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Willie Fritz has been around long enough that I think he may be content to stay at Tulane, with what he’s been able to accomplish there.
ugaacct02, cut the guy a little slack. It's hard working against a deadline, having to come up with X number of words when there's only so much you can say about any particular game. Enjoy your win.
You nailed it, Weagle99. NCAA is an embarrassment. They blew the NIL issue to CFB's detriment. They pick their battles.
Kiffin just has fun trolling. I don't think he believes it's gonna win any games. I get tired of people who lack a sense of humor
it weren't pretty, but we'll take it. Kudos to KJ Jefferson and the Hogs' offense.
I'm laughing my butt off at the people who were ready to disregard Saban/Bama. He's the GOAT for a reason. I'll be thrilled when Saban retires, but don't count him out 'til then.
I thought the new team was pretty good, but... wherever Gary D would use 20 words, these guys used 100. They just didn't know when to shut up. I think the word is 'prolix'. No complaint about what they said, but geez, my ears are still ringing.
OK, everybody who thinks Saban has one foot in the grave, raise your hands... thought so. Every time I hear or read that Saban/Bama is in decline, I just shake my head and wish it were so, knowing he's still the GOAT.
The Alabama game was a statement game of sorts. It was Nick Sabin’s statement. “OK, you don’t like Milroe, so let me show you what else we have in the tank“. He felt he could take that risk playing against the team they should be able to beat without a quarterback. Don’t sell Nick short. He still the G.O.A.T., and I have no doubt that he will have Jalen Milroe playing at an acceptable level as the season goes on.
Nick Saban did not make a bad mistake by playing his second team and third team quarterbacks. I think he just decided to shut up those people who criticized Milroe. By benching him Sabin was saying “there, you see what I have to work with?“ And I think he was able to do it because they were playing a team they should be able to beat without a quarterback.
I'm not a Bama fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I think Saban is the GOAT. Don't sleep on Alabama. That being said, Geaux Tigers!
Yeah Braves, but right now the Tigers are undefeated--best time of the year
Ridiculous proposals. BTW, Keith, you'll never be President-- it says clearly in the Constitution that a farner can't be President.
NYtiger, I read your post and thought about it, and I think you have a point.
Kayshon announced he was staying earlier because he thought Jayden Daniels was going pro. When he learned JD was staying, he and his people realized there was no likelihood of improving his draft stock, hence his decision to go into the draft.
Opting out sucks. The excuse “to prepare for the draft” is lame. It’s 4 months away! Maybe if writers would say, “He’s afraid he’ll get hurt” fewer guys would opt out. “Leave the dance with the one what brung you.”
Go, Hogs! Opting out sucks. The excuse "to prepare for the draft" is lame. It's 4 months away! Maybe if writers would say, "He's afraid he'll get hurt" fewer guys would opt out. "Leave the dance with the one what brung you."
Matt, I have a feeling that Nick Saban, the GOAT, will come up with a novel way to get his team back on track, but thanks for the advice, little guy.
I would once have agreed with you about live trees, FG, until I decided to burn my live tree by cutting it up and burning it in my fireplace. It burned so intensely hot it warped the metal firebox. That was the last time we had live trees.
Wagdaddy, I agree. KJ and AR remind me of former aTm QB Kellen Mond, talented but inconsistent. I wish them luck.
I appreciate JD's contributions to LSU's victories this season, but I fear if he decides to go pro after this season he'll end up out of football. I just don't see his skills translating to the next level.
Good points P&G4evr. Also, it's not said often enough, the Tigers need to score more points than the Hawgs.
Good point, BayouTiger. I think too many fans are way too prematurely anticipating a Tiger victory over Alabama based on 2 good SEC victories. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly more hopeful after the way things have come together for the Tigers the last two weeks, but you can't ever discount a Saban- coached Tide team.
Connor, I sure hope the change in LSU‘s offensive performance is a sign of things to come. Admittedly Florida’s defense is not the best, but then again LSU has played against some other poor defenses this season without being able to do the things they did Saturday.
I don't want the best team to win. I want LSU to win.
Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, Keith, but you'll never be US President. Constitution says clearly a Farner can't be President. (gotta be born here)