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We all understand that. If you were on the other side of this outcome, you would not be spewing such crap. Man up or shut up.
No, Petrino was fired for cause and never appealed that decision.
Ha! We need to press the envelope hard, be prepared to fight (something his teams rarely did) to the end and make him wonder if he really wants a jury trial in Washington county. Then, when he comes with an offer, we agree to settle for less than full. Happens every day. I see it in my industry all the time. We would be fools to just say here it is boss. Anything saved is a win, again something he struggled to do.
I know several Buffs fans and a few alumnus. They act nothing like Snot Luv and most understand they, just like Arkansas, will have their highs and lows, would never disparage my Hogs nor I there Buffs. They have been there and in a blink, could be again. It comes down to this.....some folks are just a jackass. .
i never hated Bielema and he brought more to the team than John L Smith and Chad Morris. i didn’t get off the Bielema bandwagon until the last season. his teams continually blowing big leads in then final had was too much for me to stay supportive. Chad was never anything to get excited about. i am pretty excited about Pittman though. his ability to recruit players and coaches gives me hope.
Good started with the internet and anti-social media people’s ability to be an anonymous a-hole. Keep politics and BS lies off our sports boards please.
Could be completely wrong, but I betcha he was told by new coaching staff, it would be wise to do so.
OK coach B. Your contact required you to seek meaningful HC jobs or at a minimum mitigate you pay out salary as much as possible. Your BS phony salary with New England just “happens” to be the exact same amount that was exempt from offset? Go troll somewhere else.
More clickbait articles from SDS, right up there In the top 10 of “will write anything to get a click”. Who cares if JSJ starts or not, KJ will get plenty of opportunity to win the Job this season and in the spring, which I expect him to. JSJ will make a great #2 at that time. He’s one hell of a lot better than the two transfers we have now. JSJ has played well, got more snaps and if he wants to start him I’m fine with it. Besides, do you want to write the check Jerry does?
Will not happen. Should not happen. I’m a lifelong Hog fan and hate to lose like anyone else, but you cannot fire coaches after 2 years. You think it’s bad now, it’ll be worse if we start that mess.
Dumb article, from a Missouri grad. You can find fools from any fan base who tweets dumb stuff
I can't believe you guys actually printed this BS. Some liar, writes that crap on a message board anonymously and unverifiable, really?
Good luck Sprink. Ive done immature things in my past. Learn, grow, dont repeat.
The Irish dont claim you and neither do the cajuns.
BMFP has always been, is now, and will forever be a dirtbag. Yea, we had a couple good years, but he was never going to stay anyway.
Or Bama. One hell of a coach and good team. Dont resond to haters of any fan base, its a waste of timeand not how 99% feel. Congrats
Thats fine with Hog fans. We will see soon enough.
Well, here is your answer. No you dont have it straight
I'm guessing you didn't go to Bama, or even high school based on the mature handle you chose and the high quality composition skills on display. Suspect most Bama fans wont even like your posts. By the way, Does Ms Brown know you are playing with your phone in her 8th grade gender identification class?
another SDS (National Enquirer of Sports) click bait. Classless to even run the article in my opinion.
And watch all angles of the so called "drawing penalty" and listen to his press conference on the issue. Look, he's no saint and I don't agree with some of what he says. However, I do respect he says what he is thinking and in this day and age of puss PC hysteria, it's refreshing. Good luck the rest of the way Bamacounsel, y'all have a good team and I hope you bring the NC back to the SEC.