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Go Nebraska! Thank you for standing up for the players, fans, and everyone that wants all of our youth to have an opportunity for success. I hope every team you play gives you a standing ovation. I know I will. Thank you for giving our youth the respect they deserve.
I finally got the opportunity to go down to Port St Lucie and watch Tim play last year. He was leading the team in batting average and went 2 for 5 against a 97 mph (7th inning) cardinal organization thrower. His first few months (in baseball) were less than ideal but he closed the season very well for a rookie. I especially appreciated the amazing night of great fans, awesome stadium, and low prices that a family could easily afford. Comparing his season as a whole with two different teams is a little unfair. Tim can play ball and he is great for the sport.
love it... what could go wrong....lets play the Commodores!
I think all these ideas have some valid points to consider. I'm going with the lazy river ( that circles the actual playing surface inside the stadium ) for all SEC stadiums. I do believe not only will this increase player safety on those crossing routes, but should also be where players ejected for targeting should have to remain for the rest of the game. ( in a tube...coming by every 15 minutes or so with our kids. )
Lets see.....I just got fired....Cold Beer, Great BBQ...I'm missing something.
I hated this hire. But... Now I do believe Coach Lane is the best OC in the Nation. I have never seen someone so willing to adjust to every player to maximize their potential. We have a OC that wants to win and win big. I admire Coach Saban even more for recognizing it. It's show time. Time will tell.
By tax payers I assume you meant visitors. Don't make me get my receipts out. We're still arguing about how much we spent this year. How much was the tax revenue over those weekends anyway?
I'll miss him on Saturday's. The ESPN special on him was really well done. I have no doubt he'll continue to invest in this program well into the future. Loved his competition at UF and USC. You gotta love what He's done for college football. I really hope we continue to see him on a regular basis. God Bless you Coach Steve!
I wouldn't want to be MSU on the 31st if the anti-SEC voters keep this amazing athlete from the award. Unlike the other incredible athletes, everyone knew Henry was going to run it. I'm with Roden on this one. The ranked defenses is where you get the separation on this award. This guy can run 90 plus times in 8 days and look like he's coming off a vacation. He's a world class athlete and even better person. Bring it home.
I love Paul's show but this one is way off. I would be worried if these assistants were not going for these vacancies. That would mean there is a vacancy at home. Coach Nick is in a class by himself. It's not about the money (anymore), but it's about the challenge. As it's been said before, to repeat as champions is the most difficult job in sports. (and no one does it better) A Coach Saban recruit visit is a city holiday in most towns. Roll Tide!
There is no tomorrow when playing for championships. Bring one home.
"It's kind of like going to the fish market and seeing a bunch of dead fish.....look into their eyes" Oops! That was a different coach. Seriously, it was great to see our 2's, 3's, and others get some well deserved playing time. i can't imagine how much hard work so many of these players invest in this team. All could be starters elsewhere and your Bama family thank you. Roll Tide!
Extra Credit: Toughness is off the charts. The class act award goes to Coach Saban for his compassion for the injured State player and making sure he offered Coach Dan assistance. Great team win with a shout out to the "D" for nine sacks. That disrupted any game momentum State (and fans) was hoping for. Dominating performance.
It was show time and these guys truly dominated. Well Done! We do need to look out for Dak and his friends this week. He's an incredible athlete and leader that is not impressed with anyone's resume. Just get the "W" and come on home.
I love the toughness of this team. I'm very impressed with the leadership aspect of both the offense and especially our defense. I think Jake can take us to the finish line. He's a winner but I do wish he'd quit staring down the receiver at times. Seems opposing D's are getting a jump on some of our throws. Don't get me wrong, I am sure Jake will join a list of Nat'l Champion Quarterbacks. Roll Tide!