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How abbout a 13 GAME ROUND ROBIN. nO championship game
I agree that my Tigers have too much to replace, but Bratton must be smoking something to dismiss Alabama in favor of A&M. I've not been impressed with Kellen Mond at QB
they are not the same. every year 11,000 to 60,000 people die in the US from Flu. Puts things in perspective doesn't it? This outbreak is a media event.
Brennan has the arm, he has maturity, he has great receivers, AND HE HAS A GREAT OFFENSIVE SYSTEM. I don't think those figures are unrealistic. This ain't you daddy's offense anymore.
I'm expecting a two-year career for Brennan of 8000 yds, 70+ TD, an SEC championship, a CFP appearance.
This is how I see the 2020 offense: Brennan, 3400 yds, 32TD 6 Int. Tigers rely more on RBs than last year. Defense: more old school, hardnosed attacking style under Pellini. Top 10 Not sure how that plays out for the season, But I'm not shorting the Tigers. I think they end with no more than 2 losses.
Wise decision by a great young man. With his injury history there's too much risk in playing another year at Alabama. Good luck and Godspeed.
I think he just wants to be close to Mom. Not unheard of for an 18 y/o.
I'm tired of hearing negative stuff about LSU QB situation. Miles Brennan has a rocket arm, set MS high school records and will be in his 4th year in the program. Forget unexciting play in garbage time surrounded by backups. Let's give him a chance.
My twins, Ellie Sue and Ellis Hugh, said their first words Saturday night: Joe Buwwow
Does anyone but me think the gators have gotten better QB play from Trask than they would have had from Franks?
CEH's performance against Bama even outdid that of Jacob Hester against UF. Tough running, key receiving. I think this will be remembered for a long time.
I think LSU has a pretty good QB on deck: Myles Brennan has a rocket arm, set HS records in Mississippi, and has been in the program 3 years. I don't think he moves as well as Joe, and we'll see how accurate he can throw, but overall I believe he'll be an able successor to Joey.
Miles Brennan is smart, he set Miss HS passing records, and has an arm like a rocket. He's been in the program 3 years. I don't think he can move like Joe, and we'll see how accurate he is. I'm expecting good things with him at QB
well, it's done. the NCAA will try to come up with something, but they'll have to go along eventually. Can't put toothpaste back in the tube. It may work ok for a couple years, but then people will see only 5% of players benefitting and they'll vote for University salaries for all, and so long amateur athletics.