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I would once have agreed with you about live trees, FG, until I decided to burn my live tree by cutting it up and burning it in my fireplace. It burned so intensely hot it warped the metal firebox. That was the last time we had live trees.
Wagdaddy, I agree. KJ and AR remind me of former aTm QB Kellen Mond, talented but inconsistent. I wish them luck.
I appreciate JD's contributions to LSU's victories this season, but I fear if he decides to go pro after this season he'll end up out of football. I just don't see his skills translating to the next level.
Good points P&G4evr. Also, it's not said often enough, the Tigers need to score more points than the Hawgs.
Good point, BayouTiger. I think too many fans are way too prematurely anticipating a Tiger victory over Alabama based on 2 good SEC victories. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly more hopeful after the way things have come together for the Tigers the last two weeks, but you can't ever discount a Saban- coached Tide team.
Connor, I sure hope the change in LSU‘s offensive performance is a sign of things to come. Admittedly Florida’s defense is not the best, but then again LSU has played against some other poor defenses this season without being able to do the things they did Saturday.
I don't want the best team to win. I want LSU to win.
Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, Keith, but you'll never be US President. Constitution says clearly a Farner can't be President. (gotta be born here)
I wonder if any of the Volunteer Navy made their way down here.
tidefan8x5, I'm sorry you were "triggered" by my comment to RonMexico last evening. I'm surprised you were so sensitive, especially given your work in law enforcement. Nevertheless, I honor your service.
bamafan8x5 I'm sorry you were "triggered" by my comment to RonMexico. I'm surprised you're so sensitive, especially given your work in law enforcement. Nevertheless, I honor your service.
I owe an apology to RonMexico and bamafan8x5. I castigated Ron yesterday and said if he(sorry I don’t know his “pronouns”) weren’t anonymous he’d be getting his ass kicked regularly. I meant no threat ( jeez, I’m 77 years old, no threat to anyone). It was just my clumsy attempt to raise the issue of civility in internet discourse. I was shamed by dixieduck’s eloquent post on the subject, said much better than I could have done. I was speaking from personal experience and a knowledge of the history of civilization. My personal experience and observations go back to the local pool hall, GI and seamen’s bars in Saigon, Qui Nhon, DaNang, and Cam Ranh Bay from 1966- 1970, and from ships in the middle of the ocean. It was my observation that people in face to face situations tend to self-censor, so that things go harmoniously. This same applies to interactions among nations. Unfortunately the Internet has no mechanism to encourage this behavior, with everyone secure in his cocoon of anonymity, like trolls such as RonMexico and Bayou Buford. It’s a pity. So much space is wasted in flaming matches. In face to face interactions there are natural civilizing forces at play.
I hope you’re wrong, Mark, but I cannot argue with your reasoning. We lived many years in W NC, and spent a lot of off time in E TN, becoming secondary Vols fans. May both teams play their best and may the best team win. (Nah, to be honest, I still want the Tigers to win even though I think UT is the better team.)
Thanks, Matt. A good assessment. It’s a matter of strength vs strength, weakness vs weakness. LSU’s pretty good defense vs UT’s good offense and, of course, our offense in disarray vs their defense with secondary issues. Anything could happen.
Mikepnola, you have to just ignore Buford. He’s just a troll, never a positive comment. We try not to encourage his behavior.
Cut us some slack. We have a QB with happy feet who can’t see downfield. Let us cling to the illusion that our defense will be able to keep us in the game.
It’s a good thing online commentators are anonymous. Otherwise, I think Guys like Ron Mexico would be getting their asses kicked on a daily basis.
Even down 13-zip I wasn't too worried because the defense looked like they had Moo State figured out.
Does Special (needs) team take the short bus to the stadium?
As a lifelong LSU fan who tires of getting beaten like a rug by Saban's boys I'd like to believe Alabama has serious issues. That being said I'm not betting against Nick any time soon.
Bad news for you, Keith. You'll never hold the highest political office in the US. The Constitution clearly states that a Farner can't be President.
To respond, not really to disagree with, but to carry on the thoughts: 1. As has been alluded to in the discussion what is this going to do with locker room dynamics when you have a few millionaires and most of the guys making little or nothing through NIL? The logical assumption is that someone is going to step up and say, "that's why we need to pay all players". 2. If we start paying everyone to play, what happens to schools whose football budget is marginal? I can see more than a few schools dropping football. 3. How is NIL going to play out over the long run? Are sponsors going to begin to realize (probably sooner than later) that they're not getting their money's worth. Free-market sources will probably settle things down to a more reasonable level. 4. College football will never be the same, and I believe fans will not have the same level of commitment and excitement about watching semipro college players. 5. How about this? If a college offers a scholarship to a player making say six figures, would be wrong to ask the player to pay for his own education? I think in this situation there should be some type of needs assessment with perhaps a sliding scale of what the scholarship actually pays. Anyway, I am really bummed out by the whole mess.
Or even better, how about an article about the unfortunate players who throw away their scholarships only to end up in limbo with nowhere to go? I’ve heard numbers as high as 30-40%.
BLSINSC, I apologize for not reading your post. You said it so much better than I.