ole Miss, it was about Loyola Chicago. Can you read okay or do you need someone to translate the English language for you?
The fact that Loyola is that high is kind of funny. Seriously that high after 1 win? Alabama, Florida State, and Arkansas should all have worse odds in my opinion. I guess it's because they are in the weakest part of the bracket?
South Alabama would win a much larger margin than 35-28. This was Alabama State
SEC Dude you didn't list your team either
Who gives a crap what my logo is? This doesn't have anything to do with Ole Miss. I just find it a little funny and will have to disagree. I would love for Arkansas to beat Michigan in the finals, but I don't think that it will happen.
Hey Joe, can you tell me what the final score was to the game in which LSU beat Ole Miss by 10? I bet you can't because that didn't happen. We have played LSU ONCE. Where did you get your information that we played twice?
Drinkwitz and Pittman to cooperate toward an SEC Championship? You and only you want this. If you're a true fan of your team, you don't give a sh*t about other teams, and neither do the coaches.
I don't think it was 2013 when he was fired from LSU
Luis Rodriquez may not have great defensive stats - I actually don't know them... but he is a hell of a defender. Never takes a play off and is extremely active
Well this is the crap take of the year. Primetime volleyball over basketball is actually hilarious.
Came here to say that. I couldn't understand what he was talking about. At least translate it into something that people can read and understand.
"Most games the starter would win Chase would win," is bogus. Maybe if the starter is Daniel Jones or Dwayne Haskins. But 90% of quarterbacks in the NFL would win far more games than Chase Daniel. That is why he has been a career backup. If he could win games any other QB can win, he would be a starter.
Ole Miss has to win SEC tourney. Even with a win we would still be a 12 seed
Ole Miss had the number 1 rushing offense in the SEC in 2020 and has every single person who carried the ball returning with the exception of Elijah Moore who only had 14 carries...
Go ahead and fire Cal. I know 13 other SEC teams that would be more than happy to take him