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Love the cheese! Love the steaks! Stick to what you are good at. Ole Miss will provide the football teams & Miss America's.
Your boys got lit up in the Egg Bowl! More like run over. Judd & Wilkens!!!
Did not beat Ole Miss. You won on bad call.
No one here has given any credit to the piggies?
But we did win AT Bama. Didn't really think we would be ranked this week, but we got beat by 2 good teams.
Herbie is irreverent. I just mute him and corso. Keep putting on that elephant head. We got the last laugh. No disrespect. I am enjoying the win and last year's also.
Do not like replacement Danny Kanell. He hates the SEC.
I refuse to go to any games in any sport @ msu because of bells. My way of protesting.
Heehee! Did we destroy their season or what? No bell & they had NO reason to yell. Sack prescott on butt most of game.
As a Rebel fan, I have no remorse for AU. They got what they deserved. You lived by the turnover the week before, you died by it this week. Rebs had you beat when Treadwell went down.