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Over Matt Corral? It does seem a little premature without question.
Did you watch our dbs play last year? Haha!
Ole Miss had a borderline 5 star kid commit at tight end, Hudson Wolfe. I imagine he'll get a crack at tight end as well. If the D-line ends up being serviceable, and it should with major recruiting additions, this could be an interesting team to watch.
I know this is related to recruiting rankings, but if we are talking about college and NFL production in recent years, Ole Miss has to be up there.
I would not discount Jerrion Ealy of Ole Miss from being on this list at year's end.
I really think Ole Miss is being overlooked for next year. It was defense that haunted Ole Miss. Seems Kiffin addressed that in this class with juco d linemen, plus almost all of the defense returns. If you look at Ole Miss' schedule, they could win 9-10 games next year.
Would have been even better if Ole Miss had started a big fight after winning culminating in one of our players kicking a player in the face and then running off scared....followed by bragging about in on social media. That would have capped off a great year....
Yes, and Ole Miss had their top 4 offensive players out...75% of their offensive production. So, this goes both ways. I still think IU's coach is an excellent one.
You serious, Clark? Other than Saban's inaugural season at Bama in 07, he's only loss 3 games once in a season. In the meantime his recruiting has gotten better. I honestly don't think they'll lose 3 next year. They might not win another championship, but to think that LSU will be better than Bama next year is just silly.
Ole miss will get slapped around in this one I'm afraid. Too many players out due to opt outs or injury. Plus, Indiana is top 10. Could get ugly. Hope I'm wrong...
Yes, he is the CEO of Alabama football. Even if you say that his assistants recruit them, well, he hired the assistants. Also, he built the culture that now allows them to cherry pick players that they want. This is all Saban's doing. He deserves coach of the year almost every year, to be honest. But, we live in a culture where honors have to be spread around no matter who the most deserving is.
Nick Saban should absolutely be the coach of the year. They haven't lost a game and probably will not. Don't understand the mindset that because he has a loaded team (he recruited them!) that almost lost (they won!), that he shouldn't win COY. Strange....
Were it not for bad officiating, Auburn would have ended the season 4-6 with additional losses to Arkansas and Ole Miss.
I agree. Leach will turn it around if time is given to him to do so.
Arnett is an excellent coach. Kudos to Leach for finding him and taking a chance on him.
Maybe not. Just doesn't seem like Leach has you guys on an upward trend. But, despite me being an OM fan, I want to see Leach succeed. He is a breath of fresh air with his honesty! Love his press conferences.
I obviously an Ole Miss fan, but I truly love Mike Leach. Unsure how he made it so long in Washington State without being canceled, but the dude is genuine and unafraid to say what he thinks. It is refreshing.
State losing commits and staffers now. Tough time to be a State fan.
Zero chance Tennessee loses to the team that wants to "play like a girl." Zero.
Train wreck in Baton Rouge with Eddie O. Ole miss fans saw this coming a mile away. Surprised it took so long, to be honest.
Outlier. One game. I get it. But coaches would rather have Corral than a couple of guys on this top 10 list.
Lebby for Ole Miss hasn't had a bad year.
Oh, and by the way, Kenny Yeboah, tight end for Ole Miss, has more yards per game and the same number of TDs are Wydermyer as well.
You are right...I bet most coaches would rather have Jalen Wydermyer over Matt Corral.
I'm not bashing LSU by making that comment. LSU is the better program. No doubt. But I think right now even the most avid LSU fan would agree that this seems train wreckish.....
What a train wreck in Baton Rouge! Orgeron struck gold last year with his assistants.