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now do next weeks State vs Alabama! I say 52-3. That is, if State can move the ball into field goal range.
What a stupid comment. Bama is arguably the most talented team in the country on offense and Ole Miss doesn't face an offense close to as good as Bama the rest of the year. It's actually a lot of mediocre offenses like Auburn, South Carolina, and Vandy, and State. LSU may be the only game on paper we would have to win in a track meet.
Didn't really "allow" 33 points though... Corral threw 2 pick sixes.
Why is Kiffin on the cover of this article if it doesn't mention him or Ole Miss once?
I thought that was a reasonable question. Your reply back made no since. Tough to say you can comfortably beat arguably the best team in the SEC when you almost lost to a middle of the road team in the SEC.
Kentucky doesn't play defense? Okay...