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Hmmmm....Leo Lewis? Oh yeah, I forgot....State is clean as they come in recruiting.
As an Ole Miss fan, Mullen took the Egg Bowl rivalry way too the point of making it toxic. Even after he declared that State "would never lose to Ole Miss again," they did lose. Yet, he said, "I stand by my comments." He is just a loud mouth, arrogant turd. And I think even State fans see that now. However, dude can coach! No doubt!
So, to point #4: Somehow in your mind this is evidence that Ole Miss is calling out a prominent SW Mississippi coach? Wow! So, Ole Miss either made this story up and disseminated it through Godfrey or we coached Leo to say this? I'm totally confused on how point 4 could be construed the way you did....
That is plausible. My point is this, State fans need to get off of their moral high horse acting like they are cleaner than the TSUN Black Bears. Dude, flipped his commitment on the eve of signing day to take money from State. And y'all are screaming "karma," like we are getting what we deserve....
Doesn't matter at this point. The media has made up its mind that Ole Miss is to blame. State fans will just say that the writers are just making stuff up about Leo. I still never could figure out why State fans assumed that we offered him boatloads of cash and yet he turned all that down to attend school, payment free, in beautiful Starkville....
My only issue with Jones is that the SEC East has been so weak the last few years. I would think that some of the discontent has to do with that. 9-4 is normally great, but not when Vandy, SC, Kentucky, and Mizzou are in your division. Those teams haven't exactly been 10 wins teams lately. There is no reason that TN shouldn't have won more games under Jones. From the outside looking in he seems like a fair coach, good recruiter, and an awesome talker!
As an Ole Miss fan, I am shocked that Ed Orgeron can't manage a roster....
Biggest hypocritical liar on earth (with a capital E)? Wow! Yes, this is an easy claim to measure...
I agree. However, these are direct quotes from these previous coaches. And Warner was fired by Freeze so he has every reason to try to hurt Freeze but does the opposite. I am starting to believe that Barney Farrar was doing this stuff on his own.
It shames me that Ole Miss is the only SEC school to cheat...oh wait...we are just too dumb to cover our tracks like the big boys.
As an Ole Miss fan all I know for sure is that is a glorious mullet! Simply perfect!
Who recruited Mullen's roster? Oh yeah, Mullen did. Should he get a pass for not having as talented of a roster as others?
Here's the deal, recruiting and football wins and losses aside, this has and will continue to hurt the economy of Mississippi. When the program isn't putting a quality product on the field people quit going to games, buying merchandise, etc. Until this investigation is over Ole Miss cannot recruit and fans will remain frustrated. If Ole miss cheated, penalize them...but there is no way in the world it should take 4 YEARS to figure this out! No way at all. There simply needs to be a cap on the time the NCAA can drag an investigation out.
I agree. What is done is done. But why are people saying this is ok because she hit him first. That's ridiculous!
All you "men" saying "she shouldn't have attacked him" are pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! A man should never hit a woman unless his life is truly in danger....Mixon's wasn't. He should have walked away! You guys are truly twisted who think what he did was ok!
I agree! Ole Miss is really bad on defense. Any team with a mediocre rushing attack will likely beat my Rebs.
It is interesting that many analysts don't realize that of our likely starting five there is a ton of experience. Media makes it out like we are starting 5 brand new guys. Junior Rod Taylor at left tackle (former 5 star) started as a true freshman but got injured last year. Javon Patterson (former 5 star) started as a true freshman last year and played really well. Robert Conyers (former 3 star) is a fifth year senior with vast starting experience. Jordan Sims (former 3/4 star) started as a redshirt freshman mid way through last year and more than held his own. Sean Rawlings (former 3 star) started about half the games last year as a redshirt freshman and graded higher than any of our linemen not named Laremy Tunsil. On top of those starting five we have Greg Little (consensus 5 star, top O Tackle from 2016 signing class), Redshirt Freshman Alex Givens (former 4 star) and Junior Daronte Bouldin (former 3 star) with lots of backup experience. Also have freshman Bryce Matthews (former 4 star). In other words, our O line shouldn't be the weakness most analysts are predicting. In fact, I think it'll be a strength, especially the interior. My fear is our safeties!
Wow! Loser mindset? I simply said our rushing attack by our running backs wasn't dynamic. That's true. It was good but not dynamic. I think we will run it better this year.
Exactly. I am an ole miss fan through and through. But our rushing attack with our running backs wasn't dynamic. We should be vastly improved between the tackles this year.
As an Ole Miss fan I have no problems with our ranking here. Freeze's offenses have never produced a dynamite rushing attack. However, I think this is the first year he has had really good interior linemen and three bigger backs. I think we will be a tough running team this year. I'd be surprised if we weren't much improved rushing the ball.
He doesn't have to. Treadwell was the best receiver in the conference last year. I'd be surprised if String didn't have big numbers this year. I do agree with your logic though, Ole Miss is loaded at the WR position.
Nick Fitzgerald and Damian Williams are twice the qbs that Patterson is. He is a primadonna, they are hard working, bring your lunchbox and hardhat to work kind of kids...said all State fans everywhere.
Barring injury, I would be absolutely shocked is Demorea Stringfellow isn't on this last at the end of the season.
I also went back and watched the game recently and wile forget that Ole Miss dropped two interceptions that hit them right in the chest. One would have been a pick six. In other words, you can't pick and choose...
When a guy rejoices each time and Ole Miss players gets hurt, he doesn't need to be coaching anywhere!
Miles above Freeze in terms of coaching ability? Ok, I could see Miles being better at recruiting, but not coaching ability. That is how they are the least alike. Go watch the 2013 OM LSU game. LSU had 3 times the talent that year and Ole Miss won.
Pretty sure Rebel_LandSharks is a poser from another school...
Yes, because the negativity of the media and the ongoing investigation will totally strip our roster of talent...smh.