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Maybe because their defense is complete BoBo
The name "The University of Mississippi" refers to the academic institution, while "Ole Miss" refers to that institution's athletic teams. The moniker of the Ole Miss athletic teams is "Rebels." Designed in 1937, Col. Reb became the official sideline mascot in 1979, serving as such until 2003. From 2004 through 2009, there was no official mascot,and thereby no scholarship could be awarded for a mascot, which is typical at most colleges. In 2010, after a student vote, Rebel the Black Bear was selected as the new mascot, Mississippi formerly being home to a large population of American Black Bear. In 2017 it was announced that a new mascot had been selected, Tony the Landshark, for the 2018-19 school year. The name "Landshark" and associated hand gesture (an outstretched hand with fingers together, held vertically up to one's forehead to signify a shark's dorsal fin above water) came to prominence during the 2008 season when the late Tony Fein (1982-2009), who had previously served in the US Army as a Delta Reconnaissance Scout before joining the Rebels football team, made the gesture (possibly taken from the film Any Given Sunday) during the Rebels's 31-30 upset over Florida, prompting then defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix to begin referring to his defensive squad as "Landsharks." The name "Tony the Landshark," who wears jersey number 47, is in honor of Tony Fein, his contributions to the military, and his commitment to Ole Miss. Sadly Tony passed away from an accidental drug overdose in 2009. The Landshark name and hand gesture reemerged in 2014 when the Rebel defensive unit was ranked as the best in the nation, and the hand gesture has become a staple of all Ole Miss athletics in the years since.