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I agree @tidefan8x5, Young has done exceptionally well. A 72% comp percentage game is nice. He's also a sophomore. Heck of a QB.
Great hire for LSU if they get Stoops! Great choice.
Lane deserves it. 6-1 is an awesome record and I'm very proud to be a Rebel. Will be a tough one against Auburn this weekend, but they can get it done.
We don't care at this point. It's time to focus on LSU. Sure we didn't like the look, but it's past us. Why are you so worried about Ole Miss? Like it's almost creepy how obsessed you are with them.
I'm glad they're honoring Eli. He'll always be looked at as a legend at Ole Miss. I'm sure some of this has to do with wanting to get Arch Manning to Ole Miss also. Whatever happens, this moment should honestly be about Eli. Hope our fans show up and give full support. Attendance has really been a letdown this season.
Wow! 215 of 284 passes is impressive. I've noticed Will Rogers is getting better and better. I really do feel like Leach is building this team up. It may not have happened fast, but this team is building momentum. Give it time under Leach and good things will happen.
Nevermind, Kentucky is ranked ahead of Ole Miss in this new AP poll. Regardless, Kentucky I believe has earned a top 10 ranking.
I agree. I think Kentucky should be ahead of Ole Miss at this moment. Kentucky is playing great football right now and is very talented. The Florida and LSU wins are big and have earned a higher ranking. I understand your frustration and wish Kentucky the best of luck this year.
Makes me wonder how the defenders will play against Tennessee. Arkansas has a great offense and by the looks of it, Tennessee is clicking also. That Tennessee game worries me to be honest. The Vols have built up some confidence and are looking like a decent team. Bet it's going to be electric in Neyland stadium this Saturday. Hope it's a going to be a good game.
I'll admit, it was funny when it happened. The thing is Alabama kicked Ole Miss's ass. I hope this is something Lane can avoid. It's not a good look and is a little embarrassing the way the game turned out. Ole Miss was nowhere near Bama's level that game.
Football is rough for Vandy right now, but they have a great fanbase in Basketball and Baseball. I do hope that Vandy can find a spark in their football team soon. It really goes to show how much of a great job James Franklin did while he coached at Vandy.
Good read! It's really been such a great first few weeks of college football. It just seems like it's getting better and better each week. So many great SEC games to choose from this weekend. I'm really excited to watch Georgia and Arkansas go at it. I hate that game is scheduled for 11AM CT. Seems like that should be a primetime game. Also hoping Ole Miss and Alabama will have a competitive game this weekend.
*Correction* Packed until the end of the 4th quarter.
As a fan, I really appreciate how hard the team has been playing. I didn't get to make the Tulane game, but I promise I'll be at the rest giving them the best energy I have. I hope every game at home for the rest of the year is packed until the 4th quarter. It sucks how many people stay in the grove while the game is going on.
I'd pick State to win, but Memphis does have an impressive home winning streak. The atmosphere for that game will be fun. Memphis is no easy win at all. Which everyone knows that, but as an Ole Miss fan, we know it a little more =(. Best of luck to both teams.
I hope he stays as well. Kiffin brings good energy to Ole Miss and I really want to see the full potential.
I know Arkansas has to play Georgia Southern first, but that A&M game coming up is going to be fun to watch. A potential top 20 matchup in Arlington. You already know those tickets are going to be hot. Arkansas could be looking at a top 10 rank if they beat the Aggies.
I like this rating. A lot of detail that is completely true. My biggest concern for this game was penalty's and having to force 4th downs. I'm hoping more 3rd downs will be converted in SEC games. I worry about some of these defenses in the SEC that might give Ole Miss trouble on 4th downs.
The calls were correct. The thing is, I believe the rule needs to be changed to some extent. Depending on the severity and intention of the targeting, the player shouldn't get ejected from the game. Give them a warning and the team penalty yards if it's not flagrant. After the 2nd warning, the player gets ejected.
Yeah, I agree. Florida has some great options at QB. I just don't see Florida going under 10-2. Those 2 would be a loss to Georgia and Bama at worst. I pick Florida to beat Georgia though. Georgia has a great defense, but will have trouble against Florida. Even with a loss to Alabama during the regular season, at least there's a chance to play them again in the SEC championship. Mullen isn't going anywhere.
Ole Miss played a good game on both sides of the ball. The defense let down some during the 4th quarter. I noticed Ole Miss didn't give up big yardage to Louisville, which was nice to see. Will have to wait and see how the defense turns out. As long as Ole Miss plays Bama competitively, I'll be happy. Bryce Young looked unstoppable against Miami on Saturday.
Hopefully the Rebs can keep the momentum. 3 teams I worry about are Bama, A&M, and Auburn. Arkansas and Miss St are also two teams that seem to ALWAYS give Ole Miss headaches. I picked 8 or 9 wins this season for the Rebs. If the defense can play hard like they did against Louisville, maybe Ole Miss can can sit 2nd in the West. First games are always hard to tell how the season will unfold.
Campbell was all over the field last night. I was impressed with his open field tackling. As an Ole Miss fan, it's so refreshing to see a player like him on the defensive side. A lot of improved players out there. Hoping this momentum can keep up defensively.
Keep rolling them in Kiffin! Trust the process and #ComeToTheSip
A&M does have a lot of potential this year. I picked them to be 2nd in the West. That will be a must see game vs. Alabama.
I'm calling a respective 7-8 win regular season. Could see Ole Miss playing in the Peach bowl if they pickup some big wins. The schedule seems more favorable considering the Offensive talent that's on the table. Defense has to be better to up the regular season record.
It would be nice to see another offensive battle with Ole Miss and Alabama. It was a refreshing game to see last year since Bama has dominated Ole Miss the past few years. Ole Miss doesn't have the defense, but maybe the game can go into another offensive battle.