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Ole Miss was playing very well before the pandemic. Ready to see what them Rebs do!!
Co.e on to Oxford. We've had a pretty good track record with receivers the last few years.
I'd say Chadwell from Coastal, or Freeze. Both had crazy good seasons and played a hell of a bowl game as well.
Congratulations young man. Well deserved Heisman Winner. Great player, hopefully the giants draft him!!! Lol
Good luck in the championship game. I like coach Saban, but I just can't say RT...sorry. lol
SEC teams have beaten up on each other all year. No off games. Ole Miss numbers suck on defense, against SEC schools. We took a "MEDIOCRE" and beat the second best team in the little 10. That's the "numbers" i look at. We have a bright future in Oxford.
As the season draws close to an end, id like to say I appreciate the " good game" comments from the other school fans. We beat up on each other and talked trash all year long. Then come together as SEC fans during bowl week. I cheered for state, Georgia, Kentucky, etc during the last few days. Hopefully A&M gets a win tonight and Bama brings home a national championship for the SEC. Good luck guys.
We were missing 3/4 of our offense and 6 defense starters...so great observation there.
Congrats to the CATS as well, man you guys smoked em on the ground today.
Just goes to show how good the sec is, we played an all sec schedule and our defense was horrible. Played a great game today with less help
It is a funny sugestion, and Coach Saban does like to revamp fired coaches,but....I don't see the GusBus rolling in to Tuscaloosa. Lol
The only way they "SHOCK" bama is if the whole team plays armed with a taser in their hands.
Don't feel bad matt corral with throw 5 in the first half on Saturday. So he won't be the worst QB in a SEC bowl game.
Guarantee you if they were playing in the CFP they would play ...no question. So playing for the school that gave you a chance to make it to the NFL doesn't matter. As long as you get yours I guess.
ND has a better case than OSU. OSU plays in a weak conference,so does Clemson and ND.
I wish ole miss would have kept Coach Allen and made him HC instead of Matt Luke. Atleast our defense would have stayed consistant. We haven't had a decent defense since he left.
Whoever plays olemiss in the future just blitz a safety up the middle, Our QB can't see it, and then either throws an INT or just runs backwards trying to make a play and loses 10 plus yards. Instead of doing the obvious and just throw the dang ball away.