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Not all ole miss fans are up tight... I promise
Let's all address these state fans talking about how they're going to "snag Rogers" the St.Stan QB.. Do we need to flash back to Favre? He played at St.Stan... Was rated too high. State got him but what'd he do? Nothing. I watched Favre pass for a mhsaa record against my school in the play offs but guess what, he was still nothing. St. Stan is a joke, they'll skull drag my team every few years in the playoffs but the whole schools a joke.
Watched Their QB play in the south state title game this year @ Lawrence county. Hadn't heard of him until a few days before the game and heard that Ole Miss was looking at him. Hes nothing under pressure, he would throw the ball away in fear of taking a hit before he'd try to extend a play, he had a bad attitude and seemed like he wanted to run everything but other than that he's an athlete for sure. Can sling it... But I wouldn't want him personally he didn't show up when LC had their MLB blitzing and definitely didn't show up against NC in the title game.
Ah Nevermind, little reading comprehension prob lol. Should've Re-read..
"The No. 3 Rebels followed up their Oct. 20, 2014 cover mention by losing five days later 10-7 to No. 24 LSU." We played LSU October 25th...
Living not too far away from Germantown, Knotts Highschool, I've been following him for quite some time now and this one hurt the most to me because it's something about him that's special. Either way Congrats on the Commitment!
You're pathetic, DD2. Your parents need to show you more attention.
This is Football, not basketball. Learn your place!
"The 6-foot-2, 195-pound quarterback passed for 2,248 yards and 38 touchdowns last year at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla." He didn't transfer from Calvary Baptist until July of this year, please do your research!
So that means he will beat state again?
You're* The grove is the Number 1 Tailgating spot in the nation IMO and many other sport analysts and magazines rate it in their top 3, if you have never been there don't knock it. I was there October 4th, 2014 remember that day? I do.
Dak..... Poor poor Dak. Could you quit trolling Ole Miss and focus on that degree you never got at MSU?
WHAT? How did Dakattack let this even get to the shelves? Looks like someone's out of a job, next stop TARGET! Poor Dak, quit trolling SDS and focus on the stocking.
Exclude this, phone glitched up mid typing.
It's not a SEC storied but the 30 For 30 On Marcus Dupree is my favorite Documentary on College Football. What a athlete he was! I also like the 30 for 30 Ghost of Ole Miss even though it's not big on football it still shows the horrific past and really gives you a great story of the 1962 Season and struggles of Mississippi.
And here's where I agree with Bamatime, DD2 you're the dumbest kid I have ever seen, I myself am 15 years old. I once saw you get put to shame on here and your reply was "lol I'm 15" lol you're an annoying troll, no one here likes you. You know nothing about College Football other than stupid stereotypes, or the same old phrase "lol 2 conference wins" or "doormat of the SEC" as you talk about Alabama being consisted of trailer parks Georgia is just as trashy.
Apparently in DD2 eyes everyone Is the doormat.. Mhhm.
DD2, I remember seeing your dumbass getting roasted on here once, what made it so much better was your reply was "Lol I'm 14" well, I'm 15 and I actually know some football and you sir have no excuse for trolling and being a dumbass on almost every article, if you don't think Arkansas will be a better team this year, well you should just get ready because they will be and Georgia will do the same old thing it does every single year. Choke.
Idaho holds like 16k I think, not 40.
Dak, that's really funny since MSU players have been getting in trouble left and right this off-season, how about you worry about MSU and stay off of Ole Miss post? Oh yeah that's right you can't because you're obsessed with us, did you watch the #GroveBowl also?
1. He's a obvious troll. 2. Don't put a entire stamp on a state because of one person, that would be like me saying the entire state of Georgia are Idiots because you don't know how to spell you're.