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Most of us hog fans just prefer a person a bit more qualified. Maybe someone who has been on the job for more than 2 years.
I agree Wisconsin is far better than Alaska (sorry had to haha). It's simple why he came to AR money talks. We are in the top tier of coaching salaries even if he is undeserving. We pay almost $2 million more than Wisconsin does. That big of an increase will suck just about anyone in I would say. The guy did well at Wisconsin...we just overestimated his ability to take that to the SEC. He certainly pulled the wool over our AD's eyes with his shiny looking resume.
Eh money talks and we pay the head hog an absurdly high salary to consistently lose. As one of the higher paid coaches in the country it would be appealing to a lot of coaches I would imagine. Although I would have my doubts about all of these guys for multiple reasons.
Breaks my heart almost brings a tear to my eye to hear Mike is so ill. I always loved seeing him and his predecessor any time I was in Baton Rouge. Flowers are a small gesture to show that we are all one big SEC family. Geaux Mike hope you get well soon we are pulling for you!
They cheated and we still almost beat them were it not for a last minute screw up. They had to vacate the win. There is no Sugar Bowl victor for 2011. They lost their coach over it and were sanctioned by the NCAA. They are a no good whiny cheating school who plays in a cupcake conference.
Wait a minute werent they one of the biggest whiners about the BCS not being fair and we needed a playoff? lol I do not loathe a school more than I do Ohio state (dont even want to call them OSU because that is Oklahoma State). They are nothing but a bunch of whiny cheaters.
Its pretty sad counting all the ranked teams on the list that the hogs beat yet we arent ranked... O but by all means rank all those BIG10 wannabes what a joke AP.
That Northwestern fan came prepared...its like he knew how over hyped his team was this year and how bad Tennessee was going to stomp them.
I sure was hoping we would keep him for another year but, I would say this pretty well seals the deal. He will be dearly missed, best of luck to him.
NO! We love Enos. He arguably saved our entire season. Thank goodness Bielema has a no compete clause built in. I think Enos has great potential would love to keep him around a few more seasons to see what he can do.
We thumped them a few years ago in the Cotton Bowl when they had a better team. We should thump them again but we dont want to go in too confident. Just gotta go in and play a complete game.
I agree Oklahoma should blow Clemson out. You must be thinking about Clemsons team last year? Surely you dont mean the Clemson that almost lost to South Carolina this year...BOOMER SOONER on this one. I am excited to see a Bama vs OU battle for the Championship.
Good luck finding someone to replace him that can even come close to his record it wont happen. Les is an incredible coach hes just had a few down seasons the last few years (if you can call 3 losses a down season). I would love to have him here. Anyone is a better play caller than Bert.
Les is one of the best coaches in the country and I would wager 80-90% of schools would love to have him. He is coaching in the toughest conference in college football and still has a heck of a record. Aside from Saban he is the most successful coach in the SEC. Who could you possibly replace him with that would do a better job? It would be difficult...sure hes one of the highest paid coaches and thats attractive but theres just not a whole lot of known/proven coaching talent out there that could effectively replace him. Were he coaching LSU in say the BIG10 he would go undefeated every year. You have to be realistic with your expectations in the SEC. LSU would be foolish to replace the mad hatter at this point.
As I tell everyone I talk to about the game Saturday. This is a fact we know...someone has to win lol! It may look like 2 peewee teams out there making stupid mistakes all game long but one of them will get a win!
Unfortunately, we are stuck with him thanks to ole Jeffy signing him up with a big ole buyout. From Bielemas point of view who needs to win when you are one of the highest paid coaches in the country regardless?
I agree we are pretty set on QB for the next few years. Would make a lot more sense for him to go to Florida to get play time.