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3 transfers who will make an immediate impact including Otis Reese. 2 Juco who will make an immediate impact. Maybe a few freshmen will but I'm not really even talking about them
This is the first time I can remember where every SEC team thinks they will be better than they were the previous year. With the exception of Florida(maybe) and Alabama because they can only go down or stay the same after last year.
Defense will be much better than that. A lot more talent coming in
He knew his playing time was going to be limited. Defense will be much better this year.
Why is every team listed by their "first name" except for Virginia Tech? Kind of odd
And Ole Miss. Not quite as bad as Arkansas but Ole Miss should have won that game
hahah well we don't play for the next 3+ years but okay. When a mediocre football team is the best thing you can bring to the SEC that's pretty poor. Also you didn't win 2 titles. You won your division. Just about everyone can say they won their division in the last 10 years in one of the 3 major sports.
Just curious, who are those 7 schools? Bama UGA Florida Tennessee LSU Auburn A&M? South Carolina? Arkansas?
Missouri brings nothing to the SEC, other than St. Louis
She's FOXs number one sideline reporter. She's got a much better gig than what she had/would have at ESPN
And then he should have followed up with "Is Missouri in the south east, since this is the southeastern conference"
Brady Allen literally was second on the team in average and homers and Thomas Farr was the Friday night starter...
But they are football team has not been good
Would normally agree but Mike Mac has done a pretty good job
Lol this has nothing to do with Arch Manning. This is the main athletic building on campus for the football players and it is named after Archie and Eli.