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Arkansas should be 3-1 and in the top 15
Yeah, good zone defense killed Corral , especially when you stare down a receiver like a hungry dog wanting food
Man hogs defense played lights out. Good win guys
Could've been worse. 6 is our magic number. 7 total turnovers by one guy. I'm hoping for 10 next week atleast we could set a record for something this year.
Plumlee is gone after this year. I think kiffins number before pulling a QB is 10. Almost got it, maybe next week.
Can't ever rely on ole miss to stay consistent. Tough to be an ole miss fan.
Yeah a good call. I think Arkansas was a little passed after last weeks game. You know the one where they should've won.
How many picks do you have to throw before you get benched. I think the magic number for Kiffin is 8, Corral just missed the mark. Good game hogs.
Shouldve revealed a new team the way this game is going....
Agree..don't think DC will survive another year. Not a typical Tide defense for sure. I think it boils down to Saban didnt want to lose to Lane,and Lane really wanted to beat Saban. They both like and have a lot of respect for each other.
I thought offensively we played Bama great. Defense, well thats been questionable so far this year. Bama outmatched us and thats that. We will get it on track hopefully.
How was Monday better than Corral who didn't even get mentioned. Had 72 yds rushing over 360 yds passing and 4tds...
No love for ole miss TE Kenny Yeboah or Qb Matt coral. Both had great games against Bama. Maybe they wasn't mentioned because it sisnt count because we had their defensive signals....
How was Mond better than Corall??
Our defense sure ain't going to help us.
Chad Morris did for Arkansas what Matt Luke hire did for Ole Miss. Set back for atleast 2 to 3 years...
Anyone else see Corso pick Texas to win the Alabama vs OleMiss game. Some announcers and sports TV personalities need to just hang it up.
Don't know. I hope you're right. Arkansas has a good defense, and boy did they get crapped on by the officials. We are definitely going to have to out score who ever we play. Our defense is literally the worst in college football
Ole Miss can make a bowl game. As bad I i hate to say it Arkansas will too. They should be 2-1