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I think some teams are going to really regret not drafting Sam Williams, DE from Ole Miss. Kid is a stud. Didn't have a lot of support around him, but made lots of plays.
When overall talent level is pretty similar, then give me the better qb and better coach. Bama wins big tonight I think.
Corral would have had better stats than Young if he played on Alabama's offense too.
Uh, have you looked at OM's schedule? They will possibly start 6-0, 5-1 at worst. Troy, Central Ark, Georgia Tech, Tulsa, Kentucky, Vandy. Your statement of OM not winning two games next year is ignorant.
It's body of work though, right? Line up the games. Which schedule is tougher?
Rogers arm strength is the issue. And he isn't even the least bit mobile.
Nah, OM schedule is tougher. What would Baylor's record be against OM schedule? I doubt 10-2.
I still don't understand why Baylor would be ranked ahead of Ole Miss. Compare the schedules: Baylor: Texas St, Texas Southern, Kansas, Iowa St, Ok St, WV, BYU, Texas, TCU, Ok, K St, Texas Tech. Ole Miss: Louisville, Austin Peay, Tulane, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Liberty, TAMU, Vandy, MS St.
Heartbroken? Take this all a little too seriously, huh?
Corral is more talented. He will be a first round pick and I doubt Rogers will be drafter when his eligibility ends. However, Rogers fits Leach's system perfectly.
Based purely on stats it is Lanning. When you consider talent on the roster I'd go with Lebby.
This is a State win. I don't think they are more talented as the author of this article states. It is just really hard for OM to win at Starkville. And we are still beat up badly. I just can't see Ole Miss coming away with a W in this one.
In other words, Mullen didn't want to chance losing to Florida's rival.
Yes, this a prototypical Leach coached team. Look at his history. He will win 2-3 games a year he shouldn't and he will lose 2-3 games a year he shouldn't. And, for the record, I really like Leach. I think he is an excellent coach. And I think he is fun and good for college football. What bothers me is when State has a relatively good season (6-4 as of now) all of a sudden State fans come out offended that you're not ranked higher or that your qb is being considered as the best in the nation. It is weird.
There it is! I knew there would be at least one State fan offended by this article. Rogers should be the top qb on this list according to most State fans. You guys are so predictable.
Ok, let's use that reasoning. You were also a 4th quarter rally from losing to La Tech. You guys beat them by 1 point at home. See how this reasoning of yours is flawed? Of course you don't.
I don't think either Ole Miss or State will have issues attracting receivers. Ole Miss wanted him at DB and the kid wants to play WR. No issues with this.
I'm just glad that the nasty rhetoric that Mullen started is not being continued with Leach and Kiffin. The Mullen days made most fans not even want Ole Miss and State to play each other. It just wasn't fun. Glad it is becoming more tame.
Ok, you are probably right. NFL scouts would be foolish to draft Corral over Rogers. (S)
Sure, but if it was only passing stats then Leach's qb's would win it every year. Again, state fans are silly when they start having a little success (6-4 record).
Uh, every quarterback in Leach's system throws for oodles of yards. Rogers is playing great, but Corral is the better qb by far (and NFL scouts would agree). You state fans are so funny. One month ago, you were ready to fire Leach. Now, you guys think you're on the precipice of being unbeatable. Weird breed you guys are.
Yeah, don't know much about the kid. He was recruited as a DB. I didn't even know he had moved to receiver. This seems like a case of making room for someone else.
It would be funny, from an OM fan perspective, if Mullen went and got Arnett from MS St. Please do that, Dan.
Uh oh! It just got real Kentucky! Watch out!
Wesley McGriff seems like a great guy, recruiter, an DB coach. But, as an Ole Miss fan I can tell you that he is not a DC. Our team was historically bad defensively under him. Normally we were not even lined up correctly on most plays.
Corral, though hobbled, was 20-27 for 324 yards against Liberty last week. If that was a lackluster performance while hurt, then I'd love to see you definition of a stellar performance.
Would be awesome! If you smeeeeeeeeellllllllll what I'm cooking!
It'll be a smattering of boos and cheers. As bad of shape as Freeze left our program, he did take us to 2 access bowls and beat Alabama twice.
When you are coached by Nick Saban and have won 5 championships (I think) in the last 10 years....yeah, you should get the benefit of the doubt. Alabama would destroy Cincinnati, Oregon, and Mich St.