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I just don't understand SDS. They used to overly moderate any comments they didn't like, but now their comments sections are bombarded with spam. It is weird.
I know I'm about to sound like the old guy yelling, but athletes today are so soft. Wah....the grass isn't good enough for us to play on! Babies.
Not trying to be that guy, but from what I've read he'll end up being a high 4 star. I don't think new evals have happened yet.
As an Ole Miss fan, I would agree. I think Heupel over Kiffin is reasonable. Kiffin can't finish a season. Not sure if he is looking for a new job or leveraging for more money from Ole Miss. Either way, it has bitten him two years in a row now.
I understand that that was intended to be a slight to little old Ole Miss. However, it was a bad attempt. Cistrunk has not been a star at Ole Miss. He's been a backup. With Golding's 3-4 system he'll probably get a lot more playing time.
I thought the picture of Bobo was Kane, the Big Red Machine! Haha
Yes, because I clearly wrote that Ole Miss will have the best qb room in the country....
I disagree on Ole Miss on two points. One, I think that is one of the best QB rooms in the country on paper. Two, I think Dart will be the starter. He might not be by year's end, however.
Oh, I know he is a good OC. But he can't recruit (I know, it is Bama and they'll recruit well either way). But I think Bama could do way better than Mullen as OC. If they hire him, I'd feel like it was a mediocre hire.
Please hire Dan Mullen.....please hire Dan someone who would like to beat Alabama every now and then, please hire Dan Mullen...
So, prove to me how, from a winning percentage perspective, State is far superior to Vandy. Again, I state this fact: State .495 winning percentage; Vandy .485 winning percentage. You can emotionally argue the last 10 years if you like, but the facts remain. State and Vandy, historically, are VERY similar football programs.
All I know is that he gots to get away from social media and gots to gets into a bachelor level English class.
Actually I would agree with that at this point....haha
Historically is the key in what I wrote. You can't deny that historically State and Vandy are very similar in football in terms of winning percentage.
I still think Dart will start for Ole Miss.
Yeah, I just think it is funny that you think you are so much better than Vandy when historically your programs are VERY similar.
I guess you're technically right. State has a .495 all time winning percentage, while Vandy has a .485. Congrats!
And Gordon is a DT, not a LB. Dang....
Really hope you're joking on that one. You think he can beat out Dart but not Ashford? I don't get that logic at all....
Word on rivals ole miss site is that Howard to Ole Miss will be announced later today or tomorrow.
I would also add, will Kiffin quit going for it on 4th down 75% of the time regardless of field position? Haha
I would agree that Alabama was number 2 by year's end. I don't see the big outcry over this. Alabama wouldn't have lost 65-7 to Georgia that is for sure. I guess I could see Ohio State at 2, but I don't know....
VolfanFL, this is just another normal, everyday conversation among State fans. But, I agree, what did I just read? Haha
I hate to say it because I'd love for TCU to pull out the victory, but I think Georgia is going to rip them a new one. I don't think it'll be particularly close.
I bet Kiffin could figure out a way to use him....
Something tells me he'll do better in a Kiffin system than in a Fisher system. Haha!
Reescano flipped to Ole Miss a couple of days ago. Did you not even attempt to look that up?