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Didn't read it but I'll tell you why. His roster sux
Very unlikely Cisse or B. Murray play, Adam
Yeah that's ludicrous. If we lose to Tulane we will be lucky to get to 7
I find it odd that you have 25 questions (2 about Ole Miss) and you failed to mention the Dart/Sanders "competition." That is obviously the biggest question when it comes to Ole Miss and probably a top 5 or 6 question in all of the SEC.
Ole Miss was the worst team in the SEC this year and went 3-1 against the Big 10 conference champs Maryland. Additionally, we went 8-1 total against the Big 10. There is no doubt in my mind that if any SEC team played in the Big 10, they would be a top 16 seed.
That is exactly what a salvage is. Winning the last game when the other team has won the first two.
You're on crack if you think Phil has a good chance to win
Where did it say Ole Miss was awarded the win? It clearly states it is ruled a no contest. That means neither team was awarded a win and neither team was awarded a loss.
You do realize this game was not in Oxford, right? It was in Jackson, home of the MS Braves. Southern Miss is closer to Jackson than Ole Miss is.
That's what all 13 other SEC coaches are doing right now. They know how good of a coach Beard is and they know that as long as he is here, Ole Miss will not be an easy win.
Excellent job by Carter and staff if it holds true
Calvin Harris was an outfielder by necessity last year because Hayden Dunhurst was the catcher. Calvin is a catcher this year. He will be drafted as a catcher. He has not played a single pitch in the outfield this year. Come on Joe, it really isn't that hard.
That's awesome. Not as awesome as the camera angle though
Ole Miss/Tulane in NOLA could have made the list. Possible that both teams will be ranked. Who cares about Tennessee UVA? Tennessee will be a 3 touchdown favorite and probably cover
Made more $? I don't think so. Look at what they both made last year. AJ is also a few years younger. He's a better player than JuJu and it's not close.
I guess Henry couldn't transfer back with him. We could use him to mix in with Q next year
Ole Miss/USC play in 25/26, so you're going to get it.
Not really. They have a top 25 NET. How would you justify them not being an 8 seed? The selections are based largely on net rankings and other metrics. Not as much on the eye test.
What are you talking about Joe? Allen Greene? Keith Carter has been the AD for about 4 years now. Come on now.
There is always something to disagree with and gripe about, but leaving the Cruz missile off of the honorable mention list is puzzling. Perfect on extra points and 15-17 on field goals with a long of 53 and the only misses coming from 39 and 51.
Probably some recency bias but '14 and '15 should be higher IMO.
He is currently employed by ABC/ESPN